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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Moleskine's smart writing set is a modern day tech light pen and digital pad that connects paper and gizmo

Pen is a tool that we commonly use to write on the paper note to note down points for everyone, it doesn't have any specific gender graphic . When Mac's and Pc's started to run up commercially in the market, the light pen was introduced and it was roughly used to mark on the computer screen like a marking pen in digital world for years. When technology has become so handy , we become so addicted towards mobilization and smart gadgets and gizmos where the classical stuffs has become slow and if we want to take some pics of what we draw over, we need to take our camera or smart phone to take a shop that will show the exact photo copy of realistic one. Few months back , i was  talking of remarkable : a kindle like tablet that could be used for reading, writing and sketching purpose. But now the renowned pen maker has come with the geeky idea like we see in James bond films to put the one we draw on the paper or note will be automatically transferred as sheet to mobile or Pc through wireless connectivity which is absolutely tremendous .

Moleskine smart writign system kit unopened
smart writing set box opened
smart writing set pen from moleskine

   As you can see from the above snaps clearly that the pen seems to be light weighed and stylish that performs a digital nomadic style on the plotted diary. As we all know Moleskine's products is always the top preferable choice for writers and artists to doodle of. This smart gadget kit comes with the one unique set that has diary called ELLIPSE [ company calls that as paper tablet type ] plus USB charger with the aluminium pen that has pre-installed app when u connect to pc or google play or apple store. Working with the pen on the tablet is very easy and flexible like as we write on notes and diaries. What we needs to do is to make sure the app should be installed on the phone or tablet or PC before getting into it. once its been installed successfully.

app is installing on phone
choosing color and thickness for the smart writign system

    User can choose out the colors and using on pad is very simple , what we need to do is open up the diary like dotted tablet which is been given with the pen and start to write as like u write over on the diary . only thing is you should either keep your android or iphone open when u type over

wirtng work has been snapped and evernote symbol

   As you can write and make drawings on the note diary which could be seen through your phone as a snapped one and save it away through single click. It also saves our illustration or scribbles or writing works in offline mode that's another specialty and also its handy to write in any tempered or hurry up situations when we travel by trains or flights . The Italian paper maker has got bunch of stuffs with this prudential idea of innovating it through draw , writing and text in digital way seems to be bit expensive of 199$ . It has companion app that makes it easier as said and also compatible with Adobe collection, Evernote collection and also Livesteam. It was easy to use for mac and android earlier but this product is available for windows users these days is a competitive advantage. For further more info. about this product and purchase please have a look over their official website and to know of how to use it in more detail , please check out the video below for better self explanatory.

PS : Right now the product is available for purchase in USA and if you want to order for your country , shipping cost will be included plus tax if applicable. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Amazon's Sense making sensible to home users automated with alerts

   We're so much excited to smarten up our home with lots of electrical and electronics appliances these days. Few weeks back i stated about Amazon Key : a smart in home security delivery from amazon but now i am mentioning about energy monitoring system that does a energy efficiency notification task to users in point by click action. Amazon sense is a good initiative product that helps the home users to track the electrical records for bills and cut down the costs in more easier way

sense feature with notif in timings
Sense as the name indicates it does the head task to monitor and report to the boss thats us. why is it so important to us ? because its an electronic panel that to be installed with electric switches to keep a track of statistically to nudge the message notification to every user who uses it. Primary task of this sensitivity sense allows users to find energy hogs and baseloads and how much does it costs us. All the key handed information are plotted through app . Human beings are susceptible to more parallex errors , where this panel will help us to correct and keep track of what we usually do in our home like draining pump suction time notification, oven heating notification and electricity usage monitor perfectly hands down.
technical specs for amazon sense
As it is bluetooth and wireless enabled to access it via. app an also it has 1 ghz ARM processor with 120V Split phase is absolutely good to be planted for this task which does smart electrical monitoring assistance task  to keep upto mark. the system could be just integrated with electrical boards like a female unit and plugin to control of

( Image courtesy : )

