Invest in Indian economy for better future sustainability

India : the seventh largest nation in size wise  and ranks third in terms of preferred destination for investment in economic scale and it has emerged one of the most successive destinations that your investment will never go waste and also govt has eased the steps for business regulation for any foreigners to do business when compared with earlier stage and also better sustainable growth and also witnessed a paradigm shift for one decade nearly and achieved a strong robust growth today 

Our nation has a strong history when it comes to culture and politics and even when it comes to trade and business , you all might have heard of East Indian companies but now after independence India was facing a strong economic and political challenge and even population has risen densely since Independence to achieve the world's third largest equity market accounts to US$ 600 Billion and achieving this figure from a country like India with the diversified politics and governance is not a joke 

India's strength and constraints in doing business

                                                                 ( Source : EY )

There has been so many initiatives taken by present govt. with strict initiatives with the great business visionary like Make In India , Startup India and Digital India. On the either side, after slating the various taxes under one common tax called Goods & Services Tax (GST) . This actually increased the confidence of renewed investors to make a start up with the keen interest to grow with the only focus of expectation is Consumerism the key core point in India will have its impact in coming years 

In the global economy , where trades , taxes and policies are getting changed everyday and govt. also has its stand towards country's growth and economy that facilitates for global standardization to local business owners to make sure business runs with win-win situation but still you could see our neighboring nation China is doing tremendously marvelous , India's progressive is also coming up with the plus point of consumer spending avg just crossed china in 2015 and also it is expected to over take China surprisingly in 2020.

gdp growth of india

  As you can see from the above , the India's track record of better GDP than other nations which is totally backed with low fiscal deficit and inflation will make the investors to invest in India . Not only this but also Indian Equity market has shown its wave in the last 5 years with the steady earnings for upto 7-9 years appx. which you could see it out in the following CAGR below which was published by Kotak 

cagr of indian equity market

It is also been noted that for foreign companies, long term capital gains were reduced to 20% with the view to liberalize Indian market and also you can see from the above chart it indicates steady growth when compared with last two decades and most other factors which you need to consider why Indian market is a worth a shot to be invested because of its Young demographics . India has vast percentage of young demographics and is also expected to rise in coming years when compared with falling younger demographics.  This is the main projected reason for any companies to get more no. of youngsters for the job requirements could suffice the necessity of career openings for variety of industries and is also to be projected that young demographics of India may rise upto 1.1 billion in the year 2050 . This will help the way to sustain growth in purchasing power which influences India's consumerism a deeper scale impact 

As you can see GDP of India has grown enormous and it has become sixth largest pushing France to 7th recently and  also with the extra ordinary business easing measures from govt. India's growth rate even overtook China's and also projected to grow more in coming years will be considerably favorable for investors. the primary factors of these back scenario of flexibility lies in many factors of which some seemed to be are huge market base in India is always open to investments and challenges and also fast developing spending habits in the middle class is increasing day to day , good administrative favorable policies , feasible business environment , attractive foreign policies and abundant skill force are attractive incentive to investors 

Educational Institutions play a greater part where they train man power for the job for the wants of specific companies which helps to offer excellent human resources and most importantly is here in india , English speaking skill is common where it helps for global companies to set up to communicate for business and job career requirements is another added vantage. It not only influences youngsters and job seekers but also if you consider management perspective, their necessity for labour force also fulfilled and the strategic location of the country is easy for transportation and distribution to other countries via hubs and channels are easily achievable for any traders this is actually a true competitive advantage. 

Indian govt. also has formulated many measures to make it even attractive for foreigners and NRI's to invest their funds to capitalize in Mutual Funds ,  Shares, Bonds  & Debentures  . Companies like Goldman Sachs already realized the importance of investing in India and their first eye is to catch up with equity shares and they primary focus is on platform builds under which business set up will be initiated from scratch with team of professionals through ReNew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and also allying up with other investment partners such as Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. & BPL Medical Technologies. They primarily deal with financial sector and quasi real estate sector 

goldman sachs investors  contribution

Also an smart approach from govt's investment agency Invest India with 49% Govt. Equity under DIPP ( Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion ) and they distribute 0.5%  to 11 states and the rest is divided categorically  to CII , FICCI , NASSCOM  leaving 17% shares each to woo Foreign Direct Investments in India and also it has achieved successfully by attracting many foreign investments from South Korea, China , Sweden , UK & France

