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Solid State Batteries is almost about to be on the line for future automotives and electronics

Battery is a collection of one or more cells with the chemical reaction that creates the flow of electrons in the circuit. Precisely, Batteries are used everywhere in Electric cars, Flash lights , Smart phones and other electrical / electronic gadgets as well. We all known from school learning that when the Battery is supplying electric terminal by having its positive terminal is Cathode and Negative terminal is Anode. Few weeks back were discussing about HPEV cells that could separate Hydrogen and Electricity from conventional Solar cells and also about Wireless Charging from MIT techie

working mechanism of lithium ion rechargeable battery

We might be aware of various types of batteries that is been used for commercial / official / domestic and even for personal uses like Lithium-Ion batteries , Lead- Acid batteries , Alkaline batteries.  Now , there is a fresh type of battery is on the progress has been shown from the research team of Qing Tao Energy Development Co., a start up of Tshingua University which claims to have the productivity capacity of 100Mwh Per Year which has an energy density of over 400 Wh/kg which is actually better than the present running Lithium-Ion batteries which has density ranges between 250-300 Wh/kg.

parts of lithium ion battery and solid state battery

The members of the developing team believed to be very positive about the outcomes and they say that these batteries could be best utilized for high-end digital products and Specialized equipment. They have plan to increase upto 700 Mwh by the year 2020. Not only but also it could be used for automotive purposes says Nan chewen the head of startup. He also states that these batteries could standby even better and they are also in talks with large number of automobile manufacturers about the new achievement 

This breakthrough is achieved through incorporating the high quality Lithium Metal Anode in Lithium batteries creating a solid state cell with the energy capacity at least 2 or 3 times better than the present running Lithium Ion batteries. This is pretty interesting stuff and i would say this will be a breakthrough in next gen electric / hybrid cars and vehicles , airspace and defense. The problem with the Lithium-Ion batteries are Lithium expands and contracts at the time of charging and discharging cycles resulting even cracks in the surface and thus leads to formation of dendrites. 

In 2014, Stanford researchers have found out the solution to this problem and they create a nano polymer material that actually blocks the chemical reaction which is responsible for Dendrites formation. Interesting to know that particle is just 20 mm thick , flexible and inert. These doesn't only physically good with attributes but also it seems to have increased the Coulombic efficiency up-to 99% which is a technical operating requirement for rechargeable battery. 

The benefits of Solid State Batteries over Lithium-Ion batteries could be meager but it actually has lots of vantages than using conventional batteries which are ought to be considered are :
    • It is twice or triple times more efficient than Lithium-Ion batteries
    • It seems to be having improved safety due to the elimination of volatile, flammable , corrosive liquid electrolytes which are used in Lithium-Ion
    • Low cost packing which actually minimizes safety measures 
    • Elimination of Pack cooling 
    • It is designed to be very simple and efficient cell and there is no need of separate liquid containment 
    • Highly and flexible to Manufacturing compatibility
    • Quick charging facility
    • No Dendrites cracking issues 

Potential difference of solid state battery component against lithium ion battery

The size of the battery is very compact and it will be challenging to the present generation batteries . Leading Smartphone makers like Samsung , LG are already testing these batteries to improve the efficiency before putting into commercial necessity. Likewise Japanese techno corp TDK is almost ready to put these batteries into consumer home appliances. TDK also made a tiny sized solid state batteries that can sit on fingertip which is just few millimeters long which could be recharged 1000 times.

solid state batteries in tiny size from TDK

TDK aims those those new generation batteries could be better used for home applications and also for office applications like lightning and air conditioners. Even Japanese car maker Toyota motor aims to have solid state batteries running in their vehicles starting from 2020 to charge their cars faster. Germany aims to have biggest mass scale production by the year 2025.

Solid state batteries operating companies

Solid state batteries will out perform our conventional batteries one day and it will march the common place roughly in two to three years time. As we all know that Lithium- Ion batteries are nearing its full potential, Solid electrodes and Solid Electrolytes in Solid State batteries could be definitely a worthy considerations. As the top level automotive manufacturers and researchers are already in the half-way path to the mass production stage. The team of researchers also state that there will be less  than 1% demand for Lithium-Ion battery in the year 2025. This very well explains to us that how significant is for the suppliers and manufacturers to consider the battery that is really cost effective that could withstand higher energy density in coming years.