  The most special aspect about this device is to be paneled easily with electrical panel boards using electrician and could be attached and configured easily without any hassles and also it could be assisted through Amazon Alexa : a perfect voice assistant device from amazon and also you could ask Alexa to control by stating out with the below phases , as Alexa integration is easier and flexible
  • "Alexa , Ask Sense if dryer is done " 
  • "Alexa , Ask Sense if i left my oven on "
  • "Alexa , Ask Sense if my garage door got closed "
  • "Alexa , Ask Sense how much electricity i'm using "
It also has web app available to keep a track over phone or through pc to monitor it effectively and as a matter of fact it captures high resolution data and these devices will sense the unique identification signals through machine learning algorithms developed by special team to capture such robust data into statistical use and any novice users could able to understand it and direct it or monitor it through app . To see how to install sense automation in home , please watch out the video below

This 299 $ product does a good task in home monitoring stuffs effectively and smartly to ensure the user never forgets anything about it and to know more of this , please visit the official website and to make purchase of sense, please visit amazon website  and to know more of this in video , check out the video below

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ai is helping out to spot out pre diabetic patients with help of cardiogram app from wearables

If you are fond of wearable , you must be looking more gizmos to wear like bands and digital clocks those days but when the technological advances beefed up , wearable has become so smarter and even making us more lazier .  Cardiogram : An initiative start up from Neural network from UCSF department of medicine has pioneered in medical field by showing earlier signs of diabetes to any person through pop ups and alerts in a led which is tend to be more compact.      Cardiogram a company which aimed at developing a statistical and also GUI alert to users by organizing a mobile with meaningful actions. Caridogram is a fresh kick up project aims in developing to curb out human deficiency to help the person to keep fit and healthy and one most notable point is they aimed at developing the app with no additional hardware needed except fit-bits , android wears and apple watches. 

cardiogram app and its features

Cardiogram team has already frontier'd the deep heart : Neural network system in the past to train the results to more accurate level.. what exactly it does is it not only detects the pulse , heart beats , calories burnt but also it connects to other organs associated with it say like stomach , liver , pancreas and so so and also it roughed up about earlier stokes of patients which were detected accurately for nearly 6000 plus patients. A research team is been more curios to beef up the product to more efficiency with more precise advance curacy . With the gadgets and smart bands we have already in market which just pulses out the action but this does a bit more of doctor task digitally right in front of you as hand wear seems to be surprising . From the past studies and team results , its been proved it just steps out farther from just detecting high cholesterol , sleep apnea and hyper tension and also heart beats of roughly about 14000 plus users now. What exactly surprises me is how a tiny little app could detect such moves more accurately . 

Heart rate data reflects everything that happens in your life. Examples from Cardiogram for Apple Watch.
 ( Image courtesy rip : )
Cardiogram comes up with more supervised approaches with more training in past. It had a handful task from team of researchers spending weeks and months to make a complete pattern and assimilate learning to train the patterns of earlier patients to detect more accurately. It was not even designed to detect the diabetic patients but it happens to detect more complex associated with human body signals of thermal heat which were just monitored and auditor-ed showed the team the surprising facts which seemed to detect diabetic patients and stokes very earlier. It is chuffed up with little amount of sample data were tuned to what rate of heart rates are linked with diabetic patients and also heuristic pre- training with more sampling. It collected more than 57000 samples on certain types to pre detect some functions with proper amicable training to adjust its errors to come for 85 percent accuracy and it has very peculiar algorithm that could check whatever is associated with heart rates and diabetes and if you remove patients or users , it will not detect any like sensory perception. AI deep learning algorithm for this detection has to head up more tests with the conductivity of tests and to detect early signs of its symptoms to make sure the patients could cure it before it occurs. Even the person is doing lots of exercise , the symptoms will show in led with information on workouts that " you need to work out to burn this much calorie today " which is quiet interesting. 