The next factor which i would like to point out here why Indian Investment is worth considering for foreigners is the rising economic influence from many statistical reports that India and China will be the largest manufacturing hubs in 2030 and that is nothing longer than a decade and also they believe it will be acting as INSTC ( International North South Transit Corridor ) which will be a connectivity from Central Asia to Europe 

global maritime trade to move from pacific to indian ocean connectivity hubs

Indian infrastructure mentioning corridors
India's Infrastructure is improving and you will see the growth will be more as many people in India will move to cities in next five years and also its been estimated that nearly 1.5 Trillion USD has been planned for Infrastructure development and the government is keying in initiatives on various sectors which are reported in Government of India website are 
  • Highways ( Bharatmala and NHDP ) - 106.5 $ Billion
  • Railways - 131.7 $ Billion
  • Ports -  61.5 $ Billion ( Port development ) + 123 $ Billion ( Port-led Industrialization )
  • Airports - 58 $ Billion
  • Industrial Corridors - 100 $ Billion ( DMIC Phase - I )
  • Smart Cities - 14.6 $ Billion
Other main factors which i would like to state why Indian investment will be the future door for foreigners is all mainly because of size , consumer market , purchasing power , increase in tech start ups and booms , rising middle class economy and huge labour market will be another key reasons for investors to target Indian market . 

Mid level Industrial Companies like JCB , Cummins , AECOM and General Electric and Angel Investors like Brookfield have successfully capitalized on India's infrastructure investments. As the matter of fact, JCB makes half of the fortune profits from India. It is also been estimated that India needs additional 5 Trillion USD in developing infrastructure investment to sustain its economical growth , but domestic Indian companies seems to have been lacking of adequacy and competancy. This is the forte where big MNC's can march their start in India by offering adequate competancies in high tech infrastructure solutions such as jet engines , turbines and propellers , CT scanners and Satellite communications 

Companies like Xiaomi , Huawei , Suzuki , Hyndai , Honda , LG  , Samsung , Colgate , Coca Cola, Pepsi has already showed success paths after strong review from central govt. and India is technologically booming up with more no. of tech start ups even in the modern future requirements like Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning and Robotics from freshbies are growing up day by day. In past few years time span , Indian start ups has attracted more than 20 Billion $ in the industry is a good progress. Not only that but also Indian education industry has sky rocketed in a decade and literally India has large no. of engineers than USA and China Combined together.

global competitiveness report

After digitilization , Indian govt has made it ease for every consumers and business owners to transact very easily through net banking transfers , UPI and also introduction of digital wallets like Paytm , Airtel has sparkled and made it flexible for anyone to send or receive money easily and also instantly without waiting for days like earlier. 

As you can see from the above statistics that Digital India is revolutionizing everywhere in India and smartphones has become major banking channel for youngsters and professionals to make transactions and also reduce the cash , cheque transactions nominally not only that but also increased in digital transactions between B2B , B2C and also C2C. 

digital india in various sectors statistics chart

components of digital economy in india

growth in e-governance transactions in india

( Source : Economic Times )

The above info statics proves that India's digital economy is blooming and creates immense opportunities across the lives of citizens and bolted towards faster India in terms of digitizing interact with all types of industries like financial services , retail , media , travel , hospitality and healthcare. 

At the year 2020 , Indian economy will be more digitized and small enterprises will slowly move from conventional to digital economy sooner and also all the challenges will turn out to be positive factor in coming years and also IMF projects that India's GDP will move from 6th largest to 3rd largest in 10 years time from now following China , USA  with annual real growth of 8.1 % and above is been estimated positively for sustainability result. 

GDP projections of top 20 nations from 2009 till 2050

                                                  ( Source : World Bank, Statistia )

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Intel and Rolls Royce allied on hands to build autonomous cargo ships

The class of any quality comes with the brand and when it comes to luxury or pride only some cars are seemed to be extremely premium and those automakers create a brand for decades with their remarkable experience . Year ago i was stating about ford cap that prevents truck drivers from sleeping while driving but today i am gonna talk of  very luxury brand having a very ambitious idea of  deploying self controlled cargo vessel ships and that brand name stands with extravaganza stylish which is none other than Rolls Royce 

Some brands are seriously prestigious when it comes to modern market of which one of the automaker Rolls Royce they don't only make cars but also they do robotic transportation plans and even cargo vessels that operates with min. workmanship and said to be fully autonomous and remote controlled vessels. 

