New Photo Voltaic Solar cells can distinguish Hydrogen and Electricity concurrently

A year back i was stating about Wireless Charging and about India's first Quantum Computing discoveries in detail now i would like to talk of some solar cells which you have seen in  many homes and offices using solar panels for generating electricity to reduce electric bills which are supposed to be paid to govt on monthly basis and why this solar cell is very important topic to be discussed because it is not only alternative source of conventional based power producers but also it is very clean energy that is absolutely the future will change the way we use power now. 

Solar cells has overtaken coal as the largest source of electricity generation capacity and 30% of the capacity is exactly due to silicon solar cells and it is no doubt in future it will make a deep impact and even become cheaper and easier for govt to reduce to cut down generating costs through installing panels at every houses which may be quiet time consuming but feasibly possible. For those who don't know how it operates let me give you short brief .

diagram of solar cells working

The operation is very simple in the photo voltaic cells a.k.a Solar cells which will have 4 parts and looks exactly like bread sandwich and on the other side it looks like thin strips of metallic electrodes and the power which is generated from solar cells stays within the circuit of cells . When the upper panel heads the direction towards the Sun visibility area, it just gets the heat actually to be converted to usable electricity through Photons from sun which will be intact with circuit and panel and also through filling. Filling of Silicon cell has 4 different layers and i.e., negative and positive silicon , p-type silicon and n-type silicon

illustration of working solar panel

Okay, now you got to know of how Solar cells working process and let me jump straight down to the plant process. Have you heard of the term " Photosynthesis " in schools or colleges . Of course , you would have heard of it a lot and even you guys would have known of it and how does it goes but why i want to connect Photosynthesis to Solar Cells ? What's the Catch ? . Researchers and Scientists are in a progressive state to recreate Photosynthesis in Lab to do one specific task and that is to mimic fuel . 

process of photosynthesis in plants with chemcial forumla

Have you ever wondered this is actually possible ? BrookHaven  National Laboratory and Virginia Tech have succeeded in figuring out bringing out the so called Supra Molecule which perform the process of photosynthesis to occur. It seems like very old and common method but the toughness is creating an artificial photosynthesis in lab for a solar cell doesn't seem to be that simple at all. What actually is artificial Photosynthesis ? 

Artificial Photosynthesis is a replica of natural process of photosynthesis which is done chemically by converting sunlight , water , carbon dioxide into processable fuels through protons , CO2 into producable hydrogen fuels through HPEV ( Hybrid Photo Electrochemical and Voltaic Cell ) Both Supra molecules are made up of several Ruthenium metal ions connected to single catalytic centre with Rhodium ions absorbs sunlight and produces energy making it more receptive and even more efficient

Nanowires, conductive materials and microscopic artificial structures composed of silicon like materials and few membranes form leaf like structure and act as catalyst to create the artificial photosynthesis which not only does the natural type process but also it acts as splitter that splits the Water into Oxygen and protons which is then captured by electricity and it is been noted that previous photosynthesis efficiency has been recorded as 6.8% and now the new design seems to have improved efficiency upto 20 % than conventional solar hydrogen cells.
how artificial photosynthesis process works and its uses

It is a remarkable achievement from the team who made it as possible and they are even planning to improve the charging efficiency . They also planning to cut down carbon dioxide emissions from the team is really a challenging work from group effort of lot of people to contribute such wonderful results to improve for future is not easy task though. I strongly believe that the future is gonna be fully reliable on clean energy will be a question mark. Some of the electric cars are running via Solar HPEV for better decarbonising performance which was tested by Toyota Mirai that runs on fuel cells in 2015 were benchmarks to be checked of.

Best Research cell efficiency results of solar cells

Above Line chart shows about better solar cell efficiencies and which means ratio of the energy output from solar cell to input energy from the sun. It means efficiency depends on the spectrum and intensity of incident sunlight and the temperature of the solar cell. The efficiency of the solar cell is determined as the fraction of incident power which is converted into electricity could be defined using specific formula and you can see the results above when it comes to year by year , the efficiency seems to be increasing and even subjected to be increasing more. Together with HPEV, it could be even drastically improved a lot to generate even more with less spectrum intensity observed in the cell and also to separate hydrogen from the elements combined more smartly. Thanks to innovation and research team who made this as possible.

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