Solid State Batteries is almost about to be on the line for future automotives and electronics

Battery is a collection of one or more cells with the chemical reaction that creates the flow of electrons in the circuit. Precisely, Batteries are used everywhere in Electric cars, Flash lights , Smart phones and other electrical / electronic gadgets as well. We all known from school learning that when the Battery is supplying electric terminal by having its positive terminal is Cathode and Negative terminal is Anode. Few weeks back were discussing about HPEV cells that could separate Hydrogen and Electricity from conventional Solar cells and also about Wireless Charging from MIT techie

working mechanism of lithium ion rechargeable battery

We might be aware of various types of batteries that is been used for commercial / official / domestic and even for personal uses like Lithium-Ion batteries , Lead- Acid batteries , Alkaline batteries.  Now , there is a fresh type of battery is on the progress has been shown from the research team of Qing Tao Energy Development Co., a start up of Tshingua University which claims to have the productivity capacity of 100Mwh Per Year which has an energy density of over 400 Wh/kg which is actually better than the present running Lithium-Ion batteries which has density ranges between 250-300 Wh/kg.

parts of lithium ion battery and solid state battery

The members of the developing team believed to be very positive about the outcomes and they say that these batteries could be best utilized for high-end digital products and Specialized equipment. They have plan to increase upto 700 Mwh by the year 2020. Not only but also it could be used for automotive purposes says Nan chewen the head of startup. He also states that these batteries could standby even better and they are also in talks with large number of automobile manufacturers about the new achievement 

This breakthrough is achieved through incorporating the high quality Lithium Metal Anode in Lithium batteries creating a solid state cell with the energy capacity at least 2 or 3 times better than the present running Lithium Ion batteries. This is pretty interesting stuff and i would say this will be a breakthrough in next gen electric / hybrid cars and vehicles , airspace and defense. The problem with the Lithium-Ion batteries are Lithium expands and contracts at the time of charging and discharging cycles resulting even cracks in the surface and thus leads to formation of dendrites. 

In 2014, Stanford researchers have found out the solution to this problem and they create a nano polymer material that actually blocks the chemical reaction which is responsible for Dendrites formation. Interesting to know that particle is just 20 mm thick , flexible and inert. These doesn't only physically good with attributes but also it seems to have increased the Coulombic efficiency up-to 99% which is a technical operating requirement for rechargeable battery. 

The benefits of Solid State Batteries over Lithium-Ion batteries could be meager but it actually has lots of vantages than using conventional batteries which are ought to be considered are :
    • It is twice or triple times more efficient than Lithium-Ion batteries
    • It seems to be having improved safety due to the elimination of volatile, flammable , corrosive liquid electrolytes which are used in Lithium-Ion
    • Low cost packing which actually minimizes safety measures 
    • Elimination of Pack cooling 
    • It is designed to be very simple and efficient cell and there is no need of separate liquid containment 
    • Highly and flexible to Manufacturing compatibility
    • Quick charging facility
    • No Dendrites cracking issues 

Potential difference of solid state battery component against lithium ion battery

The size of the battery is very compact and it will be challenging to the present generation batteries . Leading Smartphone makers like Samsung , LG are already testing these batteries to improve the efficiency before putting into commercial necessity. Likewise Japanese techno corp TDK is almost ready to put these batteries into consumer home appliances. TDK also made a tiny sized solid state batteries that can sit on fingertip which is just few millimeters long which could be recharged 1000 times.

solid state batteries in tiny size from TDK

TDK aims those those new generation batteries could be better used for home applications and also for office applications like lightning and air conditioners. Even Japanese car maker Toyota motor aims to have solid state batteries running in their vehicles starting from 2020 to charge their cars faster. Germany aims to have biggest mass scale production by the year 2025.

Solid state batteries operating companies

Solid state batteries will out perform our conventional batteries one day and it will march the common place roughly in two to three years time. As we all know that Lithium- Ion batteries are nearing its full potential, Solid electrodes and Solid Electrolytes in Solid State batteries could be definitely a worthy considerations. As the top level automotive manufacturers and researchers are already in the half-way path to the mass production stage. The team of researchers also state that there will be less  than 1% demand for Lithium-Ion battery in the year 2025. This very well explains to us that how significant is for the suppliers and manufacturers to consider the battery that is really cost effective that could withstand higher energy density in coming years.


