The Prisoner ( 1967 ) Tv series is an unique mystery/thriller metaphor of modern cult that exposes our society with cat and mouse escapism of individual

I've never been used to watch television series earlier days except detective , comedy and some cartoons in the weekend. I love to watch different television series with variety of stories or characters that run in front of us which should make some sense or entertained. We obsessed with modern media and some television series will never be able to forget even when we get aged. I have already mentioned some  series like Legion  & Mr.Robot earlier, but today i'd like to talk about one classic spy cult that tells about escapism which has sense of modern day's civilization.

the prisoner classic tv series

 When the modern television series tells with more technological stuffs , one of the classical cult tells about how modern civilization will be in sarcastic and thriller way in provocative manner.  A British secret agent who just resigns from the service recently gotten abducted from his own place and been shifted to some mystic idyllic village , but is really a weird prison. There he used to meet complete strangers which he is totally unaware of. Not only but also those strangers in the village comes with no names but numbers . He is been warded information to follow up but they provide no information to him which makes us intrigue .

  It is a quite ambiguous and also most unique way of telling the characters which i have never seen in classical nor today's series where characters names are used as numbers. Why this series has a re flexion and controversy in 60's ITV series because they had more critics with the story they showed up in the television. This actually paved my interest to watch this series. 

 When he asks the person is in chair who is like a boss in that village , he says " You are number 6, I'm number 2 "  Our main character lead a.k.a hero says him in return " I'm not a number " starred by Patrick McGoohan who starred as secret agent in this series and also many series has been hit into lot of criticism because of this own production and direction. 

 I don't want to spill more plot in very detail but i'd like to share up what this tv series is all about in few lines. A man been abducted and transferred to the remote village finding a way to escape from the mystic village where every time he fails because of the modern day times implementation of security cam's , authority personnels and guards who keep eavesdropping at his every pin point moves and even the technological pod will be moved according to the boss [ number 2 ] remote moves which makes us tramped and stumped like a human man with his control in other hands concept.

This is a 17 episode series that in each episode the number 6 tries to find a way to escape from the mystic village but he mostly fails . Not only that but also in every episodes [ except few that will not be in arranged order ] number 2 will be  kept changing and instruct others to make the number 6 tired and frustrated of to get only  one information from him Tell me , why did you resign from your service ? and every week he meets new adversary

Why he resigned from the service under whose content of advice or what made him to resign is what the number 2 wants. But our hero here never tells this till the end and also most interesting in between is once he find a way to get out of this island and he finds his way back home , but when he backs to his home , every thing looks unfamiliar and even other colleagues who works with him also be brought of to make him fool in between.

It is believed to be the concept of individualism versus the mass of group of people who follows blindly what they been asked to followed too. We study , work and will look for a family in future to develop ourselves for betterment of civilization to prudent accustomed to society which are like programmed book . Number 6 is like a rebel who fights for his cause , when he tried to find out the unique way , what are the gains and losses of it are explained in occult way is what i could say.

I never felt such an interesting , gripping and also provocative cult way in modern day television series except few ones . In the last two episodes somehow audience could able to get a theme that number 6 needs to prove his authenticity by passing or smarting number 2 out to goto his city back with no future confusions like happened in between episode. Whence once he cleared of number 2 , he been asked to meet number 1 and other group of people who shouts and chants what government says very sarcastically. 

I don't want to spill much except saying the unique piece of art in television drama those days will still make us to think more deeper what we are onto in the hands of finest civilization which shapes us in the terms of society culture against any individual like number 6 who struggles for his individuality through escape and defeats.

The screenplay and dialogue is amazing and makes visually effective with the modern day sets those days and the modern depiction in classical cult have proved its uniqueness in story telling and an amazing thriller to every audience a must watch even in these days and will stand for years. It is more interestingly a feel of psychiatry and a play of our modern day notations like technology, science, government policies towards citizen, freedom , democracy , education and scientific progression and also this concept has made other directors to make movies like Truman Show , Nowhere Man in modern day cinema. The all 17 episodes are really a masterpiece of brilliance from Patrick McGoohan through his visionary cult display permeable with the thread and taunts of liberty and personal identity that has been masked under fake cultural practices to prove us the modern day man's today's fallacy towards cultural blind following up in small screen in interesting and fashionable way a must watch for everyone and also to think deeply a handful applauds with wonderful background music and beautiful location as well