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BODY GUARD ( 2018 ) : BBC's tele series is beefed up with more darkish and nerve racking political action thriller

I am a couch potato and i love watching interesting tele series which has some uniqueness and twists in the plot . When it comes to British Broadcasting Corporation tele series like Sherlock , there will always be a quality work you could expect from the team to make audience feel so thrilled and also edge of the seat moments sometimes which you cannot able to predict the twist that burns in our minds . I have talked about few teleserials earlier like  Black Mirror  , Legion  you would have noticed those has interesting elements either visually or psychological implication.

We would have seen so many spy thrillers or secret service investigative thrillers but sometimes we could able to predict the twist that comes in between who could it be ? . I happened to watch one of the BBC made tv series BODY GUARD which actually interests me to watch the rest of the episodes and here i would like to share it with the plot when the war veteran Sergeant David Budd finds a work with London Metropolitan Police Service in Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch . His job is to guard the home secretary as she considered as sociopath and also a controversial ambitious politician by her aides . This actually is a six episode part running an hour length TV series created and directed by Jed Mercurio and produced by world productions for BBC and it is said to be the biggest drama of the year in BBC's record reaching 6 Million viewers . Okay! but the interesting fact that knocked down my mind is how accurate is this drama ?

poster of bodyguard tv series showing female lead and male lead

Her plan is to introduce new surveillance powers for security forces and this raises the question to oppositions and also inside police hesitations . Where Montague's day-day activities considered to be intriguing and David Budd who is been a servicing officer for her finds himself more involved with her has got trapped and framed when his boss Montague gotten assassinated by bombing attack en-routing him as a suspect in the police department , where he wants to prove his innocence and also he wanted to find out the odd man out who is responsible for this jeopardized operation that leads to his tail.

David Budd's train scene with Nadia ( a muslim girl who was been vested with  suicide bomb with the trigger tapped in her hand )  is unmissable and gripping and after he successfully prevented the bomb attack he then goes to his home with his kids and then he is been assigned to home security department to guard a woman politician Julia Montague who has hands on experience with Politics and supporting ministers . 

Richard Madden who starred as Sergeant David Budd serving as a PPO after he served as military officer for his nation wanted to enter into Police department to do guarding job. He guarded her from recent attacks  which you could see in first three episodes where executed with jaw dripping clinch. You would n't imagine the next scene could be like this and as being a bodyguard he did his roles and responsibilities very devoted to her whilst she gained lots of hesitations and rivalries among st the government and to the public which makes his job even sharper


Though he is very dedicated and stern , his personal life didn't work out well . His estranged family and father of two could not able to lead happy life because of his past works and risks and also he has his opinion indifference towards his boss' statement towards military attack on Iran and Afghanistan. In his mind he was running with desperation , upset and thrust of disgruntled mannerism makes him to kill her but he could not do that

Then later on they get romantically involved secretly and also you could see the line of betrayal that urges his curiosity to know what is running on in her boss activities. Day by day he become so anxious to know and also he leads to eavesdrop her when she is in contact with some guys about secret documents 

From the secret meetings to jargon muttered by Budd into his microphone, the thrilling and suspicious intriguing never even stopped at any moment. Then later on when escorting her in a meet where she is about to introduce new amendment of RIPA 18 , there causality happens when she started to speak on the dais and she is been murdered and pronounced dead . This leads him so upset and depressed , where the police officer and their team are in a verge to question the security service and other members there. Their doubts gotten hyped up with Budd's incompetancy and also few others.

Budd tries to prove his innocence and also finding out some facts of pieces which has got something to do with train attack . So, he tells the police officer Louise to believe him that he can help them out finding out the assassin who done this. When they are in search with the investigation part , every loose ends are cobwebbed with other superiors in home secretary department and some in Secret service . 

secret service office stephen hunter dunn in the tv series bodyguard

Tense and immense thriller set of actions binged with the who dun it ? skeptical makes this show even more thrilled with the every episode of tv series and no wonder even the government source said that " they have used the good consultant while using the standard of speaking " . This show doesn't even say dramatically and it is also tells the accuracy of their jargons and role responsibilities in the Home Security department officers how they handle the situations neck-neck even with the accurate abbreviations like JTAC ( Joint Terrorism Command Centre ) in the right direction.