cardiogram app in apple watch with its feature

CDC reports made from this gizmo has showed the earlier signs of detection of pre-diabetes and also present diabetes patients in larger amount of scale of up-to 100 million users is really shocking . As this diabetes has become so prominently devastating pandemic to everyone and it is been projected that its been shock to nearly 25  % of patients never knew that they gonna catch up diabetes. This is terrible to tact . Overall , this is a good ambitious project from team cardiogram with good sampling AI work. Hope the future is making us better. For better understanding about how it operates, please watch out the video below 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Future smart cars from Nissan will be mind readers to drivers

Technology has a reputable stand in every industries even in automobile industry from automatic gears to self driven, It has become so easier and also comfortable to drivers these days but in future it seems that our drivers will have a safety alerts and also auto mind readers to the drivers to avoid accidents prelude like as we see in some films . When we start to learn to drive first , everyone has quests and a normal fear to how to make it possible. Even some drivers has fear to move on the traffic roads or fast roads , but does a tech can change these fears away by directing us earlier . Is it possible to do such psychological guidance. few weeks back i was mentioning of ford smart safe cap for drivers and its technological impact on drivers for night travels. Now,  Well brand automaker Nissan is promising the drivers with this ai robotic facility enabled with cars to make sure the drivers brain waves are read by the cars through brain 2 vehicle approach. 

Logo nissan

brain to vehicle technology

 Our brain has sensory waves that makes us to think before we come to any decisive conclusion. When we drive , we always have some thoughts like we should brake it or accelerate or change gears but in few years time driver no need to hassle out much to do these task it seems. Nissan Intelligent Mobility research team has come out with new development of building a technology associated with brain signal waves to the driver. The brain signal waves of the drivers are captured and interpreted to redefine with the cars. This will make it more interactive and fun to drivers by deducting what the driver will be doing next and also it seems to be driving 0.2 - 0.5 seconds faster before we react. AI predicts out the next possible action of driver after the skullcap device that can be measured out the brain activity.

tablet controlling brain waves signal

car driver's brain signal is been detected while driving

brain signal wave is monitored and it says turning alert

brain signal says to apply brake while driving on the car monitor

Nissan's autonomous plan is about to be very exciting to the team and also to the drivers of future as well. Its pro pilot system is effectively in progress and the records of upto 150 miles is a benchmark from the Nissan team is so promising in making self driven , eco-green conceptual and also autonomous cars with the more careful and thorough research in progress adaptation . From the above snapshots , it is very clear that no longer driver has to be worried of today's troubles that happens to them while driving . The team is making progress through collecting signals and making thousands of iterations for each straight level is not an easy task for any automaker. In the days ,where we have manual car approach wide over the globe , making an autonomous car through sensory waves will be taking more time to tackle and even in roads , it has to be tested very carefully. Whether you want to change to neutral , accelerate the pedal or applying brake this wave or steering wheel are completely analyzed perfectly. For further more info. about Nissan's future driving car concept , please check out their official press site over here and for the video please watch it out below

Overall, a quality effort from Nissan Intelligent Mobility team will sheer up the market with ergonomics of presence through its autonomous way in coming years by resting the users quotient level more efficiently 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

GE's smart light has got Alexa and Homekit options enabled

   GE is a well known multi national corporation always comes out with new ideas of researches on electrical and consumer based industry for more than a century. From Thomas Alva Edison's light bulb manufacturing till date it is been a predominance in electrical , aviation industry wide around the globe with their enormous growth with no. of developments. When the technology is getting smarter day by day, GE plans for smart lighting systems that lits up smartly brighter.  

infrographic showing how led lights been operated

( Image courtesy : LED magazine )
 GE c-reach led smart light bulbs with sensor device
GE is strengthening its recently launched product which could be paired up through voice controlled gadget bridge C-Reach from GE . It does the functions like turning on and off the lights , dim the lights and controlling the bulbs across the home / office anywhere and also could be connected to other devices and extend it . It has a socket at the edge to get power supply. There is a smart switch that could be plugged easily and used flexibly . GE has launched the c-bridge recently and now it seems it has a hub that could be accessed through voice controlled fixtures more effectively. There is a switch in smart wall . It could be connected through bluetooth and also wirelessly . You might be aware of  what Alexa can do from this information over here

