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Learn to code using Code with Google for your school and college kids.

You want to land up a programming or coding job with good experience in handling multi projects with the knowledge you have got. But still not having any idea bout where to study or to learn code, then you're in the right track. Many fortune 500 companies are looking to hire top expertized professionals who could jargon and handle problems more effectively than the regular college degree professionals who lack in real time experience.

In many parts of the world , School kids whoever does their elementary standards or secondary school level they might get an opportunity to use computers when they have lab , but do they expose to real time wants like coding , programming or debugging?. Nah!.. It is like a heavenly feel for kids whoever doesn't own computers at home.. In my school days , i was used to sit in front of teacher all day to watch what she is doing with the computer when she teaches how to operate computer that time. 

But these days , things gotten changed and many houses have smartphones or laptops to skillify their knowledge with coding and programming languages in easy methods. There are plenty of programming languages which are of use today than past decade and making sure that every competitive apps we use has any of these programmed apps. 

Google is bridging the gap between this industrial wants and what academic learning offers through Code with Google a free coding curriculum which is an introductory pack for teachers to help the students to learn coding through basic understanding and learning.

In one of my oldest post, you might have gone through teach kids through codey rocky robot. Likewise, now Google has made up a platform for teachers to utilize for students to learn coding in very easy way through simple training method . It is specially designed for the students of the age between 9 years to 14 years old. With the proper tools and resources offering from Google, students can unleash their potential to write codes says Google Code using resources with the help of Grasshopper app that trains about how to use javascript in action.

There are MOOC's which offers you wide variety of courses online for students to learn and equip their knowledge in easy to read , learn and watch videos and take tests easy. As everything is getting so easy and peasy, Code With Google comes with slightly different approach for educators to lead the way to easy to use lesson plans , tutorial activities not only for school going elementary and middle std kids but also for higher education students.

finger point the error in the program

The company also announced to grant 1 million USD to Computer Science Teachers Association. There are creativity tools like Blocks , Canvas, Online Platform , Lesson plans as stated above.. Educators and students have various access to use and learn . All of the Google's code and lesson plans are free and it doesn't cost anything to user who uses it. So, Educators can train students for free and it is right now available only in English and Spanish.

Google platform enables Google classroom , VR/AR and other training kits to make this work and they even successfully implemented with other external partners like AnitaB , National 4H Council , SMASH , Blackgirls code and also they are already in progression state with the future partners like American Library Association ( ALA) , , Explore Computational Thinking and et al.

google coding team partnership with other external partners

The idea of teaching kids is to make sure they get enough knowledge in easy understanding way to grasp the fundamentals of pre-algebra or chemical equations which may be hard and tiring for many teachers but this tool makes it flexible for students and teachers to get interacted like video game like approach to the students makes it more appealing and cache vibrant to students.

Top Killer sites for best online education to develop your Inter personal and professional skills

Learning is quintessential to our existence and continuous learning will help us to improve our knowledge and skills to support our traits to build for organization and also for professional use.Whether you are teenager , working professional or aged person the learning never stops and it is not only affect you to enrich for official necessity but also for to combat to update what is really happening around us. Internet of today has lots to offer where we only access some information only when we want.

As we all know Online Courses may not be appealing to everyone but still it is a booming industry where many people of today loves to utilize the net by learning online and some even getting certified to utilize the skills for professional use. First of all, Many of the quality sites which has good accreditation are completely free of cost or less cost of charge per course. Even well renowned Universities like Harvard, MIT , Stanford, Oxford even initiated the online-tutoring process to target world class audiences from their own place without even transiting  for some courses. 

From art to culture , History to coding excellent online education learning websites offers us great skills through experienced and scholastic lecturers and professors head this task schedules based on our convenience and we can train anytime we want. These websites are enlisted with webinars , interactive class-tutor sessions , podcasts , audio lessons and also video sessions and also they take time to time assessment sessions like quiz and exams. 

As our present job market is based on our skills , these online education training websites cater students and learners into new level of scale , as many people of today uses modern apps to run daily wants. So smart learning has become a niche business to institutions and  Trainers to offer programs online . Some focus on niche stuffs like technology while others focus on wide variety of courses to scoop up their ability to solve problems

Sites that i would personally recommend you to build and develop your competency technically and generally are 

Coursera -  " One of the great learning tool where you can find over thousands of paid and unpaid courses  in more than 100 plus fields  all related to computer science , business , social sciences , history and more "  

Udemy -  It is a great online portal for learning new courses for a beginner , professional or for any expert to provide wonderful value where you can easily learn and understand to choose more than 55000 courses " 

Lynda -  "Lynda is not for everyone under the sun but however if you are interested in learning programming , graphics , video , office , applications , sales and marketing , Business Management related courses it is worth the catch" 

Open Culture-  "This site has  huge collection of educational resources including online courses , audio books , movies , eBooks , etc. It has an active Internet resource which gets attention of users ro draw in . The content is full with a strong showing in free online courses and textbooks which makes it easier for candidates to utilize it"

edX-it  is one of the best learning source and MOOC provider where they offer  high quality standard courses from world's best reputed universities  and accredited institutions to learn via. online through rich resources where they offer wide range from computer science , biology, marketing , psychology , engineering and Machine learning and et al. "