In the tv show , i would like to tell the few facts which others might not have noticed much . I gathered information about how confidential meetings will be taken place and if you notice in this show its been showed that meetings between security service officers and Police general takes place behind the glass walls which is not accurate actually. Confidential secret meetings between Director General of Security Service and the Head of Counter Terrorism would have been made even more accurate and even more covert is what the govt. source says 

The another piece of information which i would like to share from what i gathered from other legit sources that you got the white earpiece in the tv show when he was looking at the home secretary that would never happen and it was just a covert earpiece is what the official says and another thing to be noted is if the officer is facing any post-traumatic or psychological depressions he/she will not be getting that job or will be asked to suspend or subjected to dismissal based on their intense and lack of mental ability. There were also quiet outside the remit responsibilities has been shown in the series but they made it nearly good enough to the realistic life portrayal of bodyguard and their actors have done the pretty decent job  

The last two episodes are more into cat and mouse chasing thriller and in the final episode when he comes to know one of his lead search is associated with Secret service man and also Organised Crime head Arkiens that even gets more interesting which none could expect the twist where one of Julia's ex assistant Theron is connected with Arkeins and that seems to be pure political business hidden involved in the conspiracy of killing Julia Montigue making sure that she is not becoming an headache to PM and to other arch rivalries which are hidden inside the department . Some of the burning questions like Who Planted the bomb in the stage ? , Why he did't admit that he already knew Sniper Andy ? , Was Julia seriously got involved in the attacks ? and Why Longcross wanted to meet her and was it his plan to stitch her up ?.

The unexpected twists and turns that engages you to move forward with the question in the mind whether he could have done this or not and whats his motive is but in the final episode you may be gripping at the edge of the seat thinking whether this bomb will explode from his vest or not and all his life will come to blaze when he escapes after he strips away the suicide vest leaving a loose end that will be unwrapped at the end who is the master mind behind all this traumatic situations and explosions to frame him as a murderer and also the last 5 mins of the final episode of Season 1 leaves us with the anxiety that all the above traumatic situations are actually directed under one person's commandment where other villains who were responsible for Julia's death are just another dissenters and when all the missing dots are connected with loose ends then it leads to one person's statement which you could see in the climax 


Good female leads are shown in the show where their acting skills are clearly excellent in what they are and also Antagonists role are purely cynical and seriously valuable to the today's modern security glitches and frustrations that happen to be ousting membrane of the upper power that questions the death of military intrusion in Afghanistan and also pure political zeal and vendetta which were shown extra-ordinarily brilliant and also waiting for season 2 to happen with the same tense 


But its full dialogue conversations are in British English , so some people may find it difficult to catch the accent . The Characterization was fantastic , Background score from Ruth Barrett adding this series a grip and more engaging with no scenes counted as boring that tattles your mind with the feel that penetrates deeply even when you are done with it and it truly titular . None of the scenes or drama or action is unwarranted or went bored. Though this sounds good to watch there are some mundane scenes that gives us a little fuzz for drink but the wide angle shots never leave you to get away with it which puzzles you blood soaked  , explosing  and preposterous political thriller with intense moments of twists and turns that psychologically gripping makes it watchable again and again without boring .

 Even in the a statement Charlotte Moore, the director of BBC content said " I'm thrilled with the response of BBC's sunday night drama Bodyguard, the figures are extra ordinary and all credits to the mastermind creator and writer Jed Mercurio who is surprising the audience at every turn ". For the nearest accuracy ,  tremendous visualization , perfection of wide-angle and far away shots , engaging elements , suspense screenplay , mind guting background music scores and excellent casts with less mundane moments and exclusive of some error spots . This total 6 hours episodes of season 1 packs with engaging entertainer and for the credits of that  my rating goes for 4.25 / 5  

bodyguard series 1 review and audience rating from rotten tomatoes
I could say that's a very exact example of how screenplay has to be done very interestingly and If you like this television series very much then you might be interested in similar psychological thriller based series which was aired in 1967 and that is The Prisoner  will be more spyish / unique / cult sci-fi thriller and also please check out Tesla's missing files documentary review  

The Tesla Files : 5 part series of History Channel's provocative show is an engaging documentary but incomplete

Nikolas Tesla : Serbian - American Inventor and Engineer with this contribution of Alternating Current to the world could not be forgotten so easily. In 1800's it was not so easy for inventors to shatter their nutshells into pure product to use. This man eventually withdrew from polytechnic school and he worked for Continental Edison Company , where he mainly focused on electric current and motors. He set up an laboratory in Manhattan and developed the Alternating Current Induction Motor in late 1800's and earlier 1900's was truly a tag-mark.

