Black Mirror TV Series : An Anthology that tells sarcastically about the dark side of technological human mentality

 When everything is modernized and civilized for human's easiness, does everything goes safe is the question in every individual's mind . Recent scams and leaks from our social networking sites and very big corporate database does really consider about our worries and problems. I have been a fan of some good mind bending tv series that i watch during leisure times to think how they visualize with good story. I've recently endorsed some tele series The prisoner , Legion, Mr.Robot in my previous posts.

 Today, i'd like to review about one of my most favorite anthology of modern era which visualizes dark shades of technological implication in human's activities in near future is simply a spectacular rather visually effective with the dreadful paranoia winding up in rather sarcastically nephilism. It is a tv series of Charlie Brooker's that aired in British channel 4 and now the Season 4 is been aired in Netflix with six episodes 

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 Black Mirror is a cult of today's modern men's inhalation and fallacies onto the darker side of technological overdose with the tramples of strong short stories of some group of individuals day-day activity or fictional scientifically portrayal that taps us with lots of provoking questions in our mind. It is very difficult for us to discuss without revealing . In every episodes of every season with the monotonous brilliance of cult mannerism that broadcasts good and bad side of human developments and laziness.

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 Black Mirror was originally inspired from the older anthology shows like The Twilight zone that tells about the controversies of censorship but this tele series has lots more of what we live today. In the bounce of tech gadgets and gizmo's most human falls into clumsiness and stories were created to provoke audience into deep thinking.

 Season 1 and 2 was aired in Channel 4 and Season 3 ,4 were aired in Netflix with 6 episodes each . Totally , 19 unique episodes with the love or hate conjures on technological blasphemies with lots of psychological twists in between that inbounds sci-fi elemental so symmetrically into one piece of all together of mixed genres like horror/mystery/suspense / drama / family with sci-fi 

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 Some Television series just showcase for entertainment and some makes us to watch with some though provoking whilst some series makes us haste to watch for no reason. Black Mirror is an epitome of master brilliance of the maker who wants us to screenplay visually to the audience with the day-days advances that pressurizes or sedates the man's thinking ability in deep heartened and also mind blowing. Virtual Reality , Augmented Reality , 3D Hologram , Neuron Networks , Digital Realism , Artificial Intelligence concepts are portrayed well in both con and pro side as well.

 When we saw some tv series till 2000 it totally shunned us with some modern approaches , good concepts and some even skeptical. After 2000's many series started to round off the same and shown many sci-fi drama episodes which was no literally unique except few ones which tells us the cult of day-day events and incidents. Black Mirror is a kind of sophomore that has become so popular among audience because of not just delivered in unique conceptual style but also it warns the society that we are slaved by gizmo and pseudo society influence towards apps and tech revolt that completely detaches us from human feelings and make us like a programmed personality that we got mostly attached our personal feelings towards computer and mobile and we estrange our care and love towards our neighbors , friends and our own family is a kind of black mark to out human nature.
Interesting and must watch series mind bending cult and sci-fi epitome drama that interprets the darker aspects of humanity and society and the black mirror is the real time screen that we run our lives sarcastically but true with the unique episodes crafted well and acting is very phenomenal .

Black Mirror is unsettling in best possible ways where it unflinchingly explores the issues of modern society through deeply interactive stories that shows the intoxication with technological era and it disturbs you and provokes you to think deeper while watching. Amazing and Stunningly powerful brilliance from the director who showed some guts to show whats happening around us and what will happen if we go on like this in 80 minute episodes in truly gripped , suspenseful and cult way. Please watch out the trailer and ranking of all 19 episodes from worst to best in descending order 

If you have watched Steven Speilberg's Minority report and Stanley Kubrik's A Clockwork Orange movies then sure you will give a thought to watch this tv series interestingly blendful