Snapdragon 1000 chips got ready to do its service in Windows 10 laptops

Qualcomm's snapdragon has been served its benchmark service in smartphones for decades and now they are on the verge to meet the bigger arena in pc chip processing industries to show its hyper-performance in Windows 10 laptops in super boost excellence. It is said to be highly cloaked version of previous processors. 

Recent reports from Winfuture says that they have obtained full details of SDM1000 , It's nothing but a fresh start up designs for PC's and seems to be relatively huge widespread design compared to ARM designs and consume 12W and it is good competitive product for Intel in future. The specification is bit promising and capable enough to handle up-to 128 GB HDD with 16 GB RAM modules also it seems to be embedded with Ethernet and socketed processor designs.

qualcomm snapdragon 1000 chipset

It is expected to be using ARM's next generation A-76 architecture with boasting speed upto 35% higher could be most challenging task and also will be a head-head battle with Intel's processors as they were kingpin in Computer chip making manufacturers. Qualcomm's flash up plans for these alternatives will quench up competitive toughness with Intel to pressure their heads up to find up the advanced processors to head up to tackle in the market. 

As Snapdragon is known for its high performance deck in smartphone and computing processing industry. With the current hold in dominance of mobile computing now its potential tap-hole for Qualcomm's market to sharpen the stuffs in PC / Tablets will heaten up to quality boosting performance and also stronger through next phasal development of the company

( Source : engadget )

The SDM1000 seemed to be having dimensions of 20 x 15 mm which is comparatively higher than Snapdragon 850 which has dimensions of 12.4 mm x 12.4 mm and still its smaller than intel processor which has 45 x 24 mm dimensions. Qualcomm to reveal the " Always Go connected PC " reportedly working on codename called Primus which will be using SDM1000 in its reference design.

Proven ways to make money so quickly from home without any investment

Money is a Basic Exchange Commodity for every individual for their basic necessity and wants but some people tend to be more successful and many people lives with just imaginations and dreams wishing one day that our luck will be turning out positive. But is it the matter of fact of luck alone that pushes to the success to become the top achievers group.

Honestly not, when you want to achieve something in life . You need to work it out harder and even 16-18 hours a day to reach the success point . No definitely not,but what it needs to be done to move towards such heights needs a mixture of perseverance , confidence, dedicated interest in what you do and also some passive income that will help you yacht out when you technically runs out of cash during dire times.

I'd like to endorse the legit ways to make money from home without any investment and what you need to do is to follow the steps properly and do it accordingly to enrich your skills and build your destiny through time.

Start Blogging 

 Blogging is one of the most effective way to establish yourself as an individual sole or a group to emphasize your service / needs or personal interest in your own style . You can not only write your own content but also you can make money through affiliation or enacting your blog with google adsense to make good income in year-year time. Some of the popular blog creating sites are blogspot, wordpress , squarespace , weebly , wix and wooplr

Participate in Surveys 

 Another way to make money from home by just participating surveys based on customer retention or product based tests from the companies that pay for every user who take part in their feedback. You can easily make an extra buck while you watch TV and its proved to be authentically genuine. Some of the genuine paying websites are swagbucks , surveyjunkie, One opinion , Pincore research

Test Websites on pay per project / hour basis

 Have you ever try some websites where you can test them like a debugger and you will be asked to feedback with proper recordings over voice or video. For every website tests , you will be getting 10-30 USD in an hour time just like that . But your report has to be honest and screen results will be recorded and that user case testing will be lasting for about 15-20 minutes sharply.  Companies like Userlytics and Usertesting pays you to visit for apps, websites and complete set of tasks 

Become a freelancer in whatever good you are

 Whether you are regular working professional or part time / contract worker, if you are good at something then don't do your work for free. You can do some works on contractual or pay per project or service basis that gives you good passive income . Doing freelancing will help your income passively and also to gain more networking contacts . For instance, if you are good content writer . You can post your content writing service in some really good highly visible sites like fiver, freelancer, Elance , upwork to get your jobs done and you will be paid immediately too.

Become a Remote assistant 

 You can work for someone as remote or virtual assistant by checking emails and making trip plans or doing a small internet business research for their work. You can earn upto 100 USD and there are some websites that worth a shot to be virtual assistant stuff are Zirtual & Upwork

Be a Tutor and get paid

 There are numerous ways these days that you can be a real time tutor or an on-line tutor and allot the time on regular or convenient basis. Your day routine via. tutoring will get you extra bucks for few hours. Either you can teach from home or via. online using chegg Tutors

Be an Honest Reviewer 

 No wonder the reviews will get you good cash out for each stuffs you taste or visit . Websites like Yelp can help you out getting some 1$ - 10 $ per reviews in legit way

Become an affiliate for ad paying sites 

 I have already mentioned in one of my article about how to become an affiliate in amazon to get paid. You can embed the code in your website / blog to show those amazon or flip-kart products based ads . Whenever the user clicks the ad and buys the product successfully, you will be getting paid and the only way to increase your earnings is to increase the views and also CPC.