Why this man is so important in modern day too. Because this great inventor was very ambitious and thoughts were " Out of the Box " those days talked of electric car and wireless transmission. Tesla had his great ambitious ideas and turned them into greatest inventions with the sheer dedication and interest. To talk of this great man , he even claimed to invent a motor that runs on cosmic rays.  He has tremendous traits for visualizing modern inventions beyond the current and motor invention that sometimes may shatters modern men today with his 300 plus patents.

image of Nikolas tesla holding lamp

Coming Straight to the point , I have already mentioned about few TV series few months back which were all regular tv series but i did not mention much about documentary based tele series. This is the first time i would like to state that this investigation and test based series had a different ambition at the start but drenched in the puddle in the midst with the in-completion at the end. As we all know that scientists fun toy is their invention and their ever lengthening experiments when turns out to be positive then the industrialists or govt. will head them or support them or influence them to unwrap or stop their results if its found to be hypothetical or dangerous.

The Tesla files  tele series advertisement from history channel

Plot of the Tesla files actually starts with the testing of Tesla's inventions  from Researcher Marc Seifer , Astrophysicist Travis Taylor and Investigative Journalist Jason Stapleton studying and testing the great works of Tesla's inventions and investigate the mysteries around it. History channel telecast this show containing only five parts in more mystic without completing it. Nikolas Tesla the father of  radio , television , power transmission and induction motor and the cosmic ray.

The investigator and Physicist tests the induction coil from Tesla Lab to check the Tungsten Filament Bulb of the same size used by Tesla's those days during his discoveries and also the speed boat which been operated wireless through coils are also been tested. When  they were investigating with the theories and principles which were experimented by Tesla through his extra ordinary brilliance. They were also in hunt for his missing trunks and files which were transferred to Serbian Library from USA Govt. 

The Unraveled mysteries getting darker and deeper when they conduct a search and research of missing files and trunks . At one point they got convinced that Tesla didn't stay there and wasted his 15 years , rather he was meant there for vital future vista that could bring free electricity and wireless transmission to the cities worldwide but unfortunately that was under progress and Tesla died before it got it heights  and sometimes it questions  the modern scientific improvements in Military Intelligence in USA and Germany must have occurred from the great men's inventions. 

researcher , journalist and scientist meeting in tesla files documentary

What entices me is the more and more they were onto deeper and closer searches,  they got more research papers and also they kept testing even pigeons why Nikolas was so much interested in pigeons. Even the team questions us like why Nikolas Tesla is so obsessed with Pigeons  and also he is very secretive person those days . Only few people were engaged with him and also there are plenty of missing trunks which contains the patents , files and working documents of his great works  hedges another question in deep dwindling with the five part series puts us to mumble to seek out another important invention of his called " Death Rays " particle beam weapon and Tesla's other ideas. 

financiers who stopped investing on Teslas inventions

 There were also some information or theories says that he was lacking of finances to make his achievement possible. One of the great well known financing giants those days  like JP Morgan and Warburg could not able to fund till the end to decease his popularity. Alongside, Edison's direct rivalry has made his inventions less significant to public advertisement. However, he was a known physicist those days though his some of inventions has been still hidden, Tesla's legacy still alive among-st us both by his thoughts and devices today and he is elegance of  in-bounding wires to produce unlimited supply of power and wireless channels is still impeccable towards the pioneering of wireless technology.

Outline figure of UFO styled air flight with parts specification

In 1952 after he died, all his inventions were sent to Belgrade , Serbia where you could able to see the archive of 60 trunks containing all his secret works with explanation in papers. FBI says in a report that there was 80 trunks but when the researcher and astrophysicist gone there to inquire about it but in contrasting manner, the in-charge of the museum says them that they received only 60 trunks which was quiet shocking to the team. Where was the missing trunks ? 