New Photo Voltaic Solar cells can distinguish Hydrogen and Electricity concurrently

A year back i was stating about Wireless Charging and about India's first Quantum Computing discoveries in detail now i would like to talk of some solar cells which you have seen in  many homes and offices using solar panels for generating electricity to reduce electric bills which are supposed to be paid to govt on monthly basis and why this solar cell is very important topic to be discussed because it is not only alternative source of conventional based power producers but also it is very clean energy that is absolutely the future will change the way we use power now. 

Solar cells has overtaken coal as the largest source of electricity generation capacity and 30% of the capacity is exactly due to silicon solar cells and it is no doubt in future it will make a deep impact and even become cheaper and easier for govt to reduce to cut down generating costs through installing panels at every houses which may be quiet time consuming but feasibly possible. For those who don't know how it operates let me give you short brief .

diagram of solar cells working

The operation is very simple in the photo voltaic cells a.k.a Solar cells which will have 4 parts and looks exactly like bread sandwich and on the other side it looks like thin strips of metallic electrodes and the power which is generated from solar cells stays within the circuit of cells . When the upper panel heads the direction towards the Sun visibility area, it just gets the heat actually to be converted to usable electricity through Photons from sun which will be intact with circuit and panel and also through filling. Filling of Silicon cell has 4 different layers and i.e., negative and positive silicon , p-type silicon and n-type silicon

illustration of working solar panel

Okay, now you got to know of how Solar cells working process and let me jump straight down to the plant process. Have you heard of the term " Photosynthesis " in schools or colleges . Of course , you would have heard of it a lot and even you guys would have known of it and how does it goes but why i want to connect Photosynthesis to Solar Cells ? What's the Catch ? . Researchers and Scientists are in a progressive state to recreate Photosynthesis in Lab to do one specific task and that is to mimic fuel . 

process of photosynthesis in plants with chemcial forumla

Have you ever wondered this is actually possible ? BrookHaven  National Laboratory and Virginia Tech have succeeded in figuring out bringing out the so called Supra Molecule which perform the process of photosynthesis to occur. It seems like very old and common method but the toughness is creating an artificial photosynthesis in lab for a solar cell doesn't seem to be that simple at all. What actually is artificial Photosynthesis ? 

Artificial Photosynthesis is a replica of natural process of photosynthesis which is done chemically by converting sunlight , water , carbon dioxide into processable fuels through protons , CO2 into producable hydrogen fuels through HPEV ( Hybrid Photo Electrochemical and Voltaic Cell ) Both Supra molecules are made up of several Ruthenium metal ions connected to single catalytic centre with Rhodium ions absorbs sunlight and produces energy making it more receptive and even more efficient

Nanowires, conductive materials and microscopic artificial structures composed of silicon like materials and few membranes form leaf like structure and act as catalyst to create the artificial photosynthesis which not only does the natural type process but also it acts as splitter that splits the Water into Oxygen and protons which is then captured by electricity and it is been noted that previous photosynthesis efficiency has been recorded as 6.8% and now the new design seems to have improved efficiency upto 20 % than conventional solar hydrogen cells.
how artificial photosynthesis process works and its uses

It is a remarkable achievement from the team who made it as possible and they are even planning to improve the charging efficiency . They also planning to cut down carbon dioxide emissions from the team is really a challenging work from group effort of lot of people to contribute such wonderful results to improve for future is not easy task though. I strongly believe that the future is gonna be fully reliable on clean energy will be a question mark. Some of the electric cars are running via Solar HPEV for better decarbonising performance which was tested by Toyota Mirai that runs on fuel cells in 2015 were benchmarks to be checked of.

Best Research cell efficiency results of solar cells

Above Line chart shows about better solar cell efficiencies and which means ratio of the energy output from solar cell to input energy from the sun. It means efficiency depends on the spectrum and intensity of incident sunlight and the temperature of the solar cell. The efficiency of the solar cell is determined as the fraction of incident power which is converted into electricity could be defined using specific formula and you can see the results above when it comes to year by year , the efficiency seems to be increasing and even subjected to be increasing more. Together with HPEV, it could be even drastically improved a lot to generate even more with less spectrum intensity observed in the cell and also to separate hydrogen from the elements combined more smartly. Thanks to innovation and research team who made this as possible.