alexa with ge led

  Alexa is a well known product from Amazon and that could be connected with this GE smart hub through sol extensions and make it easily receivable . You can sync and also assist the device through commands which we initiate in Alexa to do the assessment and no other additional accessory are necessary. You can control via. ipad/iphone and also make it compatible with home / office environment. Right now this GE's smart LED bulbs with controls are avail only for C-Reach and C-Sleep smart bulb models. It seems to be a good to use effective smart home automative product from GE with hassle free effort with 74$ led bulb. You just need to buy the led bulbs , fix it anywhere and install the app in your android / iphone /ipad and then you can pin up with the smart led lamps and could be assist through alexa assistant through voice controlled procedures. For more product based information , please check their official website and for detailed understand how could be pinned with Alexa check out the video

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Snowden's app Haven is just a smooth smart security home safeguarding system that alerts

   We all aware of our personal information not getting duped by someone and most importantly , when technology and apps are getting more advanced these days, infiltration becomes so sleazy and easier in more possible ways. Whether its our bank credit card details or our password authentication details. Even we have to be more careful in handling information more securely or privately with more level of encryption. Now , we got one remedy for these kind of security solutions through Snowden's fresh initiative app Haven : an anti piracy app that keeps a look and prevent intrusions in home and anywhere

haven app with caption taghaven app in a phone testing out noise detections

( Image Screenshot Courtesy :

Haven is a true promising app that is been developed for easy captivity to any users to not only to monitor the activities , alerts the sound but also stores and records the unusual activities like intrusion or theft in the device automatically without any abruptions. This app just does only the storing function of images , texts , photos and videos which are nudged through sound sensors and proximity sensors that alerts via. triggering by motion or sound. This works on over phone's features which are already available in our phone's tech specifications in our hardware say camera , microphone , light sensor , microphone , proximity sensor and power. You can position the camera anywhere to capture any motion anywhere from anywhere and while alerting to the device , it sounds and lots of security notifications will be notified to the installed user. It does with the aide of Signal messenger with end- end encryption and also you can configure the device with Tor and chrome device as well.  You need to configure as Onion source and it seems like there is an additional devices to have Orbot : tor for android service.

haven app detects sound and also senses the camera motion in smartphone

 Snowden's this new initiative to the public will be supportive and helpful to any users whoever installs with hidden untapping facility and also you can configure with the laptop. Right now , only beta version is available and you can download it from their official website  and for further more documentation , please check out the original source under gifthub repository for more detailed info. over here Watch out the video below for self understanding.

PS : Right now , this app is only available for android and not even stable version is released. Any android developer can also build more with repositories provided in the github. Not available for iphone or any other phones. It is under development, takes sand time to turn it up. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

You can code anywhere with this Codeanywhere cloud ide platform

Developers are doing the agile task to perform certain operations even at tight-neck situation. Sometimes , they do need additional Compilers and developing platforming tools or sdks to compile or interpret. Even in some sdk's , it is not even easy to perform operations for team or for single , they do need background services to run properly or collaborating in cloud platform to compile takes lots of memory. Now , there is a fresh IDE for developers and programmers to run and test anywhere in the world . Even if they are few miles away or thousands of miles away or from different desk, this innovative web ide is a fast paced cloud environment to do write / edit tasks.

code anywhere ide web editor

You could not only able to integrate , write and edit the code but also you can edit it from anywhere in the world , as its cloud ide platform based and right now , it's available for 75 $ and it is a portable IDE with easy compatible and flexible platform available .

computer icon showing code anywhere

code anywhere ide features with different language platform icons

( Image courtesy : codeanywhere )

With the good ide built capability and fast paced availability , this platform is good enough to develop 75 programming languages with the add-on facility of web to access from anywhere too. I have never seen such an ide earlier before like this with cross platform access. It is really a parallel many to one platform i.e., any no. of developers could able to develop and collaborate at the same time. If you are aware of Google Docs and Office 365 , then this ide functions like quiet similar by allowing anyone to work and edit without crashing is achievable. This is a massive innovative platform and also it is linked to github, amazon s3 , google cloud services as well. You can easily import the file or inline it very easily or upload it very quickly with just a click.  You can code anywhere and also publish website with the help of github pages also. 