Tesla towers in Waredenclyfe during his work

I would like to point out one factor about this great inventor is a way ahead of his brain during the early 1900's and his ideology about achieving such wireless transmission to build via. those towers using modern materials and advanced electronics. The above diagram represents the prototype model of his  tower in Wardenclyffe may have deserved during his life time and its away ahead to achieve such results. Like a charm it would have been if he succeeded says  Elon Musk  ( the brain behind Paypal , Space X , Tesla Motors ).

I would say this is a good tele documentary series that unravels the inventions of  late great scientist and it shares the great information of this icon unaware of  and at initial, i found out it rather descriptive and some times repetitive at times. when  i was looking forward for more episodes , the show seems to be speculative with more missed files rather than his discoveries and its getting more investigation and FBI, OSS seems to have involved with the missing files of his and also points out to him having his own lab within the building and the connections lead to the staying in building plans gotten changed .

 Did the present and active USA president Donald Trump wanted this show to be shut because of his uncle John G.Trump was involved in this conspiracy of missing files of great genius inventions. My one line review is Ended with in-completion but still a good show aired in History channel with mystic embodiment runs this investigative documentary type series  into clear testing suspense element coiled up with the half wired that doesn't lit the current seems bit disappointed like roads that leads to shorter path. It would have been better if they continued to show up this series till what they are up-to

Black Mirror TV Series : An Anthology that tells sarcastically about the dark side of technological human mentality

 When everything is modernized and civilized for human's easiness, does everything goes safe is the question in every individual's mind . Recent scams and leaks from our social networking sites and very big corporate database does really consider about our worries and problems. I have been a fan of some good mind bending tv series that i watch during leisure times to think how they visualize with good story. I've recently endorsed some tele series The prisoner , Legion, Mr.Robot in my previous posts.

 Today, i'd like to review about one of my most favorite anthology of modern era which visualizes dark shades of technological implication in human's activities in near future is simply a spectacular rather visually effective with the dreadful paranoia winding up in rather sarcastically nephilism. It is a tv series of Charlie Brooker's that aired in British channel 4 and now the Season 4 is been aired in Netflix with six episodes 

the future is bright with black mirror tv series logo

 Black Mirror is a cult of today's modern men's inhalation and fallacies onto the darker side of technological overdose with the tramples of strong short stories of some group of individuals day-day activity or fictional scientifically portrayal that taps us with lots of provoking questions in our mind. It is very difficult for us to discuss without revealing . In every episodes of every season with the monotonous brilliance of cult mannerism that broadcasts good and bad side of human developments and laziness.

black mirror episodes split

 Black Mirror was originally inspired from the older anthology shows like The Twilight zone that tells about the controversies of censorship but this tele series has lots more of what we live today. In the bounce of tech gadgets and gizmo's most human falls into clumsiness and stories were created to provoke audience into deep thinking.

 Season 1 and 2 was aired in Channel 4 and Season 3 ,4 were aired in Netflix with 6 episodes each . Totally , 19 unique episodes with the love or hate conjures on technological blasphemies with lots of psychological twists in between that inbounds sci-fi elemental so symmetrically into one piece of all together of mixed genres like horror/mystery/suspense / drama / family with sci-fi 

a rip from black mirror episode nose dive

 Some Television series just showcase for entertainment and some makes us to watch with some though provoking whilst some series makes us haste to watch for no reason. Black Mirror is an epitome of master brilliance of the maker who wants us to screenplay visually to the audience with the day-days advances that pressurizes or sedates the man's thinking ability in deep heartened and also mind blowing. Virtual Reality , Augmented Reality , 3D Hologram , Neuron Networks , Digital Realism , Artificial Intelligence concepts are portrayed well in both con and pro side as well.