BODY GUARD ( 2018 ) : BBC's tele series is beefed up with more darkish and nerve racking political action thriller

I am a couch potato and i love watching interesting tele series which has some uniqueness and twists in the plot . When it comes to British Broadcasting Corporation tele series like Sherlock , there will always be a quality work you could expect from the team to make audience feel so thrilled and also edge of the seat moments sometimes which you cannot able to predict the twist that burns in our minds . I have talked about few teleserials earlier like  Black Mirror  , Legion  you would have noticed those has interesting elements either visually or psychological implication.

We would have seen so many spy thrillers or secret service investigative thrillers but sometimes we could able to predict the twist that comes in between who could it be ? . I happened to watch one of the BBC made tv series BODY GUARD which actually interests me to watch the rest of the episodes and here i would like to share it with the plot when the war veteran Sergeant David Budd finds a work with London Metropolitan Police Service in Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch . His job is to guard the home secretary as she considered as sociopath and also a controversial ambitious politician by her aides . This actually is a six episode part running an hour length TV series created and directed by Jed Mercurio and produced by world productions for BBC and it is said to be the biggest drama of the year in BBC's record reaching 6 Million viewers . Okay! but the interesting fact that knocked down my mind is how accurate is this drama ?

poster of bodyguard tv series showing female lead and male lead

Her plan is to introduce new surveillance powers for security forces and this raises the question to oppositions and also inside police hesitations . Where Montague's day-day activities considered to be intriguing and David Budd who is been a servicing officer for her finds himself more involved with her has got trapped and framed when his boss Montague gotten assassinated by bombing attack en-routing him as a suspect in the police department , where he wants to prove his innocence and also he wanted to find out the odd man out who is responsible for this jeopardized operation that leads to his tail.

David Budd's train scene with Nadia ( a muslim girl who was been vested with  suicide bomb with the trigger tapped in her hand )  is unmissable and gripping and after he successfully prevented the bomb attack he then goes to his home with his kids and then he is been assigned to home security department to guard a woman politician Julia Montague who has hands on experience with Politics and supporting ministers . 

Richard Madden who starred as Sergeant David Budd serving as a PPO after he served as military officer for his nation wanted to enter into Police department to do guarding job. He guarded her from recent attacks  which you could see in first three episodes where executed with jaw dripping clinch. You would n't imagine the next scene could be like this and as being a bodyguard he did his roles and responsibilities very devoted to her whilst she gained lots of hesitations and rivalries among st the government and to the public which makes his job even sharper


Though he is very dedicated and stern , his personal life didn't work out well . His estranged family and father of two could not able to lead happy life because of his past works and risks and also he has his opinion indifference towards his boss' statement towards military attack on Iran and Afghanistan. In his mind he was running with desperation , upset and thrust of disgruntled mannerism makes him to kill her but he could not do that

Then later on they get romantically involved secretly and also you could see the line of betrayal that urges his curiosity to know what is running on in her boss activities. Day by day he become so anxious to know and also he leads to eavesdrop her when she is in contact with some guys about secret documents 

From the secret meetings to jargon muttered by Budd into his microphone, the thrilling and suspicious intriguing never even stopped at any moment. Then later on when escorting her in a meet where she is about to introduce new amendment of RIPA 18 , there causality happens when she started to speak on the dais and she is been murdered and pronounced dead . This leads him so upset and depressed , where the police officer and their team are in a verge to question the security service and other members there. Their doubts gotten hyped up with Budd's incompetancy and also few others.

Budd tries to prove his innocence and also finding out some facts of pieces which has got something to do with train attack . So, he tells the police officer Louise to believe him that he can help them out finding out the assassin who done this. When they are in search with the investigation part , every loose ends are cobwebbed with other superiors in home secretary department and some in Secret service . 

secret service office stephen hunter dunn in the tv series bodyguard

Tense and immense thriller set of actions binged with the who dun it ? skeptical makes this show even more thrilled with the every episode of tv series and no wonder even the government source said that " they have used the good consultant while using the standard of speaking " . This show doesn't even say dramatically and it is also tells the accuracy of their jargons and role responsibilities in the Home Security department officers how they handle the situations neck-neck even with the accurate abbreviations like JTAC ( Joint Terrorism Command Centre ) in the right direction.

