Tips to access Android Phones at emergency situation using lockscreen tapping method via. emergency call

When we miss out the process of opening smartphones or when we forgotten our pattern or password in our android phones . We might be wondering how to get access ?. Either we will root it or format it  but we also quiet aware of losing data which is totally inevitable. No phone is fully secured nor fully non-accessible to any user but what we need to do is little bit of knowledge or loop hole to access it. 

It is not so easy as we think to open the phone without exploring it but when we forget or when someone misuses ours without our knowledge by locking it. How you will get re-access back which is already locked or password protected or during emergency conditions. But we need to access via.  bugs or loop holes to do this and that makes you a super user or hacker. 

We cannot make the omelette without breaking eggs likewise it is good to know about certain exploitation for any user to know these days . Though this issue seems to be rare but every android user needs to know how it could be achieved at emergency or vital situations when u totally have no access to your own or forgotten

android unlocking icon

To gain access to Android smartphones/tablets , these are the step-by-step instructions which every android users needs to do very carefully 

1. Make sure the screen you accessed to is Locked and from that locked screen, dial into emergency call using dial pad which is appeared at the bottom of the lock screen by default

2. Once that is been done ,  please proceed typing  a few characters may be asterisk or hashes or no.s  just like you dial no.s in phone. Make sure you  Double-tap the characters to highlight them and tap the copy button. Then tap once in the field and tap it to  paste to make sure its doubling the characters in the field. 

Follow on  this process of highlight all, copy, and paste until the field gets so lengthy by making sure  that double-tapping no longer occurs in the field. This usually occurs after 10 or more follow ups

3. Once again go back to the lock screen, then swipe left/right to open the camera. Proceeding further more Swiping  to pull the notification drawer down from the top of the screen and from there then tap the Settings (gear) icon in the top right. This will prompt the password to appear 

4. Now once again tapping longer  in the password field and paste the characters into it. Follow up this process to long-tap the cursor and paste the characters as many times as possible, until you notice the UI crash and the soft-buttons at the. bottom of the screen gets  disappeared, making it expanding the camera to full screen.

Getting the paste button can be quiet tricky as the string grows lengthier and it fills up the full space and even more grossy and makes you feel like giving up feel. But to gain certain access we need to do that . Always make sure the cursor is at the very end of the string (you can double-tap to highlight all then tap towards the end to quickly move the cursor there) and long-tap as close to the center of the cursor as possible. It may take longer time than usual time for the paste button to appear when you do tapping.

5. Please wait for the default camera app to get frozen that makes to pop up the home screen automatically. The time duration and the objective  result of this step can vary significantly lengthier but the camera app should eventually get frozen in few minutes that exerts the  sensitive functionality

You should able to  notice the camera is getting lagged and functions improperly or working with less features as it attempts to focus on new objects. By attempting to take the  pictures using  the hardware keys may speed up the process, although it is not strictly necessary. 

If the screen gets turned off due to inactivity, simply turn it ON and please behold the patience. In some  other cases the camera app will not function or getting frozen directly to the full home screen. 

6. Once the above configuration settings has been done , please navigate to the Settings application by any means possible. For an instance by tapping the app drawer button in the bottom center and finding it in the app list. 

At this point it is possible to enable USB debugging normally (About phone > tap Build number 7 times, back, Developer options > USB debugging) and you should able to  access the device via. the adb tool or  dr.fone tool  to issue arbitrary commands or access the files on the device with the full permissions of the device owner.

PS :This Android smartphone hack affects all devices running versions of Android 5.x which means that a millions of Android smartphones in circulation worldwide are susceptible and full credits goes to team who does it. 

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AI now predicts the audience from its movie trailers using NVIDIA GPU

who doesn't love films ? .  Films are motion pictures or series of still images shown on the screen to create illusion. We do love watching movies in theatres , home's and on mobile devices we use. Not all persons love the same genres. Some people loves to watch animation based types, some audience loves to watch Adventure and thriller genres and whereas others just love to watch any movies to kill time.

Essence of technological improvements made the films more even better in terms of film making , motion-capturing and simply process the better quality in image processing , editing and Motion through digitization but now as its an another step in film making process to get audience in very unique way which no user could not expect. Modern film trailers are already creating trendy topics in attention seeking via. User-Friendly Social Services.   

20th Century Fox is a well known in Film distribution company takes another lead by introducing deep-learning system which is totally based on machine learning methodological which actually works on data representations which are to be task-specific algorithms and it can be supervised and it user's psychological movement is predicted and ai triggers the prediction perfectly that " which audience will come to what type of movies or will he come to this movie or not ? based on just trailer alone.

It is very impressive to know that AI can predict the audience tastes based on trailers and sense their pulses via. drawing connection between visual elements in trailers such as colours , landscapes , lighting , emotional triggers and the performance of the film based on certain demographics. Trailers prediction is through complete training of data interpretation. For an instance, A trailer with lots of colors and mixed emotions may found to be appealing to some audiences and for others dark colors with less dialogues may find it masculine to some audiences. 

I have already mentioned a lot in my previous posts about Deep Learning Approaches and it is under progress state in many real world applications. Fox is a challenging company which has been recently acquired by Disney and we all know  that Disney is leaping a step by introducing robotics , experimenting in VFX motion making and they are now in verge to implent AI based technique to predict the pulse of the audience taste.