 When we saw some tv series till 2000 it totally shunned us with some modern approaches , good concepts and some even skeptical. After 2000's many series started to round off the same and shown many sci-fi drama episodes which was no literally unique except few ones which tells us the cult of day-day events and incidents. Black Mirror is a kind of sophomore that has become so popular among audience because of not just delivered in unique conceptual style but also it warns the society that we are slaved by gizmo and pseudo society influence towards apps and tech revolt that completely detaches us from human feelings and make us like a programmed personality that we got mostly attached our personal feelings towards computer and mobile and we estrange our care and love towards our neighbors , friends and our own family is a kind of black mark to out human nature.
Interesting and must watch series mind bending cult and sci-fi epitome drama that interprets the darker aspects of humanity and society and the black mirror is the real time screen that we run our lives sarcastically but true with the unique episodes crafted well and acting is very phenomenal .

Black Mirror is unsettling in best possible ways where it unflinchingly explores the issues of modern society through deeply interactive stories that shows the intoxication with technological era and it disturbs you and provokes you to think deeper while watching. Amazing and Stunningly powerful brilliance from the director who showed some guts to show whats happening around us and what will happen if we go on like this in 80 minute episodes in truly gripped , suspenseful and cult way. Please watch out the trailer and ranking of all 19 episodes from worst to best in descending order 

If you have watched Steven Speilberg's Minority report and Stanley Kubrik's A Clockwork Orange movies then sure you will give a thought to watch this tv series interestingly blendful 

The Prisoner ( 1967 ) Tv series is an unique mystery/thriller metaphor of modern cult that exposes our society with cat and mouse escapism of individual

I've never been used to watch television series earlier days except detective , comedy and some cartoons in the weekend. I love to watch different television series with variety of stories or characters that run in front of us which should make some sense or entertained. We obsessed with modern media and some television series will never be able to forget even when we get aged. I have already mentioned some  series like Legion  & Mr.Robot earlier, but today i'd like to talk about one classic spy cult that tells about escapism which has sense of modern day's civilization.

the prisoner classic tv series

 When the modern television series tells with more technological stuffs , one of the classical cult tells about how modern civilization will be in sarcastic and thriller way in provocative manner.  A British secret agent who just resigns from the service recently gotten abducted from his own place and been shifted to some mystic idyllic village , but is really a weird prison. There he used to meet complete strangers which he is totally unaware of. Not only but also those strangers in the village comes with no names but numbers . He is been warded information to follow up but they provide no information to him which makes us intrigue .

  It is a quite ambiguous and also most unique way of telling the characters which i have never seen in classical nor today's series where characters names are used as numbers. Why this series has a re flexion and controversy in 60's ITV series because they had more critics with the story they showed up in the television. This actually paved my interest to watch this series. 

 When he asks the person is in chair who is like a boss in that village , he says " You are number 6, I'm number 2 "  Our main character lead a.k.a hero says him in return " I'm not a number " starred by Patrick McGoohan who starred as secret agent in this series and also many series has been hit into lot of criticism because of this own production and direction. 

 I don't want to spill more plot in very detail but i'd like to share up what this tv series is all about in few lines. A man been abducted and transferred to the remote village finding a way to escape from the mystic village where every time he fails because of the modern day times implementation of security cam's , authority personnels and guards who keep eavesdropping at his every pin point moves and even the technological pod will be moved according to the boss [ number 2 ] remote moves which makes us tramped and stumped like a human man with his control in other hands concept.

This is a 17 episode series that in each episode the number 6 tries to find a way to escape from the mystic village but he mostly fails . Not only that but also in every episodes [ except few that will not be in arranged order ] number 2 will be  kept changing and instruct others to make the number 6 tired and frustrated of to get only  one information from him Tell me , why did you resign from your service ? and every week he meets new adversary

Why he resigned from the service under whose content of advice or what made him to resign is what the number 2 wants. But our hero here never tells this till the end and also most interesting in between is once he find a way to get out of this island and he finds his way back home , but when he backs to his home , every thing looks unfamiliar and even other colleagues who works with him also be brought of to make him fool in between.

It is believed to be the concept of individualism versus the mass of group of people who follows blindly what they been asked to followed too. We study , work and will look for a family in future to develop ourselves for betterment of civilization to prudent accustomed to society which are like programmed book . Number 6 is like a rebel who fights for his cause , when he tried to find out the unique way , what are the gains and losses of it are explained in occult way is what i could say.