Tuts+ - "it offers the best both video and written tutorials and courses on many subjects related to programming for web ,  design and photography and these video courses are for subscribers only  but how to videos and tutorials are completely free and also has short tips and tutorials and one interesting is it has also many occasional longer courses " 

Alison  "it offers free and online platform for individual learners to learn skills through many certifications at standards based level and they offer more than 300 courses ranging from IT to Business Mgmt to English language skills . Fee seems to be nominal and it has best  group of professionals to educate the learners with good advertisements "

Open Learn-  "it is same as good as Future Learn , Coursera, EdX and other MOOC platforms . This Open Learn is specifically designed for vast diversification of materials and some are even more abstractive  with basic introductory courses on things from arithmetic to many. You can filter out the activity from video or audio subject from many other options are also avail "   

Future Learn "it provides great way to expand knowledge and courses have high quality with free to use packages also available.  Videos and podcasts makes any users to understand more flexibly and easy to use platforms with wonderful GUI Wizards helps to navigate and also one can engage in open discussions as well"  

Cosmo Learning -  " One of the great learning tool where you can find over thousands of paid and unpaid courses  in more than 100 plus fields  all related to computer science , business , social sciences , history and more "  

Canvas - " it has good network sourcing from many colleges and universities to expand knowledge and courses with instructor led video and text content and certification options for selected programmes are available" 

Academic Earth-  "from the name suggests this one does offers like all the above but the diff here is you will be finding it out top notch courses from pretty different sources and focusing on different subjects as well.  It is easier for anyone to look for which university and course through easy navigation"

Lesson Paths - " In this portal ,  user can navigate their own list like a playlist and choose their course or programmes and also favorite learning materials from other sites as well. These materials are easier to understand for any level of candidates , high quality accessible sites and sources for a given topic"

Memrise - " One of the most impressive online education portal which has more interactive UI that combines quizzes and courses with games which makes it more attractive and even more users and candidates are getting increased with new learning environment mix "

Hack Design - " This portal is through with the help of several dozen designers around the world and put a lesson plan of 50 units with one or more articles and also videos on designing for web and mobile apps and more by curating multiple sources through blogs , books , games , videos and tutorials and it is completely free of charge."

GCF Learn Free-  " this is a project of Goodwill Community Foundation targeting for modern skills offering more than 1000 lessons and 125 plus tutorials available online at anytime covering computer software , reading, math , work , career and provides great way to expand knowledge and courses which are quiet easier to follow "

Howcast-  " Howcast is quiet different than many of the above and it is nothing but the forum of  casual video tutorials been hosted with the modern topics covering up lifestyle , crafts , cooking , entertainment and more "

Do It Yourself- " This web portal is similar like Howcast with the primary focuses on how to improve home stuffs , occasional and life style tips and hacks and its purely based on those "

Khan Academy- "How can the list be filled out without Khan Academy which is one of the oldest Online e-learning site that offers free learning resources for all kinds of subjects and free tools for teachers and parents to monitor progress status and coaching for students to track records as well"

Creative Live "It is an interesting approach to those who seek creative and lifestyle topics such as photography, art , music , design , people skills , film making and entrepreneurship with the live access typically offering free and on-demand access for purchasing. It is a wonderful portal for designers and editors to make use of "

Saylor Academy" quiet a good one and you can get free certifications and free college credits which are transferable and it has wide  varieties which has good credit and reviews "

Bloc - " This web portal allows more intensive options for quick learners which allows uses to have structured approach of 25 hours per week than running over for months and it is quiet expensive and also for those who seek career change it will be worth a pick "

Skillshare - " As from the name suggests it like a community of marketplace for new skills and it has videos and online catalog of video based courses and assessments which are available with many categories including design , business , marketing , technology , photography , film , fashion , music , gaming , DIY, writing , crafts and the company is expanding continually as a result of acquiring new teachers and users. It comes with the monthly price of 10 $ membership to 84 $ membership with the vice of 18,000 plus online classes "

General Assembly -  " This web portal offers great variety of classes in both front end , back-end and more with enough weekday or weekend options to offer with set of work schedules flexibility available. Those online classes were customized enough to our learning level and our input shaped and also lots of discussions are available "
Courseroot - " Like all the above major sites , this web portal helps you to choose wide range of different courses from different websites and universities and there is also filtering option available based on your comfortableness and your wants of requirements "

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Tips to access Android Phones at emergency situation using lockscreen tapping method via. emergency call

When we miss out the process of opening smartphones or when we forgotten our pattern or password in our android phones . We might be wondering how to get access ?. Either we will root it or format it  but we also quiet aware of losing data which is totally inevitable. No phone is fully secured nor fully non-accessible to any user but what we need to do is little bit of knowledge or loop hole to access it. 

It is not so easy as we think to open the phone without exploring it but when we forget or when someone misuses ours without our knowledge by locking it. How you will get re-access back which is already locked or password protected or during emergency conditions. But we need to access via.  bugs or loop holes to do this and that makes you a super user or hacker. 