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Invest in Indian economy for better future sustainability

India : the seventh largest nation in size wise  and ranks third in terms of preferred destination for investment in economic scale and it has emerged one of the most successive destinations that your investment will never go waste and also govt has eased the steps for business regulation for any foreigners to do business when compared with earlier stage and also better sustainable growth and also witnessed a paradigm shift for one decade nearly and achieved a strong robust growth today 

Our nation has a strong history when it comes to culture and politics and even when it comes to trade and business , you all might have heard of East Indian companies but now after independence India was facing a strong economic and political challenge and even population has risen densely since Independence to achieve the world's third largest equity market accounts to US$ 600 Billion and achieving this figure from a country like India with the diversified politics and governance is not a joke 

India's strength and constraints in doing business

                                                                 ( Source : EY )

There has been so many initiatives taken by present govt. with strict initiatives with the great business visionary like Make In India , Startup India and Digital India. On the either side, after slating the various taxes under one common tax called Goods & Services Tax (GST) . This actually increased the confidence of renewed investors to make a start up with the keen interest to grow with the only focus of expectation is Consumerism the key core point in India will have its impact in coming years 

In the global economy , where trades , taxes and policies are getting changed everyday and govt. also has its stand towards country's growth and economy that facilitates for global standardization to local business owners to make sure business runs with win-win situation but still you could see our neighboring nation China is doing tremendously marvelous , India's progressive is also coming up with the plus point of consumer spending avg just crossed china in 2015 and also it is expected to over take China surprisingly in 2020.

gdp growth of india

  As you can see from the above , the India's track record of better GDP than other nations which is totally backed with low fiscal deficit and inflation will make the investors to invest in India . Not only this but also Indian Equity market has shown its wave in the last 5 years with the steady earnings for upto 7-9 years appx. which you could see it out in the following CAGR below which was published by Kotak 

cagr of indian equity market

It is also been noted that for foreign companies, long term capital gains were reduced to 20% with the view to liberalize Indian market and also you can see from the above chart it indicates steady growth when compared with last two decades and most other factors which you need to consider why Indian market is a worth a shot to be invested because of its Young demographics . India has vast percentage of young demographics and is also expected to rise in coming years when compared with falling younger demographics.  This is the main projected reason for any companies to get more no. of youngsters for the job requirements could suffice the necessity of career openings for variety of industries and is also to be projected that young demographics of India may rise upto 1.1 billion in the year 2050 . This will help the way to sustain growth in purchasing power which influences India's consumerism a deeper scale impact 

As you can see GDP of India has grown enormous and it has become sixth largest pushing France to 7th recently and  also with the extra ordinary business easing measures from govt. India's growth rate even overtook China's and also projected to grow more in coming years will be considerably favorable for investors. the primary factors of these back scenario of flexibility lies in many factors of which some seemed to be are huge market base in India is always open to investments and challenges and also fast developing spending habits in the middle class is increasing day to day , good administrative favorable policies , feasible business environment , attractive foreign policies and abundant skill force are attractive incentive to investors 

Educational Institutions play a greater part where they train man power for the job for the wants of specific companies which helps to offer excellent human resources and most importantly is here in india , English speaking skill is common where it helps for global companies to set up to communicate for business and job career requirements is another added vantage. It not only influences youngsters and job seekers but also if you consider management perspective, their necessity for labour force also fulfilled and the strategic location of the country is easy for transportation and distribution to other countries via hubs and channels are easily achievable for any traders this is actually a true competitive advantage. 

Indian govt. also has formulated many measures to make it even attractive for foreigners and NRI's to invest their funds to capitalize in Mutual Funds ,  Shares, Bonds  & Debentures  . Companies like Goldman Sachs already realized the importance of investing in India and their first eye is to catch up with equity shares and they primary focus is on platform builds under which business set up will be initiated from scratch with team of professionals through ReNew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and also allying up with other investment partners such as Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. & BPL Medical Technologies. They primarily deal with financial sector and quasi real estate sector 

goldman sachs investors  contribution

Also an smart approach from govt's investment agency Invest India with 49% Govt. Equity under DIPP ( Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion ) and they distribute 0.5%  to 11 states and the rest is divided categorically  to CII , FICCI , NASSCOM  leaving 17% shares each to woo Foreign Direct Investments in India and also it has achieved successfully by attracting many foreign investments from South Korea, China , Sweden , UK & France