I never felt such an interesting , gripping and also provocative cult way in modern day television series except few ones . In the last two episodes somehow audience could able to get a theme that number 6 needs to prove his authenticity by passing or smarting number 2 out to goto his city back with no future confusions like happened in between episode. Whence once he cleared of number 2 , he been asked to meet number 1 and other group of people who shouts and chants what government says very sarcastically. 

I don't want to spill much except saying the unique piece of art in television drama those days will still make us to think more deeper what we are onto in the hands of finest civilization which shapes us in the terms of society culture against any individual like number 6 who struggles for his individuality through escape and defeats.

The screenplay and dialogue is amazing and makes visually effective with the modern day sets those days and the modern depiction in classical cult have proved its uniqueness in story telling and an amazing thriller to every audience a must watch even in these days and will stand for years. It is more interestingly a feel of psychiatry and a play of our modern day notations like technology, science, government policies towards citizen, freedom , democracy , education and scientific progression and also this concept has made other directors to make movies like Truman Show , Nowhere Man in modern day cinema. The all 17 episodes are really a masterpiece of brilliance from Patrick McGoohan through his visionary cult display permeable with the thread and taunts of liberty and personal identity that has been masked under fake cultural practices to prove us the modern day man's today's fallacy towards cultural blind following up in small screen in interesting and fashionable way a must watch for everyone and also to think deeply a handful applauds with wonderful background music and beautiful location as well 

Legion : A perplexed & also visually stunning metahuman sci-fi tv series from Marvel

    Whenver we talk of tv series , we always find it entertaining or provocative based. Only few tv series deserves to riddle us with their story telling method and make us to watch over and over again to confirm what we seen is true, they do twist us with the plots and confusions and even conjure us with the another parallel way of story telling . Few weeks back , i was talking of  Mr.Robot : complicated twisted tv series of hacker , now i am going to talk of Legion aired by FX channel

 As the name suggests , Legion is quiet perplexed to understand for any tv viewers in linear way , if you watch one  episode it may likely to have a different perspective  view in next episode with blended twists . In  the Season 1 ,  main starrer Dan Steven as David Haller is a schizopernic grown up young man who is already admitted in the hospital under treatment for his condition , but he has super human abilities like magneto in x-men and yeah he is a mutant according to the marvel database and he has super human abilities with great agility to bend time , pyrokenesis ,  reality warping , energy projection ,telekinesis and telepathy and also shape shifting which are tremendous

( Original source : FX , Marvel studios )

       If you have watched X-men movies , you might be pretty aware of what mutants are really capable of and likewise , i mentioned the super power ability of this mutant David Haller will riddle you with the tail end chase of every episodes with confusions in your mind sometimes. If you have already watched the first season of this legion , you could able to understand the notation well. In the first season of legion tv series , What you can get is how David Haller gets to the hospital ? how he could able to get such meta human abilities and why some guys are chasing him and who is villain and why there is another team wanted to get these mutants away and who is that girl like that could be able to get to known in very unusual , mind bending in visual stunning way.

       If you're aware of Gabriel Haller and Professor Xavier in X-men comics from Marvel , you could able to catch up what i am saying of. Here David Haller comes as complicated paranoid kid , who has some meta abilities , where he meets some acrolytes of other mutants with special abilities to help him. There is an antagonist team who works against these mutants for government and also an creepy insider personality that conjures us in the form of yellow ugly wide bald faced guy seemingly like an Alien. Who's he ? and why he appears in our hero's dreams or visions sometimes is another tail end that you need to knock of .

     You could see the bulgey faced yellow eyed devil that knocks surprisingly in between . But what is this creature ? why it is appearing in his vision or dreams or illusion sometimes, will be a later show off. If you are pretty interested to watch comic hero based , mutant based or psychological thriller based, then this legion episode could be your main meal. Just Season 1 crossed over with 8 episodes , in each episodes you will find it interestingly spinning like cotton in our brain at the end of every episodes. I would not want to throw the full story of these episodes . But you will find it little confused in between or your mind will be feeling  What moments to understand it properly. They made it visually stunning , psychologically bending with twists like Inception and Insidious mix that owes you to watch it with interest. Please watch out the trailer of first season below