In the tv show , i would like to tell the few facts which others might not have noticed much . I gathered information about how confidential meetings will be taken place and if you notice in this show its been showed that meetings between security service officers and Police general takes place behind the glass walls which is not accurate actually. Confidential secret meetings between Director General of Security Service and the Head of Counter Terrorism would have been made even more accurate and even more covert is what the govt. source says 

The another piece of information which i would like to share from what i gathered from other legit sources that you got the white earpiece in the tv show when he was looking at the home secretary that would never happen and it was just a covert earpiece is what the official says and another thing to be noted is if the officer is facing any post-traumatic or psychological depressions he/she will not be getting that job or will be asked to suspend or subjected to dismissal based on their intense and lack of mental ability. There were also quiet outside the remit responsibilities has been shown in the series but they made it nearly good enough to the realistic life portrayal of bodyguard and their actors have done the pretty decent job  

The last two episodes are more into cat and mouse chasing thriller and in the final episode when he comes to know one of his lead search is associated with Secret service man and also Organised Crime head Arkiens that even gets more interesting which none could expect the twist where one of Julia's ex assistant Theron is connected with Arkeins and that seems to be pure political business hidden involved in the conspiracy of killing Julia Montigue making sure that she is not becoming an headache to PM and to other arch rivalries which are hidden inside the department . Some of the burning questions like Who Planted the bomb in the stage ? , Why he did't admit that he already knew Sniper Andy ? , Was Julia seriously got involved in the attacks ? and Why Longcross wanted to meet her and was it his plan to stitch her up ?.

The unexpected twists and turns that engages you to move forward with the question in the mind whether he could have done this or not and whats his motive is but in the final episode you may be gripping at the edge of the seat thinking whether this bomb will explode from his vest or not and all his life will come to blaze when he escapes after he strips away the suicide vest leaving a loose end that will be unwrapped at the end who is the master mind behind all this traumatic situations and explosions to frame him as a murderer and also the last 5 mins of the final episode of Season 1 leaves us with the anxiety that all the above traumatic situations are actually directed under one person's commandment where other villains who were responsible for Julia's death are just another dissenters and when all the missing dots are connected with loose ends then it leads to one person's statement which you could see in the climax 


Good female leads are shown in the show where their acting skills are clearly excellent in what they are and also Antagonists role are purely cynical and seriously valuable to the today's modern security glitches and frustrations that happen to be ousting membrane of the upper power that questions the death of military intrusion in Afghanistan and also pure political zeal and vendetta which were shown extra-ordinarily brilliant and also waiting for season 2 to happen with the same tense 


But its full dialogue conversations are in British English , so some people may find it difficult to catch the accent . The Characterization was fantastic , Background score from Ruth Barrett adding this series a grip and more engaging with no scenes counted as boring that tattles your mind with the feel that penetrates deeply even when you are done with it and it truly titular . None of the scenes or drama or action is unwarranted or went bored. Though this sounds good to watch there are some mundane scenes that gives us a little fuzz for drink but the wide angle shots never leave you to get away with it which puzzles you blood soaked  , explosing  and preposterous political thriller with intense moments of twists and turns that psychologically gripping makes it watchable again and again without boring .

 Even in the a statement Charlotte Moore, the director of BBC content said " I'm thrilled with the response of BBC's sunday night drama Bodyguard, the figures are extra ordinary and all credits to the mastermind creator and writer Jed Mercurio who is surprising the audience at every turn ". For the nearest accuracy ,  tremendous visualization , perfection of wide-angle and far away shots , engaging elements , suspense screenplay , mind guting background music scores and excellent casts with less mundane moments and exclusive of some error spots . This total 6 hours episodes of season 1 packs with engaging entertainer and for the credits of that  my rating goes for 4.25 / 5  

bodyguard series 1 review and audience rating from rotten tomatoes
I could say that's a very exact example of how screenplay has to be done very interestingly and If you like this television series very much then you might be interested in similar psychological thriller based series which was aired in 1967 and that is The Prisoner  will be more spyish / unique / cult sci-fi thriller and also please check out Tesla's missing files documentary review  

New Photo Voltaic Solar cells can distinguish Hydrogen and Electricity concurrently

A year back i was stating about Wireless Charging and about India's first Quantum Computing discoveries in detail now i would like to talk of some solar cells which you have seen in  many homes and offices using solar panels for generating electricity to reduce electric bills which are supposed to be paid to govt on monthly basis and why this solar cell is very important topic to be discussed because it is not only alternative source of conventional based power producers but also it is very clean energy that is absolutely the future will change the way we use power now. 