We cannot make the omelette without breaking eggs likewise it is good to know about certain exploitation for any user to know these days . Though this issue seems to be rare but every android user needs to know how it could be achieved at emergency or vital situations when u totally have no access to your own or forgotten

android unlocking icon

To gain access to Android smartphones/tablets , these are the step-by-step instructions which every android users needs to do very carefully 

1. Make sure the screen you accessed to is Locked and from that locked screen, dial into emergency call using dial pad which is appeared at the bottom of the lock screen by default

2. Once that is been done ,  please proceed typing  a few characters may be asterisk or hashes or no.s  just like you dial no.s in phone. Make sure you  Double-tap the characters to highlight them and tap the copy button. Then tap once in the field and tap it to  paste to make sure its doubling the characters in the field. 

Follow on  this process of highlight all, copy, and paste until the field gets so lengthy by making sure  that double-tapping no longer occurs in the field. This usually occurs after 10 or more follow ups

3. Once again go back to the lock screen, then swipe left/right to open the camera. Proceeding further more Swiping  to pull the notification drawer down from the top of the screen and from there then tap the Settings (gear) icon in the top right. This will prompt the password to appear 

4. Now once again tapping longer  in the password field and paste the characters into it. Follow up this process to long-tap the cursor and paste the characters as many times as possible, until you notice the UI crash and the soft-buttons at the. bottom of the screen gets  disappeared, making it expanding the camera to full screen.

Getting the paste button can be quiet tricky as the string grows lengthier and it fills up the full space and even more grossy and makes you feel like giving up feel. But to gain certain access we need to do that . Always make sure the cursor is at the very end of the string (you can double-tap to highlight all then tap towards the end to quickly move the cursor there) and long-tap as close to the center of the cursor as possible. It may take longer time than usual time for the paste button to appear when you do tapping.

5. Please wait for the default camera app to get frozen that makes to pop up the home screen automatically. The time duration and the objective  result of this step can vary significantly lengthier but the camera app should eventually get frozen in few minutes that exerts the  sensitive functionality

You should able to  notice the camera is getting lagged and functions improperly or working with less features as it attempts to focus on new objects. By attempting to take the  pictures using  the hardware keys may speed up the process, although it is not strictly necessary. 

If the screen gets turned off due to inactivity, simply turn it ON and please behold the patience. In some  other cases the camera app will not function or getting frozen directly to the full home screen. 

6. Once the above configuration settings has been done , please navigate to the Settings application by any means possible. For an instance by tapping the app drawer button in the bottom center and finding it in the app list. 

At this point it is possible to enable USB debugging normally (About phone > tap Build number 7 times, back, Developer options > USB debugging) and you should able to  access the device via. the adb tool or  dr.fone tool  to issue arbitrary commands or access the files on the device with the full permissions of the device owner.

PS :This Android smartphone hack affects all devices running versions of Android 5.x which means that a millions of Android smartphones in circulation worldwide are susceptible and full credits goes to team who does it. 

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How to secure your PC easily and safely

Securing the PC sounds easy but sometimes it is irritating to do that when we get lots of virus or  trojans or intruders spying in our what we do's in our pc and even sometimes it is not advisable to leave it open at all times. In recent times , insecurity has becoming an inevitable threat to any users all over the world. To overcome this issue , we just need to do some simple steps to follow which i would recommend any PC users to follow properly to be safe and get protected by using proper antivirus , firewall and most common thing is " don't share your info. to anyone " .   The ten things which i would like to recommend to anyone is

Choosing  the right operating system

Choose an operating system based on its security and vulnerability (Linux has no known active viruses in the wild, OpenBSD is focused on security). Find out if it uses limited user accounts,all files permissions and is regularly updated. Make sure you update your operating system with security updates and update your other software too.

Choosing the right web browser

Choose a web browser based on its security and vulnerabilities because most malware will come through via your web browser. Disable scripts too (NoScript, Privoxy and Proxomitron can do this). Look at what independent computer security analysts (such as US-CERT) and crackers (similar to hackers) say. Google Chrome is more secure and has a sandbox feature so it would be more difficult to compromise the system and spread the infection.

Practice using  strong passwords

When setting up, use strong passwords in your user account, router account etc. Hackers may use dictionary attacks and brute force attacks.

Always use trusted sources

Use trusted sources. When downloading software (including antivirus software), get it from a trusted source (softpedia, download, snapfiles, tucows, fileplanet, betanews, sourceforge) or your repository if you are using Linux.

Have the habit of Installing good antivirus software

Install good antivirus software (particularly if you use P2P). Antivirus software is designed to deal with modern malware including viruses, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, and worms. Find out if your antivirus offers real-time scanning, on-access or on-demand. Also find out if it is heuristic. Avast are very good free editions. Choose one, download and install it and scan regularly. Keep your virus definitions up to date by updating regularly.

Practice Downloading anti malwares

Download and install software to deal with spyware such as Spy bot Search and Destroy, HijackThis or Ad-aware and scan regularly. I can't state this enough - you need to run a good anti spyware and anti malware program like Spy bot if you search the web at all. Many websites out there exploit weaknesses and holes in the security of Microsoft Explorer and will place malicious code on your computer without you knowing about it until its too late!

Initiate Downloading  and install a firewall

Download and install a firewall. Either ZoneAlarm or Comodo Firewall (Kerio, WinRoute or Linux comes with iptables). If you use a router, this gives an added layer of security by acting as a hardware firewall.