Mr. Robot tv series : tv version of fight club in tech style

 Everyone watches television and mostly many people are interested in tv series , some tv series are more than entertainment whilst some others are just one time watch outs. I used to be comic fan and i was watching tv series like the flash , iron fist , arrow . While i was surfing over , i gotten to know of Mr. Robot tv series is quiet latterly and started to watch with the just to crunch my time , but later on this series got my mind out of it with the problematic democracy by bullied aristocrats in realistic way than being just entertaining. I am not going to review much here , but i'd love to share some opinions about this tv series here . I just  love to watch tv series but also i am a movie buff and couch potato , who loves to watch interesting tv series . This particular tv series tells about how the real time hackers could access information in corporate level and how the corporate shadows us with their penetrative updates. It may sound like quiet anarchy , but if you observe this carefully , this tv series has lots of information apart from entertainment , it doesn't only entertains you and also makes you to think wise. I hope now you literally got some idea of what this tv series is all about ? If you have watched the movie " fight club " then you will find it bit similarly   

   If you want me to talk of entertainment way , The starrer Rami malek has done the great job with Michael Slater in the very prominent role that drives you in one direction , quiet latterly it shows you different path and riddles your mind what exactly happened. Sometimes , you may feel like what i watched now is so far not the same is what you will feel. Why Mr. Robot exists ? Why that Elliot Anderson wants to take on the evil corp and what is the connection between Mr Robot and this Elliot will be revealed in unconventional way . So far, two seasons ran away now the third season is running out with the expected benchmark satisfying audience in Mr Robot's style. In Season 1 , You will get to know who is Mr. Robot ? and in Season 2, dark side of corporate fantasies will be shown and in Season 3, It's about plan of Mr. Robot is running on . I don't want to spoil the audience cache by spilling of the stories , that's why i was just giving an overview of it. 

I don't want to spill the beans of this tv series much without spoiling , i want you guys to watch it. Overall, my opinion about this tv series is " really great with their original soundtracks and also the screenplay that never let you out to dire . Not only a good entertainer , but also provocative with today's modern media and darker side of it . Apart from all the above , it is a techno psychological thriller tv series that twists your mind to sugar up your interest ".  You can watch it in USA tv channel for USA citizens , for others and for netizens abroad USA , i'd like to send you the direct download links in this indexure , so you can download at anytime and also the links will be updated after every episodes are aired .. You can download in 480 Px , 720 px , 1080 px .. Check out here  and if you are looking for cast crew of this tv series , please check out here

Mosaic trailer and app : Innovative and Geeky yet to be launched tv series

Image result for mosaic tv series
Source : Verge & Apple

Are you a fan of tv series ? you happened to watch tv series in netflix or any tv channels ? then you might be noticing about Netflix and there are some apps , which can allow us to download tv series which are already aired in the network. In the technological era today., we happen to live in tech wonders , where anything could be possible these days. Okay , What i am talking of here? , what i am going to indicate here is all about an app that is going to be launched this November by the Ocean's director Steven Soderbergh. What he is going to do with this app stuff , getting amused?. We all know that he came back into his film direction by directing Logan Lucky recently and now he is in the verge to take mini series in HBO and its called " Mosaic ".  This is the tv series he is gonna direct, nothing new, so what?. If you think like that , you will be pretty amazed to see what this has to do ? and why i am talking of. I don't want to stretch too long riddling of. This reputed director has just made an innovative and a creative approach to reach audience in digital way. What i am saying is this director has  recently released this trailer and stirred a surprise storm amongst audience by announcing that it will be aired in character selection mode as we play in games. Are you getting what i am saying?. Yeah, the director said in one of the interview that he wants to show of a digital way to the public, as many people uses net and app to watch tv shows and movies these days. 