The next factor which i would like to point out here why Indian Investment is worth considering for foreigners is the rising economic influence from many statistical reports that India and China will be the largest manufacturing hubs in 2030 and that is nothing longer than a decade and also they believe it will be acting as INSTC ( International North South Transit Corridor ) which will be a connectivity from Central Asia to Europe 

global maritime trade to move from pacific to indian ocean connectivity hubs

Indian infrastructure mentioning corridors
India's Infrastructure is improving and you will see the growth will be more as many people in India will move to cities in next five years and also its been estimated that nearly 1.5 Trillion USD has been planned for Infrastructure development and the government is keying in initiatives on various sectors which are reported in Government of India website are 
  • Highways ( Bharatmala and NHDP ) - 106.5 $ Billion
  • Railways - 131.7 $ Billion
  • Ports -  61.5 $ Billion ( Port development ) + 123 $ Billion ( Port-led Industrialization )
  • Airports - 58 $ Billion
  • Industrial Corridors - 100 $ Billion ( DMIC Phase - I )
  • Smart Cities - 14.6 $ Billion
Other main factors which i would like to state why Indian investment will be the future door for foreigners is all mainly because of size , consumer market , purchasing power , increase in tech start ups and booms , rising middle class economy and huge labour market will be another key reasons for investors to target Indian market . 

Mid level Industrial Companies like JCB , Cummins , AECOM and General Electric and Angel Investors like Brookfield have successfully capitalized on India's infrastructure investments. As the matter of fact, JCB makes half of the fortune profits from India. It is also been estimated that India needs additional 5 Trillion USD in developing infrastructure investment to sustain its economical growth , but domestic Indian companies seems to have been lacking of adequacy and competancy. This is the forte where big MNC's can march their start in India by offering adequate competancies in high tech infrastructure solutions such as jet engines , turbines and propellers , CT scanners and Satellite communications 

Companies like Xiaomi , Huawei , Suzuki , Hyndai , Honda , LG  , Samsung , Colgate , Coca Cola, Pepsi has already showed success paths after strong review from central govt. and India is technologically booming up with more no. of tech start ups even in the modern future requirements like Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning and Robotics from freshbies are growing up day by day. In past few years time span , Indian start ups has attracted more than 20 Billion $ in the industry is a good progress. Not only that but also Indian education industry has sky rocketed in a decade and literally India has large no. of engineers than USA and China Combined together.

global competitiveness report

After digitilization , Indian govt has made it ease for every consumers and business owners to transact very easily through net banking transfers , UPI and also introduction of digital wallets like Paytm , Airtel has sparkled and made it flexible for anyone to send or receive money easily and also instantly without waiting for days like earlier. 

As you can see from the above statistics that Digital India is revolutionizing everywhere in India and smartphones has become major banking channel for youngsters and professionals to make transactions and also reduce the cash , cheque transactions nominally not only that but also increased in digital transactions between B2B , B2C and also C2C. 

digital india in various sectors statistics chart

components of digital economy in india

growth in e-governance transactions in india

( Source : Economic Times )

The above info statics proves that India's digital economy is blooming and creates immense opportunities across the lives of citizens and bolted towards faster India in terms of digitizing interact with all types of industries like financial services , retail , media , travel , hospitality and healthcare. 

At the year 2020 , Indian economy will be more digitized and small enterprises will slowly move from conventional to digital economy sooner and also all the challenges will turn out to be positive factor in coming years and also IMF projects that India's GDP will move from 6th largest to 3rd largest in 10 years time from now following China , USA  with annual real growth of 8.1 % and above is been estimated positively for sustainability result. 

GDP projections of top 20 nations from 2009 till 2050

                                                  ( Source : World Bank, Statistia )

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Proven ways to make money so quickly from home without any investment

Money is a Basic Exchange Commodity for every individual for their basic necessity and wants but some people tend to be more successful and many people lives with just imaginations and dreams wishing one day that our luck will be turning out positive. But is it the matter of fact of luck alone that pushes to the success to become the top achievers group.

Honestly not, when you want to achieve something in life . You need to work it out harder and even 16-18 hours a day to reach the success point . No definitely not,but what it needs to be done to move towards such heights needs a mixture of perseverance , confidence, dedicated interest in what you do and also some passive income that will help you yacht out when you technically runs out of cash during dire times.

I'd like to endorse the legit ways to make money from home without any investment and what you need to do is to follow the steps properly and do it accordingly to enrich your skills and build your destiny through time.