Always Close all ports

Close all ports. Hackers use port scanning (Ubuntu Linux has all ports closed by default).

Performing Penetration Testing

Perform Penetration Testing. Start with ping, then run a simple nmap scan. Backtrack Linux will also be useful.

Securing physical security 

Don't forget to think in terms of physical security! Consider something like a Kensington lock (in case of theft/unauthorised access). Also setting a BIOS password and preventing access to your machine or its removable devices (USB, CD drive etc.).

Don't use an external hard drive or USB device for important data, these represent another vulnerability, as they are easier to steal/lose. Encryption can be effective against theft. Encrypt at least your entire user account rather than just a few files. 

It can affect performance but can prove worth it. Truecrypt works on Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeOTFE works on Windows and Linux.

In OS X (10.3 or later) System Preferences Security, click FileVault (this can take minutes to hours). In Linux Ubuntu (9.04 or later) installation Step 5 of 6 choose "Require my password to login and decrypt my home folder". This uses "ecryptfs".

Original credits goes to the team for its wonderful effort in sharing this and will update it sooner.

Remapping the Squeeze feature on Pixel to do whatever you want

It is most likely one of the Pixel 2's most interesting features is Active Edge , which lets you launch Google Assistant by simply squeezing your smartphone. Unfortunately, Google made the annoying decision to lock this function to its AI assistant, but one developer has already found a way to get around the company's restrictions. 

Actually, the Button Mapper doesn't exactly remap the Active Edge feature. Instead, it uses a clever workaround by intercepting the command to launch Google Assistant and rerouting it to another function. Of course, Google could decide to patch up that loophole, and it's possible this might cause some lag on your device. You'll also be giving a third-party app access to some private information on your phone, but if none of that bothers you, it's time to dive in.

squeeze feature on pixel 2 in android

The first thing you'll want to do is download Button Mapper, which you can grab in the Google Play Store or straight from XDA if you prefer. Even if you already have the app installed (it's useful for remapping other hardware buttons too), you'll still want to make sure you're running the latest update, version 0.53.

Beyond the Pixel 2, you'll also need a computer running Windows, MacOS or Linux to install some extra code. So make sure you have one on hand.At this point, things start to get complicated. XDA 's outlined the many steps involved, so you're better off following along with them.

Once you're all setup, you can reconfigure Active Edge to launch a specific app, turn on Do Not Disturb Mode or switch on the flashlight. You can also use it to navigate Android so when you squeeze your phone it goes back, shows recent apps, closes the app you're currently looking at or turns the screen off. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you to the friends who brought this up and original credits goes to them and related posts will be soon updated.

Steps to Remove Pattern lock on Android without resetting using Aroma File Manager

You must be little tired to de-crypt the pattern when you are totally stucked with no idea of your password or if you have forgotten your pin which are completely password protected to open your android phone and sometimes you may lost the patience and we may even feel like pushing some weight lifting work that time.

To get out from those tedious hassles one should either reset and suppose even if you reset , you may incur loss of data like your contacts , messages , apps and so on. You will be feeling uneasy and may be you feel extra load to do those tasks again by adding it again and also re-installing formatted apps one by one which gets anyone hesitated and especially in android phones it makes us tired too.

Now you are not needed to worry of losing your data or contacts or messages by resetting the phone to remove the pattern which are locked or forgotten. There is an app called Aroma File Manager which does this task more effectively without any troubles or issues of any losses and even fixing via. app is so comfortable than resetting. 

opening files using aroma file manager

What are the requirements that are necessary to do this ?

  • Aroma File Manager
  • A memory card for device 
  • Android device must be either locked through pattern or password 

How To Use This ?

1. Download the “Aroma File Manager” and save it in your external memory card ( sd card ) and Insert that card into your locked android device.

2. Just choose Stock Recovery Mode by re-booting your android device and pressing Power key and Volume Up key simultaneously. Different phones may have different methods to open stock recovery mode and you should check it out 

3. After entering into recovery mode please press volume + and volume - buttons to scroll up and down. To select those use power button or home button.

4. From there click on “Install zip from SD Card” and navigate to the source where you placed “Aroma File Manager” . Once you located , please click and install it.

5. After installing it will open in recovery mode automatically like in CUI ( Command line User Interface ) mode

6. From the “Aroma File Manager” navigate to settings and go to bottom and click on “Auto mount  All Devices On Start” and then exit.

7. Repeat step 4  & step 5 again to check whether its done properly

8. After this you will get “Aroma File Manager” opened again.

9. Now navigate to Data Folder -> System Folder and search for  " gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock respectively.

10. Once if you find those please delete it  and then exit “Aroma File Manager” and to make it work , please  reboot your device.

11. After rebooting you will notice that password or pattern will not be removed yet. But don’t worry now you are free to draw any random pattern your device will unlock but remember that pattern.

Thanks to the team who does it and full post credits goes to their effective team and please check out other related posts How to download disabled files from Slideshare , How to download files from scribd.

Snapdragon 1000 chips got ready to do its service in Windows 10 laptops

Qualcomm's snapdragon has been served its benchmark service in smartphones for decades and now they are on the verge to meet the bigger arena in pc chip processing industries to show its hyper-performance in Windows 10 laptops in super boost excellence. It is said to be highly cloaked version of previous processors. 