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Soderbergh is a well talented director who has remarkable experience in interactive story telling way and he made this innovative approach with the HBO tv channel to support this digital experience. If you have watched the trailer recently launched , you might have got an hinch of glimpse that this tv series is all about choose your character style app based experience . whence you install , you are free to choose any character and that character based story will be played via just tapping it. Which means, character will be shown in different perspectives. This is interesting and fresh to audience but Netflix had this similar approach like choosing role type recently. Viewers are the judges here to perspect the character and story telling will be based on what you have chosen and every view will be different . Multiple stories will be correlated and this is a fresh approach to tv series , as these kind of choose your own adventure type games are already launched and the consequences will be based on the decisions made earlier is like a real time effect. Here audience are left with choices that makes building upon one another enabling multiple stories tangling to one another in different perspectives with the different conclusions like newtons third law effect type. Viewers will notice the difference in stories with the original one . This app is really flexible and it seems to be aired on January 2018 but this app will be launched in November and it seems to be having Six part linear narration . I watched out the trailer myself and it seems pretty good and important casts include Sharon Stone, Garet Hudland, Beau Bridges , Paul Reubens and et al., Trailer is remarkably brilliant by not spilling much but you could get an idea of web of strings connected altogether like neurons and nodes . To know more of this , please visit and to download the app from IOS , you need to wait till November to get launched and installed. My verdict is overall a good approach like we already have in games and in Netflix , but for an app to run a live tv series , this must be a first time and it seems that the director and his team worked out pretty hard . Please watch out the trailer from the official link , Just in case , if you missed , Please watch the video below

WoW ! Flash yo've traits a lot :)

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Who doesn't love comics ? . When i was a 8 year old kid , i used to watch Superman running in Doordarshan tv channel every sunday in the evening . Later on, i started watching Batman , Spiderman , Captain America and Ironman . This developed my studious interest amongst the comic characters and their abilities. When i was watching The Flash tv series , i felt its a good character to know of . His emotional intelligence , his powerful abilities and his enemity with reverse flash and then later on with Black Flash and Savitar in past three seasons made remarkable except last season seems to be quiet disappointing but apart from that whole series gives you an interest to watch super hero episodes from DC comics.

Flash is an important member in Justice League and he has tremendous amount of skillful abilities which you need to know of :

  • Speed-Force generation : from many sources and from tv series , i am convinced  that Flash is the creator of speed-force and he cannot be destroyed by anyone in this neither any speedster does .
  • Super Human speed : as Flash is more powerful superhero in DC comics , he can not only run fast of all flashes, but also he can break dimensions 
  • Super Human reflexes & stamina : He has great reflexes than any human being , that makes him easily react to any kind of veilness and act upon and also he can able to handle super human speeds upto certain amount of time without gettting tired.
  • Super Human Agility : He has the super ability to leap forward in far distances at good speed
  • Speed Force Aura & Durability :  The distinctive character around him makes to manifests with the speed and friction and pass out the kinetic effects , G-force and other abilities and he has good resisting capacity and even he could able to kill anyone and his muscles are able to generate cells easily and makes him more durable than any ordinary human
  • Dimensional Traveling ability : Flash could able to travel and cross dimensional barriers 
  • Electrokinesis & Negate Anti Life Equation : Flash has source of electrical speed force energy generates more power , when he moves with speed and he can matches with speed force energy
  • Enhanced Mental process & Senses : Flash has enormous amount of  ability to read super human range in seconds and also he has ability to learn to equip his knowledge in few seconds time and also allows him to sense the world in few seconds time
  • Flight , Interstellar , Time travel and molecular reaction : Flash has the ability to create cyclone making his hands like propeller fan and also he is capable to travel time and also interstellar by synchronizing his frequency to ultra light waves to travel and also he is capable enough to travel time [ back and also to future ] and also he can vibrate molecular attraction through phasing by showing momentarily and also he can vibrate his own molecular structure
  • Reality Alteration & Vortex Creation : As he is capable enough to travel time [ back and future ] , he is able to alter the reality and make changes , from Season 2 end and Season 3 first episode , you could get it clearly and vortex creation is nothing but he can create a strong wind by running himself in circular motion and he is capable enough to create a huge air flow .
  • Time- Reminance : Though Flash copied this concept  from Zoom  by making  a copy of himself by pausing , when running at high speed .

  From all the above facts , it seems that Flash is not just another ordinary day saving hero , he is also capable enough to do many stuffs , which are extra-ordinary and no doubt, he is one of the most formidable member in Justice League team as well. Watch out the trailer of The Flash season 4 below