Any friends or colleagues from team or anywhere could offer the feedback to the developers so quickly without any crashes or hangouts and with its simplified customization , one could able to customize the page according to their preference anywhere in any devices . For instance, if you are working or debugging in android /ios or pc or web . This handy tool clears off your hassles so robustly in prompted and efficient manner. 

code anywhere ide prices with plans for different necessities

  You can sign up for free to use for single user and for premium features, every necessities are highly features with more characteristic elements. You can also set up different themes , multiple customizable layouts and also flexible easy to use environment. The best to use environment ide says many developers whoever used it. Right now , its not absolutely free, as stated above it has more premium plans available for different wants and the payment is per month or per annum basis. It'd have been better if they low down the price a little , as many fresh start up programmers or sme's will be actually benefited by installing and upgrading one platform rather than deploying more visual editors and sdks in their machine to get hung many time . Please check and please take a look on their video and configuration on any machine below for self explanatory and easy understanding. If you want to know more about its tutorial , please visit this official link


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Somnox Robot can help you getting sleep without any hassles

Robots are doing steward jobs and customer service assistant jobs these days could be told as a start of computational era. When we don't get sleep , we usually walk or have some milk or take tablets or watch movies or games till we feel asleep, but this robotic tool helps any person to get sleep in quickest way by hugging it . Interesting and weirdness gone little funny and also unbelievable with this medium kidney shape sized techno pillow like teddy bear 

kidney shaped white colored somnox pillow with features explained

     You can able to feel breathe very easily not only that but also you can relax with the soothing mind without any hassles. You could able to adjust the breathing rate as per your relaxation in this tool. It also sings lullabies like google assistant does to us. It makes us to stay awake and also set our mind so rhythmic during falling asleep. When you listen to thousands of soothening and mind relaxing music , you will definitely fallen asleep and its medically and also scientifically proven technique .You can also upload the songs or musics of your type and also it has its lullabies too.

somnox robot with ladies , gents and babies hugging it

It not only act as tech pillow that softens your aside and also as sleeping agent but also it does some task which helps our body muscles to reflex while asleep. The material is very good and makes us very comfort to asleep and it has good 12 hours battery standby with bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity. It is app adaptable pillow type robot which means you could able to control the pillow through app . You can also record your own music and also others as well apart from default lullabies which are available in archive. It is easy to wash and natural fabric that is specially designed to adapt to anyone with the bean shaped circular stuff and also it comes with micro usb charging facility that could be charged anywhere and quiet compatible to any environment.

somnox robots technical specification details with icons

 This promising kickstarter project is just about to launch it commercially more sooner, as it is just launched with 2000 products and the price seems to be having bit concern but the research team promises that we will get good and comfort sleep and also it wakes up with the alarming facility sooner.We can not only sleep longer but also sleep quicker with no hassles and problems. It does reduces sleeping stress and also anxiety issues by increasing soothing mind through good sleep and good rhythmic music . It also does breathing regulation and affection tasks very smoothly and rapidly effective. We no need to tire our body extremely to get good sleep in future , it seems we need robots help to do such tasks and makes us completely hopeless and lazy in coming decade. Worth to buy for serious insomniacs but for others , it is just OTC product that needs a hitch point to sell it of.

   If you want to order this robotic pillow to your friends or colleagues or family members , they will send the pillow with the gifted option and estimated delivery may takes time , as its under development and limited only availability product. For further more info., please check out their official web page and for ordering [ pre ordering ] please follow over here. To understand its operation and how to use it in detailed way , check the video for your reference below and i bet that this smart sleeping pillow gadget could replace the sleeping tablets in smoother way .