Recent reports from Winfuture says that they have obtained full details of SDM1000 , It's nothing but a fresh start up designs for PC's and seems to be relatively huge widespread design compared to ARM designs and consume 12W and it is good competitive product for Intel in future. The specification is bit promising and capable enough to handle up-to 128 GB HDD with 16 GB RAM modules also it seems to be embedded with Ethernet and socketed processor designs.

qualcomm snapdragon 1000 chipset

It is expected to be using ARM's next generation A-76 architecture with boasting speed upto 35% higher could be most challenging task and also will be a head-head battle with Intel's processors as they were kingpin in Computer chip making manufacturers. Qualcomm's flash up plans for these alternatives will quench up competitive toughness with Intel to pressure their heads up to find up the advanced processors to head up to tackle in the market. 

As Snapdragon is known for its high performance deck in smartphone and computing processing industry. With the current hold in dominance of mobile computing now its potential tap-hole for Qualcomm's market to sharpen the stuffs in PC / Tablets will heaten up to quality boosting performance and also stronger through next phasal development of the company

( Source : engadget )

The SDM1000 seemed to be having dimensions of 20 x 15 mm which is comparatively higher than Snapdragon 850 which has dimensions of 12.4 mm x 12.4 mm and still its smaller than intel processor which has 45 x 24 mm dimensions. Qualcomm to reveal the " Always Go connected PC " reportedly working on codename called Primus which will be using SDM1000 in its reference design.

Enable new gmail web interface features in single click with these tips

Everyone uses email for personal , professional and networking purposes. In this email servicing , speed and effectiveness is most important for any senders and recipients so that they can get it immediately in less response time despite of network issue. Gmail is known for its fast effective all over and its been used by most of the users for its simplicity.

Google's email is not only fast in effectiveness but also it has more features to enable / disable for users to allow to do its functionality. Gmail has been more than decade and its a successful , as javascript is not been used more but google closure library is one of the modern technical library that's been developed. Initially , its competitors like Microsoft's hotmail , Yahoo's ymail and aol been used widely before gmail but after gmail's arrival , it has created a storm in every user to sign up an account so easily those days.

Google is doing lots of stuffs these days ranging from hardwares to applications which i been stating in my previous posts like adding add-ons to gmail  , searching files inside gmail like a pro & searching files inside google drive . Now, i'd like to state about new gmail features which many people are unaware of . With this new gmail features, you can unleash its other hidden features through single clicks.

Procedures to enable new gmail style and its features 

First register the account in gmail for new users or login to your gmail account and you are more familiar with your gmail after logging in , your existing account gmail will be looking like this 

gmail inbox classic

The above one is our existing gmail inbox which has classical theme look , if you want to change the style , we normally goto themes to change the background colors but if yo want to access the new gmail function just it needs a click on settings button like below

gmail inbox with settings been clicked

when you click the settings button above inbox tabs , there is a menu in the list box called " Try the new Gmail ".  Please click that and just in few fraction of seconds your new gmail will be having a ribbon type look like one below

new gmail inbox

On the left pane , you could see lots of options like inbox , spam , drafts as in earlier classical version but  with some additional options like  " snoozed " .  Snooze option in gmail feature is to temporarily remove or access the email for a particular period of time until you wanted to.  for instance , you want to select certain emails that you wanted to snooze for a day or week or month or till particular date , you can do these by just clicking emails in inbox there snooze button will appear at the men above inbox tabs and click for time /date or till day like this below

selective emails are clicked inside gmail

In the above screenshot it is very clear that some emails are checked and set to be snoozed for particular time 

selected emails in inbox are clicked for snoozing
 The selected emails are ready to be snoozed for a day till tomorrow and its been clicked with particular timing as shown in the above figure. Likewise , you can select your emails to get snoozed for a week , till particular day very easily through cozy available selection 

snoozed emails

Those selected emails are now selected and which will be under snoozed column are now seen separately with the date and it will be temporarily not shown or will not pop up till that day/ time . If you checked snooze by mistake , you can easily unsnooze it by clicking the selected email.

Procedure to activate confidential mode or stealth mode 

When you compose an email , you could see the regular email box available with text formatting options and some in built features in our classical mail  but in this new composing feature to ensure security between sender and receiver there is an additional feature called " Turn Confidential mode " like below

writing new email by turning confidentialt mode on

The above screenshot shows the turn confidential mode icon next to insert image button link inside gmail compose feature. When we send new email , we never used to have this option in classical gmail but in recent gmail updation, this option is another additional feature which could be turned in a click for to encrypted message which could be accessed only for certain period of time to receiver / sender or could be read only by them through encryption by turning on confidential mode. Now when you click confidential mode , the following option pops up

confidential mode is turned on with settings

When that button is clicked , you could see the following options available for sender with the expiry dates and also pass code option. You can either set for a day , week or months or five years and also you can level up the encryption through sms code or no sms passcode function. If you click passcode function then it will prompt for phone no. as passcode [ which will be communicated only between sender and receiver ] like below

phone no. detail in confidential mode setting for user

Just use the phone no. as pass code and if information been asked , that no. will be asked to send for passcode when recipient tries to open the email like user authentication notification settings from the recipient address , where the recipient will be prompted to click [ send passcode ] button for the sender to receive code from Google like One Time Password in six digit code and that Google verification code should be sent to receiver to access email. This is how the recipient receives email when recipient opens it like below

passcode for recipient to sender in gmail

Once recipient access with 6 digit pass code , now he/she can able to open the email and reply the sender without any problem and is also easy-use. Other features like add-ons of gmail are now shown in the right pane of the window with keep google , docs and etc. Overall, new gmail UI doesn't seem to be pretty much loaded with so much add ons or any super size apps in additional rather it just makes us looks like another outlook mail loaded in protonmail style theme