rolls royce front emblem

Global shipping is an amazing business which has vast market. Shipping industry In 2016, The British Transportation firm has already outlined the strategy of those models and they were in art to go deploying status to give them a high-five nod start to kick off. That were actually assembled in such a way with virtual decks , though land crew members will control every aspect of ship with the help of  Virtual Reality cameras and also monitoring sensor based remote controlled air  drones are there to track down the moves which are totally high light able ones. these have automatic docking system and illustration is shown below 

automatic docking system of cargo vessel
Intelligence system specs
Rolls Royce has reportedly seems to be tying up with Intel to create cargo vessels that has a facility which will navigate the oceans without the aide of human crew members.  Rather Ships will be loading with LIDAR ( Light Detection And Ranging ) to scan for objects which are few miles away even the sea seems to be choppy and also if the weather condition is terrible . All of this will be generating 1 TB data everyday per vessel that must be collected and processed and you can see nearly 30 TB - 40 TB of data is been collected and generated which is exclusively massive.

To handle such a massive capacity , Rolls Royce is liasoning with Intel Xeon processors deployed into the calculable platforms and will be utilized effectively as in and on board mainland data centers and most importantly they are planning to cut down space costs in future with the deep interest of avoiding parallax errors and main-scale operations. As humans necessity is limited when it comes to jobs there but it will be a new approach when it comes to innovative competitive luxurious advantage.

Rolls royce intelligence cargo vessel key facts

In this Autonomous ship , you could see wide areas of streamlines involved with IOT , Edge Computing , Storage technology , Virtual Reality and Machine Learning concept amalgamated into one such fulminated ship with the disruptive technology . This billion dollar industry not only increase the chances of avoiding human errors but also digitizing the transport more lucratively in the sheer need to reduce cost to process more effectively and Intel's Field Programmable Gate Array enabled chipset will be supporting Rolls Royce to solve some of the challenges in designs which is necessary for certain tracking detections and navigation solutions .

As it has some cycling issue, Intel assures they will back up the data monthly once and it will be all stored in Intel 3D NAND SSD'S for more powerful and efficient computing and that will be acting as " black box " for these vessels. Rolls Royce main goal is to eliminate human errors that were costing them millions during operations and also their idea is to make it easier and flexible which paved them the way to test one of their AI based ferry in Japan and also it been trained with the help of AI to spot boats within permissible limit and also to check obstacles from every angle through data learning and feeding data of millions of images from developers and from internet to improve accuracy standards and they are planning to making it official from 2020 only aim to increase productivity and to improve operating efficiency.

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Top Killer sites for best online education to develop your Inter personal and professional skills

Learning is quintessential to our existence and continuous learning will help us to improve our knowledge and skills to support our traits to build for organization and also for professional use.Whether you are teenager , working professional or aged person the learning never stops and it is not only affect you to enrich for official necessity but also for to combat to update what is really happening around us. Internet of today has lots to offer where we only access some information only when we want.

As we all know Online Courses may not be appealing to everyone but still it is a booming industry where many people of today loves to utilize the net by learning online and some even getting certified to utilize the skills for professional use. First of all, Many of the quality sites which has good accreditation are completely free of cost or less cost of charge per course. Even well renowned Universities like Harvard, MIT , Stanford, Oxford even initiated the online-tutoring process to target world class audiences from their own place without even transiting  for some courses. 

From art to culture , History to coding excellent online education learning websites offers us great skills through experienced and scholastic lecturers and professors head this task schedules based on our convenience and we can train anytime we want. These websites are enlisted with webinars , interactive class-tutor sessions , podcasts , audio lessons and also video sessions and also they take time to time assessment sessions like quiz and exams. 

As our present job market is based on our skills , these online education training websites cater students and learners into new level of scale , as many people of today uses modern apps to run daily wants. So smart learning has become a niche business to institutions and  Trainers to offer programs online . Some focus on niche stuffs like technology while others focus on wide variety of courses to scoop up their ability to solve problems

Sites that i would personally recommend you to build and develop your competency technically and generally are 

Coursera -  " One of the great learning tool where you can find over thousands of paid and unpaid courses  in more than 100 plus fields  all related to computer science , business , social sciences , history and more "  

Udemy -  It is a great online portal for learning new courses for a beginner , professional or for any expert to provide wonderful value where you can easily learn and understand to choose more than 55000 courses " 

Lynda -  "Lynda is not for everyone under the sun but however if you are interested in learning programming , graphics , video , office , applications , sales and marketing , Business Management related courses it is worth the catch" 

Open Culture-  "This site has  huge collection of educational resources including online courses , audio books , movies , eBooks , etc. It has an active Internet resource which gets attention of users ro draw in . The content is full with a strong showing in free online courses and textbooks which makes it easier for candidates to utilize it"

edX-it  is one of the best learning source and MOOC provider where they offer  high quality standard courses from world's best reputed universities  and accredited institutions to learn via. online through rich resources where they offer wide range from computer science , biology, marketing , psychology , engineering and Machine learning and et al. "