Solar cells has overtaken coal as the largest source of electricity generation capacity and 30% of the capacity is exactly due to silicon solar cells and it is no doubt in future it will make a deep impact and even become cheaper and easier for govt to reduce to cut down generating costs through installing panels at every houses which may be quiet time consuming but feasibly possible. For those who don't know how it operates let me give you short brief .

diagram of solar cells working

The operation is very simple in the photo voltaic cells a.k.a Solar cells which will have 4 parts and looks exactly like bread sandwich and on the other side it looks like thin strips of metallic electrodes and the power which is generated from solar cells stays within the circuit of cells . When the upper panel heads the direction towards the Sun visibility area, it just gets the heat actually to be converted to usable electricity through Photons from sun which will be intact with circuit and panel and also through filling. Filling of Silicon cell has 4 different layers and i.e., negative and positive silicon , p-type silicon and n-type silicon

illustration of working solar panel

Okay, now you got to know of how Solar cells working process and let me jump straight down to the plant process. Have you heard of the term " Photosynthesis " in schools or colleges . Of course , you would have heard of it a lot and even you guys would have known of it and how does it goes but why i want to connect Photosynthesis to Solar Cells ? What's the Catch ? . Researchers and Scientists are in a progressive state to recreate Photosynthesis in Lab to do one specific task and that is to mimic fuel . 

process of photosynthesis in plants with chemcial forumla

Have you ever wondered this is actually possible ? BrookHaven  National Laboratory and Virginia Tech have succeeded in figuring out bringing out the so called Supra Molecule which perform the process of photosynthesis to occur. It seems like very old and common method but the toughness is creating an artificial photosynthesis in lab for a solar cell doesn't seem to be that simple at all. What actually is artificial Photosynthesis ? 

Artificial Photosynthesis is a replica of natural process of photosynthesis which is done chemically by converting sunlight , water , carbon dioxide into processable fuels through protons , CO2 into producable hydrogen fuels through HPEV ( Hybrid Photo Electrochemical and Voltaic Cell ) Both Supra molecules are made up of several Ruthenium metal ions connected to single catalytic centre with Rhodium ions absorbs sunlight and produces energy making it more receptive and even more efficient

Nanowires, conductive materials and microscopic artificial structures composed of silicon like materials and few membranes form leaf like structure and act as catalyst to create the artificial photosynthesis which not only does the natural type process but also it acts as splitter that splits the Water into Oxygen and protons which is then captured by electricity and it is been noted that previous photosynthesis efficiency has been recorded as 6.8% and now the new design seems to have improved efficiency upto 20 % than conventional solar hydrogen cells.
how artificial photosynthesis process works and its uses

It is a remarkable achievement from the team who made it as possible and they are even planning to improve the charging efficiency . They also planning to cut down carbon dioxide emissions from the team is really a challenging work from group effort of lot of people to contribute such wonderful results to improve for future is not easy task though. I strongly believe that the future is gonna be fully reliable on clean energy will be a question mark. Some of the electric cars are running via Solar HPEV for better decarbonising performance which was tested by Toyota Mirai that runs on fuel cells in 2015 were benchmarks to be checked of.

Best Research cell efficiency results of solar cells

Above Line chart shows about better solar cell efficiencies and which means ratio of the energy output from solar cell to input energy from the sun. It means efficiency depends on the spectrum and intensity of incident sunlight and the temperature of the solar cell. The efficiency of the solar cell is determined as the fraction of incident power which is converted into electricity could be defined using specific formula and you can see the results above when it comes to year by year , the efficiency seems to be increasing and even subjected to be increasing more. Together with HPEV, it could be even drastically improved a lot to generate even more with less spectrum intensity observed in the cell and also to separate hydrogen from the elements combined more smartly. Thanks to innovation and research team who made this as possible.

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