Become a Data Entry person 

If you are good at typing and want to earn some bucks , then you can earn more via. data entry for some companies through telecommuting . There are some websites like Craigslist and Upwork , freelancer websites to find out administrator related jobs 

Sell your old stuffs online 

 You can earn extra bucks by dusting off the unused or olden stuffs which are not necessary or space up your home . That helps you to not only to cash it up the product but also it will free the space in your home by selling online through free classifieds websites like 88db, locanto, olx to get cash for sold items so quickly without any hussles.

 The above said methods are just passive ways to improve your income from home to freelance or to do service based tasks based on the convenience and i will list out other methods when i explore more and found it to be authentic.

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Budget , Save & Invest your money into brighter family future

Investment is really mandatory for any persons to grow their money up wisely but many fails to do so?. Why this happens because we have money but we don't use it wisely or spend unnecessarily for lot of stuffs which we don't need or we don't have proper budgeting plan to utilize our own money. 

When we talk about budgeting, we need to speak a lot that should start from scratch .  we always hear someone saying us this proverb " Penny Saved is Penny Gained ". But to save this penny, what do we need is patience and a small savings mind that should root our interest to conversion. Budgeting can help anyone to plan for any expenses and savings. Planning is a very mandatory for budgeting.

invest to get return plant in bottle

Let me come to the point more straight . For an instance, if we get monthly paycheck from employer or revenue from your business , you should cut-down your expenses which incurs you a lot or found to be negligible . We may use our money for most eccentric needs and sometimes for lavish wants. While categorizing budgets , one thing has to be kept in mind that you are actually dividing your present wallet in hand to specific needs and wants that should hold some savings at least in the month end.

We must in-seed the habit to save some pennies every day after our regular expenses like is this expense really necessary if yes , then what are cutting costs . Like for an instance, if you want to buy household items., those days we compare the prices between shops but now with the help of online e-commerce facility like Amazon , Flipkart , E-bay we can buy the same products at cheaper price and also some times offers and discounts are available. Likewise, for shirts , groceries and also for many stuffs , you can do the proper budgeting plan by comparing the price with the other shops and also check out monthly needs and figure out whats necessary and what's not like what i do below

  • Set your goals , Analyze your budget and also 
  • Calculate your monthly payments like Electricity bills , Water bills and Phone bills
  • Please note down tax and insurance related payments
  • Check out your monthly utilities 
  • Determine monthly groceries and other food expenses
  • Keep a track record of cash withdrawals and miscellaneous expenses 
  • Always check the expenses from the budget you made 
  • Make sure your expenses doesn't exceed your monthly income that will lead you to debt
  • Re-visit your budget properly and also make sure that you are onto commitment.
  • Set the Savings Plan & Aim for at-least 10% savings rule.
All the above steps will help you check out the expenses incurred from the income / revenue you had for last month and make a correction from previous expenses in budget. Always keep in mind that it is good to save monthly and weekly. And it is not that hard or rough task to allot the funds to the expenses in very structured way and try exercising mindful expenses in present and future

You need to nurture that habit from today by thinking about future wants . As we all know that any time emergency wants will happen like hospital expenses and cut down misc. expenses as much as you can. You want to check daily expenses like is this travel necessary ? . Is this outside food really okay ? .  Buying those will help me anything and the questions should come into your mind before making any expenses on anything. 

You can write it down in piece of paper or you can note down your daily / weekly expenses and pay offs in excel sheet or using any apps like Mint , You need a Budget , Acorns that helps you to indicate and alert your limits through pop up notifications when you exceed the threshold limit and it is mandatory for the rest of the members in the family to follow up the principle, as the expenses totally relies on family.
graphical representation of monthly budgeting
You should also check out seasonal expenses and finer timing your automatic budget that should be committed to see the results and the best way to accomplish this is to create a full annual plan that covers the fixed cost and discretionary costs and you should work accordingly to the 12-month projection and if you find any flaws in cash flow changes , you should modify it or change it and those savings could be best utilized for future plannings through investments.

Okay, the above explanation will be helpful enough for anyone to save some pennies to use for future necessities but those pennies will be not doubled or tripled by itself if we just keep as savings with no use. To make it valuable after short span of time , mid term span and long term span what we need is a Systematic Planning for Investment segmentation like Investing money in Mutual funds  under Systematic Investment Planning on monthly or weekly or quarterly basis or as whole in MF cap funds  Investing some amount in stock market on few companies at certain period of time.

mutual fund investment infographic

( Source : Napkin Finance )

As you can see that investing in right funds will help you grow and the power of compounding does the good job for us in future which not only help us to for-seek our growth in future to develop for futuristic wants from our own savings which will make us stronger and happier through proper fund management disciplines regularly. If you practice all these sure it will be not only beneficial to our family but also to our personal development goals through effective manner.

shades of sips

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