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Galleryguardian app : Content privacy protection app for parents

Today in the modern world , we live with lots of apps and websites to check out information and make our business profitable or socialize with people for networking or affiliation or building a team for good deeds. But there are some websites or apps which lets you to watch some raunchy scenes or obscene which are not totally invulnerable and some stuffs at the back even work as malware . Either by chance or by mistake , if we clicked the image it will redirect to some unwanted sites which affects our pc or mobile by various means. In a family , when we have children especially when they have gadgets in hand , they do play games or watch cartoons or access infos. but some websites are totally inappropriate to the audience leads to moral disparage and addiction. Here i'm going to tag about one app which is really a necessary app for any parent of today's and that is "Gallery Guardian ". 

This app is developed for the root cause to curb out the teens and young children anywhere to access the certain websites and texts which are irrelevant , lurable to them . This app does a very good work for any parents to keep a note on their children. It seems they use image recognition algorithm ( a pattern recognition technique which is widely used in machine learning to focus the regularities and patterns of the data assigned [ here its image ]  for easier identification process in future to a device that is widely autonomous ] seems like AI technique is adapted here. It is a very simple app that is very easier to use. Let me brief you how it could work and in what way parents are benefited from this app.

gallery guardian app with features

Working feature of this app is very simple . Install the app and then after installation, you will be asked to pair up the gallery guardian app on the parents device first with the child's device using the special code which you will be asked after you done creating the account. You will get the notifications of the children whom you want to monitor in , whenever they are out somewhere or they surf something suspicious . This app works with the aide of geo-fencing tracking in our smartphone where our detailed location report will be sent to the parents with the spot marks. 

gallery guardian app showing notificaitons

gallery guardian app showing address with pair pin

gallery guardian app showing geo map location
( Source :

As you could able to see from the above snapshots , every parents will receive alerts when child arrives or goes somewhere and also it alerts the parents, when they access inappropriate content which is totally guarding app for kids from accessing certain obscene sites. This encompasses the great niche idea from the team and it makes the kid to stay safe from sites which are meant only for adults. To  know of this more , please check in their official website over here  and download from the google play store or itunes store and if you want to know in video , watch it out below fyr.

PS : It seems the users who have already used it finding out one errors and that is battery drainage issue and the team is working on this issue to fix it up. Right now its available only for android and iphone users only with the limitation of pairing upto 6 devices only.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Now Google Assistant can identify your unknown song names like Shazam

       Google makes lots of efforts in bringing the productivity of their apps to use to public in many ways.  A week back i was mentioning about gmail add-ons , now i am about to state another feature of google that can do something similar to Shazam ( the music app that tells what song its running now , even if you have no idea ). Some features you might be pretty aware that u need to access only if you own Google Pixel 2 and 2 xl ).

Google's Voice Assistant is more capable of just assisting through search by voice and it has more accurate results than other voice assistants is what another report says and this virtual assistant does listening tasks more better than the humans . If you ask the assistant " What song is this ? " . if you hear any unknown songs or tunes playing at the back , you can simply ask assistant for that . It will info you with lyrics title and artist name . As the service is enabled with Youtube and Google Play which is embeded and it will pop up in few seconds from more than millions of depositories . Initially , Pixel 2 has that more accuracy facility to use , but now that its not seems to be only avail for pixel or pixel 2. It could be done in any android google assistant enabled phones with the smart update.

  As you can see the smart assistant from Google does this new task like Shazam now and to access this you need to have voice enabled and also internet connection service enabled , so it will flash out the info card in few seconds  time . As it has lined up with spotify and youtube database to access it . Not only this , google assistant is capable enough to do pretty more stuffs than these. For more info. about that, please hover your cursor button to this link . To set up google voice assistant , please follow the steps over here 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Ford's Safe cap vigilates truck drivers from making accidents

  It is no so easy for any drivers to drive at night, especially when it comes to long drive . The technology on the one hand is advancing and also as death trolls via. accidents at night times. No matter  how efficient you are , when it comes to sleep everyone will be drowsy and fall apart automatically . Recent technological advances from motor companies are taking a huge leap to combat such inaccuracy issues to curb out most effectively. When it comes to legendary car manufacturers like ford , it is even more formidable for them to see what will be future's wants. 

