Solid State Batteries is almost about to be on the line for future automotives and electronics

Battery is a collection of one or more cells with the chemical reaction that creates the flow of electrons in the circuit. Precisely, Batteries are used everywhere in Electric cars, Flash lights , Smart phones and other electrical / electronic gadgets as well. We all known from school learning that when the Battery is supplying electric terminal by having its positive terminal is Cathode and Negative terminal is Anode. Few weeks back were discussing about HPEV cells that could separate Hydrogen and Electricity from conventional Solar cells and also about Wireless Charging from MIT techie

working mechanism of lithium ion rechargeable battery

We might be aware of various types of batteries that is been used for commercial / official / domestic and even for personal uses like Lithium-Ion batteries , Lead- Acid batteries , Alkaline batteries.  Now , there is a fresh type of battery is on the progress has been shown from the research team of Qing Tao Energy Development Co., a start up of Tshingua University which claims to have the productivity capacity of 100Mwh Per Year which has an energy density of over 400 Wh/kg which is actually better than the present running Lithium-Ion batteries which has density ranges between 250-300 Wh/kg.

parts of lithium ion battery and solid state battery

The members of the developing team believed to be very positive about the outcomes and they say that these batteries could be best utilized for high-end digital products and Specialized equipment. They have plan to increase upto 700 Mwh by the year 2020. Not only but also it could be used for automotive purposes says Nan chewen the head of startup. He also states that these batteries could standby even better and they are also in talks with large number of automobile manufacturers about the new achievement 

This breakthrough is achieved through incorporating the high quality Lithium Metal Anode in Lithium batteries creating a solid state cell with the energy capacity at least 2 or 3 times better than the present running Lithium Ion batteries. This is pretty interesting stuff and i would say this will be a breakthrough in next gen electric / hybrid cars and vehicles , airspace and defense. The problem with the Lithium-Ion batteries are Lithium expands and contracts at the time of charging and discharging cycles resulting even cracks in the surface and thus leads to formation of dendrites. 

In 2014, Stanford researchers have found out the solution to this problem and they create a nano polymer material that actually blocks the chemical reaction which is responsible for Dendrites formation. Interesting to know that particle is just 20 mm thick , flexible and inert. These doesn't only physically good with attributes but also it seems to have increased the Coulombic efficiency up-to 99% which is a technical operating requirement for rechargeable battery. 

The benefits of Solid State Batteries over Lithium-Ion batteries could be meager but it actually has lots of vantages than using conventional batteries which are ought to be considered are :
    • It is twice or triple times more efficient than Lithium-Ion batteries
    • It seems to be having improved safety due to the elimination of volatile, flammable , corrosive liquid electrolytes which are used in Lithium-Ion
    • Low cost packing which actually minimizes safety measures 
    • Elimination of Pack cooling 
    • It is designed to be very simple and efficient cell and there is no need of separate liquid containment 
    • Highly and flexible to Manufacturing compatibility
    • Quick charging facility
    • No Dendrites cracking issues 

Potential difference of solid state battery component against lithium ion battery

The size of the battery is very compact and it will be challenging to the present generation batteries . Leading Smartphone makers like Samsung , LG are already testing these batteries to improve the efficiency before putting into commercial necessity. Likewise Japanese techno corp TDK is almost ready to put these batteries into consumer home appliances. TDK also made a tiny sized solid state batteries that can sit on fingertip which is just few millimeters long which could be recharged 1000 times.

solid state batteries in tiny size from TDK

TDK aims those those new generation batteries could be better used for home applications and also for office applications like lightning and air conditioners. Even Japanese car maker Toyota motor aims to have solid state batteries running in their vehicles starting from 2020 to charge their cars faster. Germany aims to have biggest mass scale production by the year 2025.

Solid state batteries operating companies

Solid state batteries will out perform our conventional batteries one day and it will march the common place roughly in two to three years time. As we all know that Lithium- Ion batteries are nearing its full potential, Solid electrodes and Solid Electrolytes in Solid State batteries could be definitely a worthy considerations. As the top level automotive manufacturers and researchers are already in the half-way path to the mass production stage. The team of researchers also state that there will be less  than 1% demand for Lithium-Ion battery in the year 2025. This very well explains to us that how significant is for the suppliers and manufacturers to consider the battery that is really cost effective that could withstand higher energy density in coming years.