The Tesla Files : 5 part series of History Channel's provocative show is an engaging documentary but incomplete

Nikolas Tesla : Serbian - American Inventor and Engineer with this contribution of Alternating Current to the world could not be forgotten so easily. In 1800's it was not so easy for inventors to shatter their nutshells into pure product to use. This man eventually withdrew from polytechnic school and he worked for Continental Edison Company , where he mainly focused on electric current and motors. He set up an laboratory in Manhattan and developed the Alternating Current Induction Motor in late 1800's and earlier 1900's was truly a tag-mark.

Why this man is so important in modern day too. Because this great inventor was very ambitious and thoughts were " Out of the Box " those days talked of electric car and wireless transmission. Tesla had his great ambitious ideas and turned them into greatest inventions with the sheer dedication and interest. To talk of this great man , he even claimed to invent a motor that runs on cosmic rays.  He has tremendous traits for visualizing modern inventions beyond the current and motor invention that sometimes may shatters modern men today with his 300 plus patents.

image of Nikolas tesla holding lamp

Coming Straight to the point , I have already mentioned about few TV series few months back which were all regular tv series but i did not mention much about documentary based tele series. This is the first time i would like to state that this investigation and test based series had a different ambition at the start but drenched in the puddle in the midst with the in-completion at the end. As we all know that scientists fun toy is their invention and their ever lengthening experiments when turns out to be positive then the industrialists or govt. will head them or support them or influence them to unwrap or stop their results if its found to be hypothetical or dangerous.

The Tesla files  tele series advertisement from history channel

Plot of the Tesla files actually starts with the testing of Tesla's inventions  from Researcher Marc Seifer , Astrophysicist Travis Taylor and Investigative Journalist Jason Stapleton studying and testing the great works of Tesla's inventions and investigate the mysteries around it. History channel telecast this show containing only five parts in more mystic without completing it. Nikolas Tesla the father of  radio , television , power transmission and induction motor and the cosmic ray.

The investigator and Physicist tests the induction coil from Tesla Lab to check the Tungsten Filament Bulb of the same size used by Tesla's those days during his discoveries and also the speed boat which been operated wireless through coils are also been tested. When  they were investigating with the theories and principles which were experimented by Tesla through his extra ordinary brilliance. They were also in hunt for his missing trunks and files which were transferred to Serbian Library from USA Govt. 

The Unraveled mysteries getting darker and deeper when they conduct a search and research of missing files and trunks . At one point they got convinced that Tesla didn't stay there and wasted his 15 years , rather he was meant there for vital future vista that could bring free electricity and wireless transmission to the cities worldwide but unfortunately that was under progress and Tesla died before it got it heights  and sometimes it questions  the modern scientific improvements in Military Intelligence in USA and Germany must have occurred from the great men's inventions. 

researcher , journalist and scientist meeting in tesla files documentary

What entices me is the more and more they were onto deeper and closer searches,  they got more research papers and also they kept testing even pigeons why Nikolas was so much interested in pigeons. Even the team questions us like why Nikolas Tesla is so obsessed with Pigeons  and also he is very secretive person those days . Only few people were engaged with him and also there are plenty of missing trunks which contains the patents , files and working documents of his great works  hedges another question in deep dwindling with the five part series puts us to mumble to seek out another important invention of his called " Death Rays " particle beam weapon and Tesla's other ideas. 

financiers who stopped investing on Teslas inventions

 There were also some information or theories says that he was lacking of finances to make his achievement possible. One of the great well known financing giants those days  like JP Morgan and Warburg could not able to fund till the end to decease his popularity. Alongside, Edison's direct rivalry has made his inventions less significant to public advertisement. However, he was a known physicist those days though his some of inventions has been still hidden, Tesla's legacy still alive among-st us both by his thoughts and devices today and he is elegance of  in-bounding wires to produce unlimited supply of power and wireless channels is still impeccable towards the pioneering of wireless technology.

Outline figure of UFO styled air flight with parts specification

In 1952 after he died, all his inventions were sent to Belgrade , Serbia where you could able to see the archive of 60 trunks containing all his secret works with explanation in papers. FBI says in a report that there was 80 trunks but when the researcher and astrophysicist gone there to inquire about it but in contrasting manner, the in-charge of the museum says them that they received only 60 trunks which was quiet shocking to the team. Where was the missing trunks ? 

Tesla towers in Waredenclyfe during his work

I would like to point out one factor about this great inventor is a way ahead of his brain during the early 1900's and his ideology about achieving such wireless transmission to build via. those towers using modern materials and advanced electronics. The above diagram represents the prototype model of his  tower in Wardenclyffe may have deserved during his life time and its away ahead to achieve such results. Like a charm it would have been if he succeeded says  Elon Musk  ( the brain behind Paypal , Space X , Tesla Motors ).

I would say this is a good tele documentary series that unravels the inventions of  late great scientist and it shares the great information of this icon unaware of  and at initial, i found out it rather descriptive and some times repetitive at times. when  i was looking forward for more episodes , the show seems to be speculative with more missed files rather than his discoveries and its getting more investigation and FBI, OSS seems to have involved with the missing files of his and also points out to him having his own lab within the building and the connections lead to the staying in building plans gotten changed .

 Did the present and active USA president Donald Trump wanted this show to be shut because of his uncle John G.Trump was involved in this conspiracy of missing files of great genius inventions. My one line review is Ended with in-completion but still a good show aired in History channel with mystic embodiment runs this investigative documentary type series  into clear testing suspense element coiled up with the half wired that doesn't lit the current seems bit disappointed like roads that leads to shorter path. It would have been better if they continued to show up this series till what they are up-to