  Ford is making a cap that senses out head movements that is linked with sleep and wakeness through sensory perceptions and vibrations through alerts, sounds and lights and they named it as Safecap. Ford seems to be in tie ups with Brazilian creative agency GTB to do such initiatives. They were testing the users with the various instrumental panels through various researchers and methodologies by mapping head motions and real time drivers through real time tracking and also adjusting mirrors and checking view and so on which is quiet indistinctive. Smart cap seems to be really smart work from the makers having some sensors which we have in smartphones today say like gyroscopes, inboard accelerometer that measures the movements in smarter way and that will alert the user through component associated while driving and alerts the user with the sound vibrations and light popping up which will make anyone quirky and convoluted. 

safe cap with blue and red in color

features of ford safe cap

  As you can see from the above snapshots that it has battery , micro processor chip , micro usb and also alerting device with above sensors stated in very smart way at the back side of the cap which is marked in red. When you slightly fall asleep , while driving it senses and alerts based on the above training and tested methods and saves the truck drivers and anyone to getting hit with an accident or topple over. But at present , ford seems to be testing this cap only in Brazil and not very certain of any mass productivity . However ,if ford is about to commercialize this Safecap into big volume , then they will definitely do it after many tests in other countries as well is what the source says. To understand how it works , please watch out the video below 

PS : This technology is currently under testing in Brazil and the above video is narrated in Portuguese 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Twisted light : Beams up the broadband data speed like a flash

   Light is an essential prime factor for everyone , without light everything on the planet earth will be filled up with darkness. You might have heard of LED lamps these days and its characteristic ability to transmit Li-Fi  ( Light - Fidelity ) which is under research to transmit cellular network data via LED's . This is a research operation based project , but what i am going to explain here today is all of Twisted Light . Have you guys got any idea of what that means ? , let me explain what that means in clear detail and what is capable of too.

( Source : )

             You all know about Light is travelling in linearly so far , A beam of light could carry a linear momentum so far is what i known far , but scientists were testing a lot on this light characteristics in various way through Orbital Angular Momentum concept ( which means angular momentum of light could be traversed in helical or twisted wave ). Let me not get back into more physics here, i'll cut the nose to it's point now. Researchers and Scientists were testing the optical beam of light in twisted way to check the data transmission capacity and its opacity through photon ( a type of particle that based on elementary quantities which possessed during electro-magnetic radiation ) twisting an optical angular momentum. Interesting science always gives us crazy numerous results that is been proved since the age of science begins. Now, our digital communications are based on plethora of binary codes say " 1's " and " 0's " , but tandem with the twisted light via. angular momentum adjustment , letters also could be sent as communication alongside with 1's and 0's is truly remarkable effort from scientists for digitalizing and make it to infinite possibilities is not a random no.

      Twisted light looks absolutely stunning and dazzling , isn't it ?. yeah but transmitting the twisted light in space is really a challenging work for them and lets see what we could benefit from the so called " twisted light " . Right now , OFC [ Optical Fiber Cables ] are used to transmit the data at the light speed based on a technique called multiplexing. But OFC needs several properties of light to be used to transmit such operations like changing polarisations , color , brightness and direction . We are presently using these technology enabled services in larger scale , but with the help of nano particles and adjusting the light to bend a little to get twisted transmits the speed more faster than we expect. A team from Germany has tested this conductivity and made it successful by transmitting in space over 1.6 Km is really a appreciable and daring work . 

twisted light

( Source : iscience

Which means the light will be transmitted in the form of twists or helical way to transmit our data at least 85,000 times more faster than today's conventional broadband speed. In a research made in USA at one of the labs  , they could able to test 2.56 Tb of data per second  which is rearly possible only on high speed satellite communication links . For certain precautionary measures , researchers were testing this in the long mile distance spacials rather than getting tested in the indoors making them to believe a cold thought in their mind that whether it will create a chaos. My verdict on this is very open that the scientists are making great efforts to make technology possible into everyone's hands in more simpler ways in future and also its features to be used more effectively with precautions . Though it will take at-least 3-5 years fully to establish it commercially , I'd appreciate such lucrative tech advances in terms of photons but safety and the cost will still be a concern of thought to every users. " Does this angular momentum of light will save our today's unreasonable cost of data per usage in more effective ways in future is gonna be a question of concern ? " To know of twisted light in animated presentation , please look at the video below 