Start Blogging 

 Blogging is one of the most effective way to establish yourself as an individual sole or a group to emphasize your service / needs or personal interest in your own style . You can not only write your own content but also you can make money through affiliation or enacting your blog with google adsense to make good income in year-year time. Some of the popular blog creating sites are blogspot, wordpress , squarespace , weebly , wix and wooplr

Participate in Surveys 

 Another way to make money from home by just participating surveys based on customer retention or product based tests from the companies that pay for every user who take part in their feedback. You can easily make an extra buck while you watch TV and its proved to be authentically genuine. Some of the genuine paying websites are swagbucks , surveyjunkie, One opinion , Pincore research

Test Websites on pay per project / hour basis

 Have you ever try some websites where you can test them like a debugger and you will be asked to feedback with proper recordings over voice or video. For every website tests , you will be getting 10-30 USD in an hour time just like that . But your report has to be honest and screen results will be recorded and that user case testing will be lasting for about 15-20 minutes sharply.  Companies like Userlytics and Usertesting pays you to visit for apps, websites and complete set of tasks 

Become a freelancer in whatever good you are

 Whether you are regular working professional or part time / contract worker, if you are good at something then don't do your work for free. You can do some works on contractual or pay per project or service basis that gives you good passive income . Doing freelancing will help your income passively and also to gain more networking contacts . For instance, if you are good content writer . You can post your content writing service in some really good highly visible sites like fiver, freelancer, Elance , upwork to get your jobs done and you will be paid immediately too.

Become a Remote assistant 

 You can work for someone as remote or virtual assistant by checking emails and making trip plans or doing a small internet business research for their work. You can earn upto 100 USD and there are some websites that worth a shot to be virtual assistant stuff are Zirtual & Upwork

Be a Tutor and get paid

 There are numerous ways these days that you can be a real time tutor or an on-line tutor and allot the time on regular or convenient basis. Your day routine via. tutoring will get you extra bucks for few hours. Either you can teach from home or via. online using chegg Tutors

Be an Honest Reviewer 

 No wonder the reviews will get you good cash out for each stuffs you taste or visit . Websites like Yelp can help you out getting some 1$ - 10 $ per reviews in legit way

Become an affiliate for ad paying sites 

 I have already mentioned in one of my article about how to become an affiliate in amazon to get paid. You can embed the code in your website / blog to show those amazon or flip-kart products based ads . Whenever the user clicks the ad and buys the product successfully, you will be getting paid and the only way to increase your earnings is to increase the views and also CPC.

Become a Data Entry person 

If you are good at typing and want to earn some bucks , then you can earn more via. data entry for some companies through telecommuting . There are some websites like Craigslist and Upwork , freelancer websites to find out administrator related jobs 

Sell your old stuffs online 

 You can earn extra bucks by dusting off the unused or olden stuffs which are not necessary or space up your home . That helps you to not only to cash it up the product but also it will free the space in your home by selling online through free classifieds websites like 88db, locanto, olx to get cash for sold items so quickly without any hussles.

 The above said methods are just passive ways to improve your income from home to freelance or to do service based tasks based on the convenience and i will list out other methods when i explore more and found it to be authentic.

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Budget , Save & Invest your money into brighter family future

Investment is really mandatory for any persons to grow their money up wisely but many fails to do so?. Why this happens because we have money but we don't use it wisely or spend unnecessarily for lot of stuffs which we don't need or we don't have proper budgeting plan to utilize our own money. 

When we talk about budgeting, we need to speak a lot that should start from scratch .  we always hear someone saying us this proverb " Penny Saved is Penny Gained ". But to save this penny, what do we need is patience and a small savings mind that should root our interest to conversion. Budgeting can help anyone to plan for any expenses and savings. Planning is a very mandatory for budgeting.

invest to get return plant in bottle

Let me come to the point more straight . For an instance, if we get monthly paycheck from employer or revenue from your business , you should cut-down your expenses which incurs you a lot or found to be negligible . We may use our money for most eccentric needs and sometimes for lavish wants. While categorizing budgets , one thing has to be kept in mind that you are actually dividing your present wallet in hand to specific needs and wants that should hold some savings at least in the month end.