Tuts+ - "it offers the best both video and written tutorials and courses on many subjects related to programming for web ,  design and photography and these video courses are for subscribers only  but how to videos and tutorials are completely free and also has short tips and tutorials and one interesting is it has also many occasional longer courses " 

Alison  "it offers free and online platform for individual learners to learn skills through many certifications at standards based level and they offer more than 300 courses ranging from IT to Business Mgmt to English language skills . Fee seems to be nominal and it has best  group of professionals to educate the learners with good advertisements "

Open Learn-  "it is same as good as Future Learn , Coursera, EdX and other MOOC platforms . This Open Learn is specifically designed for vast diversification of materials and some are even more abstractive  with basic introductory courses on things from arithmetic to many. You can filter out the activity from video or audio subject from many other options are also avail "   

Future Learn "it provides great way to expand knowledge and courses have high quality with free to use packages also available.  Videos and podcasts makes any users to understand more flexibly and easy to use platforms with wonderful GUI Wizards helps to navigate and also one can engage in open discussions as well"  

Cosmo Learning -  " One of the great learning tool where you can find over thousands of paid and unpaid courses  in more than 100 plus fields  all related to computer science , business , social sciences , history and more "  

Canvas - " it has good network sourcing from many colleges and universities to expand knowledge and courses with instructor led video and text content and certification options for selected programmes are available" 

Academic Earth-  "from the name suggests this one does offers like all the above but the diff here is you will be finding it out top notch courses from pretty different sources and focusing on different subjects as well.  It is easier for anyone to look for which university and course through easy navigation"

Lesson Paths - " In this portal ,  user can navigate their own list like a playlist and choose their course or programmes and also favorite learning materials from other sites as well. These materials are easier to understand for any level of candidates , high quality accessible sites and sources for a given topic"

Memrise - " One of the most impressive online education portal which has more interactive UI that combines quizzes and courses with games which makes it more attractive and even more users and candidates are getting increased with new learning environment mix "

Hack Design - " This portal is through with the help of several dozen designers around the world and put a lesson plan of 50 units with one or more articles and also videos on designing for web and mobile apps and more by curating multiple sources through blogs , books , games , videos and tutorials and it is completely free of charge."

GCF Learn Free-  " this is a project of Goodwill Community Foundation targeting for modern skills offering more than 1000 lessons and 125 plus tutorials available online at anytime covering computer software , reading, math , work , career and provides great way to expand knowledge and courses which are quiet easier to follow "

Howcast-  " Howcast is quiet different than many of the above and it is nothing but the forum of  casual video tutorials been hosted with the modern topics covering up lifestyle , crafts , cooking , entertainment and more "

Do It Yourself- " This web portal is similar like Howcast with the primary focuses on how to improve home stuffs , occasional and life style tips and hacks and its purely based on those "

Khan Academy- "How can the list be filled out without Khan Academy which is one of the oldest Online e-learning site that offers free learning resources for all kinds of subjects and free tools for teachers and parents to monitor progress status and coaching for students to track records as well"

Creative Live "It is an interesting approach to those who seek creative and lifestyle topics such as photography, art , music , design , people skills , film making and entrepreneurship with the live access typically offering free and on-demand access for purchasing. It is a wonderful portal for designers and editors to make use of "

Saylor Academy" quiet a good one and you can get free certifications and free college credits which are transferable and it has wide  varieties which has good credit and reviews "

Bloc - " This web portal allows more intensive options for quick learners which allows uses to have structured approach of 25 hours per week than running over for months and it is quiet expensive and also for those who seek career change it will be worth a pick "

Skillshare - " As from the name suggests it like a community of marketplace for new skills and it has videos and online catalog of video based courses and assessments which are available with many categories including design , business , marketing , technology , photography , film , fashion , music , gaming , DIY, writing , crafts and the company is expanding continually as a result of acquiring new teachers and users. It comes with the monthly price of 10 $ membership to 84 $ membership with the vice of 18,000 plus online classes "

General Assembly -  " This web portal offers great variety of classes in both front end , back-end and more with enough weekday or weekend options to offer with set of work schedules flexibility available. Those online classes were customized enough to our learning level and our input shaped and also lots of discussions are available "
Courseroot - " Like all the above major sites , this web portal helps you to choose wide range of different courses from different websites and universities and there is also filtering option available based on your comfortableness and your wants of requirements "

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