Procedure to enable offline gmail mode

To enable offline mode in gmail where u can check email even when internet connection is off. User has to enable offline mode by clicking settings under Settingsand then Display density.

settings tab in gmail

You can now select by clicking enable offline mode and also changing sync settings for upto 90 days and also how long you want to keep those offline emails so easily, security settings options based on user's preference and the just click Save changes . Now you can able to access gmail even when internet is off.

Procedure to enable Early Adapter access in G-suite

For G-Suite developers , they need to switch to Administrator account and from there administrator console dashboard -> apps -> select gsuite -> click on gmail . Under gmail category , please check out Early New Gmail Adapter Program -> New GUI features -> save it to use..  Please check out new features in video below

Lots of features are yet to be explored and will be updated and published sooner and all of these tricks are readily available in Gmail that needs the checks and tabs to unleash. For further more explores please check out the official help of gmail center

10 Most Popular and in-demand programming languages in 2018

Programmers and IT job seekers need to scoop up their skills everyday to develop or build the apps or web using programming languages. But not all programming languages are survivable nor sustainable in period of time . Only few programming languages for decades stand alone for job seekers as the demand has consistent growth. 

Recent research from PYPL been conducted and ranking factor of programming languages  is totally based on the number of search for a certain language thus, programming with more number of searches will be assumed to be popular.

According to TIOBE, Java still remains to be the most popular programming language which is then followed By C and C++. According to PYPL, Python continued to take the lead among st other languages this year and seems to have increase in demand year by year due to machine learning / artificial intelligence jobs grows

1. Java

It’s one of the most popular, general purpose and most adopted programming language used by hundreds and millions of developers including billions of devices worldwide. Java is class-based, object-oriented programming language and its designed to be portable thus can be used on all platforms, devices and operating systems.

Uses: for building desktops apps, android apps, and video games. In addition, commonly used by developers as a server-side language that is; for enterprise-level back-end development. Even many bank application based servers do need Java Servlets these days. 

2. Python

Python is one of the high-level programming languages widely used for general-purpose programs. This language is simple and readable though it’s the easiest coding-language to learn for the beginners. It’s essential for any beginner to learn this language so as to become a seasoned professional. Python can be also used for complex programming tasks such as AI and machine learning.

Uses: for developing any desktop GUI based applications, websites and web apps and also integrated frameworks for machine learning today 

3. C

C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 for it to be used in the UNIX operating system. It’s the predecessor of C++. It is procedural language based on functions and structures. Initially, it was used as a programming language for systems but it has proven that it’s a powerful and flexible programming language which can be used in numerous applications such as from business programs.

Uses: for developing operating systems , games , embedded softwares and also autonomous which are compatible 

4. C++

It is a general-purpose scripting language based on C. C++ has objective-oriented, imperative and generic programming features.

Uses: A powerful, flexible  and high-performance language used in building desktops apps, web apps, systems’ software and game engines.

5. PHP

It’s a server-side scripting language that is mainly used for web applications. Today, more than 80% of websites use PHP including Wikipedia, WordPress, Facebook, and Tumblr.  Apart from its popularity, it is also easy to use and offers various advanced features for experienced programmers.

Uses : for developing web applications and websites. 

6. JavaScript

Despite being popular, JavaScript is also a powerful and dynamic scripting language. Much of its syntax has been derived from the C language. In addition, its compatible across all browsers and more than 90% of all web pages use this scripting language.

Uses: to create websites and games especially for the web and works as the foundation of Node.js: a server-technology that enables real-time communication.

7. Ruby

Ruby is a reflective, dynamic, object-oriented as well as general purpose scripting language. It supports numerous programming paradigms such as object and functional oriented and imperative. It’s widely popular because of its web framework, Rails.

Uses: for developing automated pages, weblogs and most associated with web frameworks which is helpful for developers to develop any applications based on web platforms.

8. C# (C Sharp)

C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative led by Anders Hejlsberg. It is designed for Common Language Infrastructure, which consists of the executable code and runtime environment that allows the use of various high-level languages on different computer platforms and architectures.

Uses: for developing desktop GUI based applications , operating systems , embedded systems and games , Advanced computations & graphics.

9. Swift

Swift is the successor of Objective-C. It is slightly clean, fast as well as an error-free programming language and can reduce the code’s length, save time and energy. it was built by Apple.

Uses: Building applications for macOS, Ios, tvOS, and watchOS. In addition, since is open source, it can also be used on Linux or Window system that compliers and apps are all compatible with Apple devices.

