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WoW ! Flash yo've traits a lot :)

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Who doesn't love comics ? . When i was a 8 year old kid , i used to watch Superman running in Doordarshan tv channel every sunday in the evening . Later on, i started watching Batman , Spiderman , Captain America and Ironman . This developed my studious interest amongst the comic characters and their abilities. When i was watching The Flash tv series , i felt its a good character to know of . His emotional intelligence , his powerful abilities and his enemity with reverse flash and then later on with Black Flash and Savitar in past three seasons made remarkable except last season seems to be quiet disappointing but apart from that whole series gives you an interest to watch super hero episodes from DC comics.

Flash is an important member in Justice League and he has tremendous amount of skillful abilities which you need to know of :

  • Speed-Force generation : from many sources and from tv series , i am convinced  that Flash is the creator of speed-force and he cannot be destroyed by anyone in this neither any speedster does .
  • Super Human speed : as Flash is more powerful superhero in DC comics , he can not only run fast of all flashes, but also he can break dimensions 
  • Super Human reflexes & stamina : He has great reflexes than any human being , that makes him easily react to any kind of veilness and act upon and also he can able to handle super human speeds upto certain amount of time without gettting tired.
  • Super Human Agility : He has the super ability to leap forward in far distances at good speed
  • Speed Force Aura & Durability :  The distinctive character around him makes to manifests with the speed and friction and pass out the kinetic effects , G-force and other abilities and he has good resisting capacity and even he could able to kill anyone and his muscles are able to generate cells easily and makes him more durable than any ordinary human
  • Dimensional Traveling ability : Flash could able to travel and cross dimensional barriers 
  • Electrokinesis & Negate Anti Life Equation : Flash has source of electrical speed force energy generates more power , when he moves with speed and he can matches with speed force energy
  • Enhanced Mental process & Senses : Flash has enormous amount of  ability to read super human range in seconds and also he has ability to learn to equip his knowledge in few seconds time and also allows him to sense the world in few seconds time
  • Flight , Interstellar , Time travel and molecular reaction : Flash has the ability to create cyclone making his hands like propeller fan and also he is capable to travel time and also interstellar by synchronizing his frequency to ultra light waves to travel and also he is capable enough to travel time [ back and also to future ] and also he can vibrate molecular attraction through phasing by showing momentarily and also he can vibrate his own molecular structure
  • Reality Alteration & Vortex Creation : As he is capable enough to travel time [ back and future ] , he is able to alter the reality and make changes , from Season 2 end and Season 3 first episode , you could get it clearly and vortex creation is nothing but he can create a strong wind by running himself in circular motion and he is capable enough to create a huge air flow .
  • Time- Reminance : Though Flash copied this concept  from Zoom  by making  a copy of himself by pausing , when running at high speed .

  From all the above facts , it seems that Flash is not just another ordinary day saving hero , he is also capable enough to do many stuffs , which are extra-ordinary and no doubt, he is one of the most formidable member in Justice League team as well. Watch out the trailer of The Flash season 4 below