We must in-seed the habit to save some pennies every day after our regular expenses like is this expense really necessary if yes , then what are cutting costs . Like for an instance, if you want to buy household items., those days we compare the prices between shops but now with the help of online e-commerce facility like Amazon , Flipkart , E-bay we can buy the same products at cheaper price and also some times offers and discounts are available. Likewise, for shirts , groceries and also for many stuffs , you can do the proper budgeting plan by comparing the price with the other shops and also check out monthly needs and figure out whats necessary and what's not like what i do below

  • Set your goals , Analyze your budget and also 
  • Calculate your monthly payments like Electricity bills , Water bills and Phone bills
  • Please note down tax and insurance related payments
  • Check out your monthly utilities 
  • Determine monthly groceries and other food expenses
  • Keep a track record of cash withdrawals and miscellaneous expenses 
  • Always check the expenses from the budget you made 
  • Make sure your expenses doesn't exceed your monthly income that will lead you to debt
  • Re-visit your budget properly and also make sure that you are onto commitment.
  • Set the Savings Plan & Aim for at-least 10% savings rule.
All the above steps will help you check out the expenses incurred from the income / revenue you had for last month and make a correction from previous expenses in budget. Always keep in mind that it is good to save monthly and weekly. And it is not that hard or rough task to allot the funds to the expenses in very structured way and try exercising mindful expenses in present and future

You need to nurture that habit from today by thinking about future wants . As we all know that any time emergency wants will happen like hospital expenses and cut down misc. expenses as much as you can. You want to check daily expenses like is this travel necessary ? . Is this outside food really okay ? .  Buying those will help me anything and the questions should come into your mind before making any expenses on anything. 

You can write it down in piece of paper or you can note down your daily / weekly expenses and pay offs in excel sheet or using any apps like Mint , You need a Budget , Acorns that helps you to indicate and alert your limits through pop up notifications when you exceed the threshold limit and it is mandatory for the rest of the members in the family to follow up the principle, as the expenses totally relies on family.
graphical representation of monthly budgeting
You should also check out seasonal expenses and finer timing your automatic budget that should be committed to see the results and the best way to accomplish this is to create a full annual plan that covers the fixed cost and discretionary costs and you should work accordingly to the 12-month projection and if you find any flaws in cash flow changes , you should modify it or change it and those savings could be best utilized for future plannings through investments.

Okay, the above explanation will be helpful enough for anyone to save some pennies to use for future necessities but those pennies will be not doubled or tripled by itself if we just keep as savings with no use. To make it valuable after short span of time , mid term span and long term span what we need is a Systematic Planning for Investment segmentation like Investing money in Mutual funds  under Systematic Investment Planning on monthly or weekly or quarterly basis or as whole in MF cap funds  Investing some amount in stock market on few companies at certain period of time.

mutual fund investment infographic

( Source : Napkin Finance )

As you can see that investing in right funds will help you grow and the power of compounding does the good job for us in future which not only help us to for-seek our growth in future to develop for futuristic wants from our own savings which will make us stronger and happier through proper fund management disciplines regularly. If you practice all these sure it will be not only beneficial to our family but also to our personal development goals through effective manner.

shades of sips

( Source : livemint )

Never too Late to start a Business

Everyone has dreams and passion in achieving something in their life . No matter what , due to some circumstances we may be forced to do jobs or we must be unwillingly to do certain jobs or more jobs to run our family. Some conditions in our day-day life will become an unremovable situation from our life. When we earn some money after education , we would be having so many ideas in ourselves to start a business later or sooner in our life to prove our identity to the world that we have something more than the job and success . But not all people who thinks about it startup easily due to many reasons in life.

No matter what, there are few people who made their career with the vision to explore and also to create a dent in the universe and they succeed in business . we might have learnt in books , from websites and articles of certain popular entrepreneurs , who never gave up even at their hard times. They not only be an inspiration to all of startups , passionate individuals who wants to start business but also for persons to start something innovative .

If you are facing troublesome in your life or having a queued mind whether to start your business now or later or whether the business that gonna start will be successful or not ? . It is all lies in dedication, passion , interest and never give up attitude and most importantly vision to serve people than making money as their first goals. They might not have succeeded in their ideas in over night or one fortnight. They would have initially struggled a lot to accomplish goals till their "never give up " attitude and passionate towards achieving goals are their perseverance and dexterity to prove to the world that how meticulous and consistently stubborn they are.

According to many researchers and also from experiences i learnt personally from few successful entrepreneurs who made it successful proved me that " Creativity and Passion has no age " . It's in our mind . We have heard of Steve Jobs , Bill Gates , Warren Buffet , Michael Dell and many more business visionaries who made it possible through their remarkable hardwork , passion and stubborn towards their accomplishing their goals. They don't only increase their profit in business but also they have made tremendous effort in increasing their company's market share wide over the globe through vision.

If you are a youngster or professional or middle aged person who wanted to make a career change or start up a new innovative business . Then don't just think of it , do it . I'd would like to attach the info-graphic snapshot of worlds successful people for your reference guys..