10. R

It’s an open-source programming language. R is majorly used in software environment for both statistical computing and graphics. You can use R to conduct numerical computations through additional-packages.

Uses: Used by data miners and statisticians to develop statistical software as well as for data analysis.

The ranking is based on the popularity of languages on the internet, including Google search, GitHub and various online community websites where users talk about programming languages. However, it’s not a survey of most used or useful programming languages.

PS: Collected the details from TIOBE and PYPL and from various sources on net. Credits to them 

Tips to download and save the disabled by author files from Slideshare website

Are you a college student or Entrepreneur or working professional wants to download any powerpoint or documents for reference to your project needs. Are you finding it difficult to locate the website which will be good to download. There are plenty of websites available on net where you can download those files easily but some websites need premium account and you need to pay extra charge . 

To download few files , none will be liking to spend the money for premium packages and we also wanted to download the documents in easier way . Do you want to download any presentation , excel and documented files to your pc or mobile easily from document sharing websites. Earlier, i stated about how to download the files from scribd using tricks hassles free.

Then, you would be probably using scripts and some add-ons to download the ppt files, but sometimes that doesn't even work perfectly. We need to test cookies and javascript alterations to make it possible. Still stucked with how to download ? . Now, any files could be downloaded from the website which are even disabled by author very quickly using this simple trick . 

As Slideshare has both accessible and non-accessible documents for the users to download . Here is a small single website that could save your money a lot and even you could able to do it in few minutes. Let me give you demonstration how it works exactly

For instance : I need to download a file below which is currently disabled by author for any users to download, we would technically look for other similar files to download but still those files are not matching to the present ppt / doc then we will try methods to download and we even sometimes ready to buy the ppt if they sell or we may subscribe to premium package for just few documents .

Now, you could free out your worries and i am about to tell you the trick or the website which is active enough to make it possible to download the files which are disabled or inaccessible to any user in fraction of minutes. First access the file which has no rights to download or disabled by author like below one 

slideshare ppt file with no download option

You could able to see the above file doesn't have download option as most of the slideshare has download but some files doesn't have that as it because its been made disabled by author who publishes it. How to do that? It's all simple. Just locate the weburl of the file you wanted to download which has no accessible/download option available 

web address of ppt file

Just copy the url , here in my case it is " " and place that url in  in the textbox like below

simply debrid with the copied slide share ppt file url

Place the link fully in the text box which is needed to be converted to properly to download and there will be three buttons available for the user 

button links for generating the copied web url

As you could see the blue buttons , just click generate text links and wait for few seconds to process. Once you clicked it, after few seconds of processing it will be generating the link like below

generated link of slideshare url address

In the above case , the generated link is shown at the bottom and starts with  "http://195. ......pdf ". Just copy the generated link url and paste in google search bar or search engine  to download like below 

generated text link from simply debrid with the file processed successfully

Ta da ! thats it. Now you can download the disabled by author file in pdf and save in target location anywhere in your pc or mobile or tablet so easily hassle-free . I hope you will follow the instructions properly to download those files and for those direct downloading files, these above steps are not necessary.

Just click the download button and save it. Also please check for ( which is under maintenance now, i hope you will be able to download later after few days time ). 

Some of the best interesting and favorite useful websites to look of

After a long back from my first post about useful google drive links , I'm just referring out some of the websites that you might find useful in your day to day works

1. - Record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.
2. - For capturing full length screenshots of web pages.
3. - Shorten long URLs and convert URLs into QR codes.
4. - Find the original URLs that is hiding behind a short URLs.
5. - Know more than just the local time of a city
6. - Copy-paste special characters that are on your keyboard.
7. -A better search engine for twitter.
8. -Search iOS apps without launching iTunes.
9. -The best place to find icons of all sizes. -Download templates, clip-art and images for your Office documents.
11. -everything you wanted to know about a website.
12. -Scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses.
13. - Gets answers directly without searching .
14. - Print web pages without the clutter.
15. -Reformats news articles and blog content as a newspaper.
16. - When you wish to share a NSFW page but with a warning.
17. - A simple online timer for your daily needs.
18. -If a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN.
19. Pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.
20. -Check the trust level of any website .
21. -Preview PDFs and Presentations directly in the browser.
22. -Simultaneously upload videos to YouTube and other video sites.
23. - The best place for searching web videos.
24. - Share your email address online without worrying about spam.
25. - Now get read receipts for your email.
26. -Visualize and compare the size of any product.
27. -quickly determine the font name from an image.
28. -A good collection of fonts  free for personal and commercial use.
29. -Find data hidden in your photographs .
30. -This is like an online version of Google Googles.
31. - Helps you search domains across allTLDs.
32. -Your favorite blogs delivered as PDFs.
33. join. me - Share your screen with anyone over the web.
34. -Recognize text from scanned PDFs and images and OCR tools.
35. -Track flight status at airports worldwide.
36. -For sharing really big files online.
37. -A temporary onlineclipboard for your text and code snippets.
38. -Check your writing for spelling or grammatical errors.
39. - Easily highlight the important parts of a web page.
40. -Work on the same document with multiple people.
41. an event? Find a date that works for all.
42. -A less confusing view of the world time zones.
43. -You'll need this when your bookmarked web pages are deleted.
44. -The perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.
45. -Chat with your buddies on Skype,Facebook, GoogleTalk, etc from one place.
46. - Translate web pages,PDFs and Office documents.
47. - Sit back and enjoy YouTube videos in full-screen mode.
48. -Discover new sites that are similar to what you like already.
49. -Quickly summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.
50. -Create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.
51. -Get color ideas, also extract colors
52. -Setup quick reminders via email itself.
53. -When your friends are too lazy to use Google on their own.
54. -Generate temporary email aliases, better than disposable email.
55. -Lets you can quickly edit PDFs in the browser itself.
56. -Send an online fax for freeĆ¢€“ see more fax services.
57. -Get RSS feeds