Though this sounds to be supreme there seems to be flaws in this method because it doesn't match some temporal information ( Explosion of chasing an example ) i could say and it seems the Fox AI is forgetting to comply with the motion in capture of both the video and text descriptions to get full deep sense of theoristic principle . I could say its a brave attempt of FOX's such moves will be helpful for their business to make some changes and get more adaptive audience to come to theater to watch the films.

In mere future , AI's functionality will be bound to most of the imperical cases in TV series, Movies and anywhere and this deep learning algorithm will help theatre owners to get a boost and to make sure  they entertain according to the audience occupancy. It will be like trailers playing some specific imagery based types based methods to increase the chances of buying tickets 

ai in film audience model
( Source : NVidia  , a logistic regression layer )

Using Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU's to test the methods with the help of Google Cloud with CUDNN accelerated Tensor flow deep learning framework . The researchers train the model using neural network training back propagation algorithm to check and routine its practices till its matches accuracy.For this, neural network progression algorithm is tested with hundreds of trailers which were released last year as well as millions of attendance records.

Though its sounds easy, Neural network practices takes lots of records and error correction and it has the ability to guide and assist producers and executives in making a real time example decisions at the various stages and will be a base and in future these researchers are planning to make it much even better in terms of recognizing patterns , image interface, emotional sensing and most recent article was published in arXiv . We have to wait and see the progression rate in Movies and Series based implications in future with the help of artificial intelligence upto what extent that tunes audience to sit and watch longer and also to combat digital home watching competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime .

How to secure your PC easily and safely

Securing the PC sounds easy but sometimes it is irritating to do that when we get lots of virus or  trojans or intruders spying in our what we do's in our pc and even sometimes it is not advisable to leave it open at all times. In recent times , insecurity has becoming an inevitable threat to any users all over the world. To overcome this issue , we just need to do some simple steps to follow which i would recommend any PC users to follow properly to be safe and get protected by using proper antivirus , firewall and most common thing is " don't share your info. to anyone " .   The ten things which i would like to recommend to anyone is

Choosing  the right operating system

Choose an operating system based on its security and vulnerability (Linux has no known active viruses in the wild, OpenBSD is focused on security). Find out if it uses limited user accounts,all files permissions and is regularly updated. Make sure you update your operating system with security updates and update your other software too.

Choosing the right web browser

Choose a web browser based on its security and vulnerabilities because most malware will come through via your web browser. Disable scripts too (NoScript, Privoxy and Proxomitron can do this). Look at what independent computer security analysts (such as US-CERT) and crackers (similar to hackers) say. Google Chrome is more secure and has a sandbox feature so it would be more difficult to compromise the system and spread the infection.

Practice using  strong passwords

When setting up, use strong passwords in your user account, router account etc. Hackers may use dictionary attacks and brute force attacks.

Always use trusted sources

Use trusted sources. When downloading software (including antivirus software), get it from a trusted source (softpedia, download, snapfiles, tucows, fileplanet, betanews, sourceforge) or your repository if you are using Linux.

Have the habit of Installing good antivirus software

Install good antivirus software (particularly if you use P2P). Antivirus software is designed to deal with modern malware including viruses, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, and worms. Find out if your antivirus offers real-time scanning, on-access or on-demand. Also find out if it is heuristic. Avast are very good free editions. Choose one, download and install it and scan regularly. Keep your virus definitions up to date by updating regularly.

Practice Downloading anti malwares

Download and install software to deal with spyware such as Spy bot Search and Destroy, HijackThis or Ad-aware and scan regularly. I can't state this enough - you need to run a good anti spyware and anti malware program like Spy bot if you search the web at all. Many websites out there exploit weaknesses and holes in the security of Microsoft Explorer and will place malicious code on your computer without you knowing about it until its too late!

Initiate Downloading  and install a firewall

Download and install a firewall. Either ZoneAlarm or Comodo Firewall (Kerio, WinRoute or Linux comes with iptables). If you use a router, this gives an added layer of security by acting as a hardware firewall.

Always Close all ports

Close all ports. Hackers use port scanning (Ubuntu Linux has all ports closed by default).

Performing Penetration Testing

Perform Penetration Testing. Start with ping, then run a simple nmap scan. Backtrack Linux will also be useful.

Securing physical security 

Don't forget to think in terms of physical security! Consider something like a Kensington lock (in case of theft/unauthorised access). Also setting a BIOS password and preventing access to your machine or its removable devices (USB, CD drive etc.).

Don't use an external hard drive or USB device for important data, these represent another vulnerability, as they are easier to steal/lose. Encryption can be effective against theft. Encrypt at least your entire user account rather than just a few files. 

It can affect performance but can prove worth it. Truecrypt works on Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeOTFE works on Windows and Linux.

In OS X (10.3 or later) System Preferences Security, click FileVault (this can take minutes to hours). In Linux Ubuntu (9.04 or later) installation Step 5 of 6 choose "Require my password to login and decrypt my home folder". This uses "ecryptfs".

Original credits goes to the team for its wonderful effort in sharing this and will update it sooner.