       In the above video, you would have understand about the twisted light feature , in the below video you could able to see how the internet will be boosted through twisted light 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Amazon Key : Auto in-home delivery service is bit quirky

    Amazon is one of the most successful tech giant mostly deals with e-commerce based retailing and it enabled cloud based services to everyone with protective ,encrypted and also advanced features. For example , delivery through drones is another smart approach from them which could not even we less talk of . Few weeks back , i was talking of Amazon alexa with echo : Smart home voice assistant gadget previously , but now i'd like to talk of Amazon's one of the smart make with the smart approach called " Amazon Key

1. Amazon authorizes the delivery, turns on Cloud Cam and unlocks your door, 2. You'll get confirmation that your package was safely delivered, 3. You can watch the delivery live or view a video clip of it after.

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Amazon's Key is a key smart home security automatic system that works with the smart gadgets of Amazon's cloud cam and Amazon key compatible smart lock to unlock it , which is quiet kind of self promotion of amazon's security gadgets and performs a smart unlock solution . Let me not fuzz about this , i will get straight to the point . Amazon's key motivation is to allow the friendly persons , trust worthy deliverers and service persons to enter in even when you are in office , abroad or outing anywhere with your family or friends . Like for an instance , if you are outside and meeting a client , there is a delivery coming for you , but none could be able to connected at that time , we might ask our neighbours to collect our product delivery , but what if in case , if they are out too.. Gotta thought! sometimes delivery guys get back to warehouses or they deliver it back , when the person is not home for few days . It may be quiet disappointing to us . To oust that , amazon key could be a key to open the smart padlocks 

What are its features and how it could be accessed from anywhere ?

As the name suggests it is a smart automatic lock and it works through smart locking system [ which means a smart home kit ( Cloud cam and a smart padlock ) and to access that amazon key access app will be asked for authorization. Okay , now you got it what are necessities of hardware that you need of and also as the software. Now let's see how its working. As i mentioned that its a pure hardware kit , the smartlock needs to be installed on  the door replacing your conventional padlocks on your main door and the cloud cam or amazon smart key compatible cam must be fixed in the room within 25 feet around the smartlock [ this is the accessing area ] . 

As you can see from the above picture , once you installed the smart kit [ smartlock + cam ] on the door and inside the room to record the video , you will be asked to authorize those smart facilities via. amazon key app in your smart phone. Smart Camera has 1080 px recording and night vision iris and two way security [ manual or auto ] . Once you click amazon key delivery services , those delivery guys or service guys or neighbours or friends whoever wants to come to your home when you are not there , they don't need key . what they need is unique key

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As you can from the above snapshots what this Amazon key smart kit is capable of . It helps the trusted contacts to enter into your home without keys through unique key or you can unlock it from wherever you are through remote cloud method , though it may sounds bit creepy but the technology is getting ahead of our knowledge is what i could say . Secondly, the user could able to watch whoever is entered in and entered out with the camera installed inside the room and also able to alert it and lock it from anywhere . You will be getting notified  to your smartphone or pc/mac when your door is locked , unlocked or any flawable threats happens ; which is quiet similar to Google's Nest which i was stating it a month back . It also records the video of the persons entre and exit fully and stores in cloud seems bit over but okay..

Overall , what i could say to the general public is in the future , we will technologize our homes with the smart gadgets and security enabled systems for not only to alert us or to watch whats happening , but also it allows our friendly contacts to enter in our home like a guest pass in the game and also for any service providers like cleaning service or painters to let in without real permission just by a single click will be sounding bit ghoulish to us even hoarder but smarter the day goes , more advanced the tech soars. " our safest protection is still on our own " . For get to know of this more , please visit this following web page , and for better understanding about its working methodologies , please watch out the video below 

PS : Amazon Key is just another smart home product from Amazon which is avail for USA right now and it needs app to authorize as mentioned and most importantly , this facility will be available only for PRIME members .