I collected from internet to bring to the public to take a note of all these useful websites and i'd hope that you would test by yourself and like it and get benefit of.

Search the files inside gmail like a pro with these tricks

Gmail is one of the prominent email service that has lots of features in built and they have their characteristics attributed to certain functionalities since its inception of service. Every user finds it easy to write , delete and receive the emails quickly and its user -friendly too. But have you ever tried of searching recent mails or particular mails in search box of gmail and get tired of it. Yes we do search a lot using names or email address but do you know that gmail has hidden features to search it up even better. Few months back i was mentioning about how to search the files inside Google Drive.

 Now, I'm here to explain that method which is already available on gmail and we rarely or we might not be much aware of  and those searches will help you finding mails more quicker , narrower and even better with good results using simple commands , regular expressions and last modified dates like you do search in google for any information. Stepping up the information one by one for easy understanding

Searching Files using file size

Gmail has its own size threshold and sometimes we don't remember names but file size we do and to decipher particular file size is sometimes hectic with the huge no. of inbox emails we have. If you want to locate the files that has max threshold, then you can type this following keyword in search box like " size : [ size in bytes ] "

search file size in gmail

In the above screenshot it would be clear that file size 5 mb has been located for search results and the ouput of the keyword term are displayed .Suppose you are not sure about file size but you might want to perform a search between file size ranges then you enter this keyword on the search box as " larger_than: " n " m smaller_than: " x "  m "

search gmail with specific file size ranges

In the above search box , i searched for file size larger than 5 mb but lesser than 20 mb and results are displayed as follows

Search files using date & time stamp

   You can search the files inside gmail search box using date with the following term for emails sent / received during particular periodic session by typing " newer_than: "n " days " like newer_than 10d from: me

files using date keyword in gmail

 Here in the above box, i typed " newer than 10 days " which means the emails were sent in recent 10 days by me and the results are displayed and also you can try inputing as " after : date  to :me "

search the email after specific date and time

 Here , i searched the emails which are sent to me from others from 2018 Jan 1st till now from the following command " after : 2018/01/01 to: me " and the results are displayed as follows above. You can also search the emails using Time modifiers between selected time range like for instance if i want to search the emails that was sent between Nov 23 10:20 p.m till Nov 25 11 a.m , the following keyword to follow is " after : " epoch time of specified date to start " before : " epoch time of specified date to end " 

search the emails for specific period using epoch time converter

Here in the above result , the emails which was sent to me from Nov 23rd 10:30 p.m till Nov 25 11 a.m has been displayed using the following keyterm " after:1511455800 before: 1511587800  " these no.s are generated by epoch tool which helps machine to understand it easily. you can convert the time stamps here using the following epoch numeric converter 

Search the emails in gmail using other following commands which gives u direct results 

 For instance if i wanted to search the emails inside the gmail which are marked as starred could be searched like as follows " label:inbox is:starred "

searching emails which are labelled as starred

The emails which are marked as starred under inbox are shown as follows , likewise key terms can be applied for unread messages , spam messages , drafts by replacing the term " starred " with specific terms like "label:inbox is:unread " and likewise if you want to search for a specific recipent emails which was accidently transferred to trash also could be checked using the specific term " from: in: anywhere "

Search the file extension and file name inside the email

You can also search the specific file name or file type with the keyword and terms like typing in search box as " filename: "name of the file " with file extension " like for an instance i want to search the filename called dumps with the file extension ending in .pdf. Here is what i have to type "filename:dumps.pdf" and the result are displayed as follows:

search the emails using filename and file extension

Search the chat conversation [ hangout conversations ] using inchat in gmail

You can also search the hangouts/chat conversation from specific person using " inchat : " name of the recipent " like below

chat conversation search inside email using inchat

As you can see the chat conversation with the specific person has been sorted out and displayed well descendingly.

Some other features like Regular expressions could be not directly used with Gmail instead it has to be adjusted with Google doc to activate it  and some other commands or key terms to use in search box are :  " from:  " subject name " ( Urgent OR  Important )"  for priority mail checks and if you want to compare two emails starting with same name but they have different initials then it can be written as " from : Robert Oberhoff  -Alex -Junior " this will exclude all emails which has junior or Alex as initials or suffix in it.

I just found out these commands and some of the common key terms that could be used for searching anything inside search box in the gmail that could fetch out the results more effectively and less time consuming than regular searching that takes a plenty of time to tick of. I'll come with more updates sooner and will update the list here.