Corti :The real-time ai co-pilot that helps to analyze symptoms and alerts emergency in fast pace

Medical necessity has grown deep and far stretched these days for everyone at any plotical conditions that we never expect to happen. When the heads of innovations advancing in one side , the other side diseases and emergency requirements for an human being gets more close with various fatalities incurred in modern era. 

 I was talking about AI in the medical stream through various ways and output efficiency results seems to be improving than earlier . Earlier in few of my posts , i was telling how artificial intelligence detects out the colorectal cancer, how ai is helping humans to sway off the suicidal thoughts  and also how ai is been helpful to curb out in finding out the pre-diabetic patients in earlier stage .

But now i'd like to talk about how this ai is helping patients to find out cardiac arrest at the emergency conditions and also helpful in diagnosis . European Emergency Number Association ( EENA ) has recently announced their partnership with Danish AI startup Corti : a real time artificial intelligence assistant that has the capacity to rout out emergency conditions for cardiac arrest in Europe with the precise decision making skills with the intuitive training of deep learning mechanism concepts and adaptive neural network algorithm technique 

cardiac arrest emergency condition

Cardiac Arrest is a most common heart illness that happens when your heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body and it is caused by abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmia. It is not quiet an easy task for any doctors to conduct a check before it comes but some of the habits that causes cardiac arrest in high magnitude possibility. With the artificial intelligence that leverages the concept of deep machine learning with Neural Network Algorithm , now it has become quite possible to chuck out the pre-matured cardiac arrests so quickly .

Corti's main goal is to make sure that it detects properly and improve the output efficiency , accuracy of dispatchers diagnostic process with the deep learning analysis even the human brain could not able to match the accuracy of corti's out forte brilliance in recognizing results so accurately and quickly. The tests were conducted on 4000 emergency calls on cardiac arrests where it seems to be Human diagnostic dispatchers could able to trace out with 74% accuracy whereas Corti outsmarted those results with 94% accuracy which is stunning .

corti processing technique

How It Works ? 

 Working procedure of Corti seems to be more flexible and user friendly. When a patient or a by-stander or any tres passer makes the call . Corti will assist the dispatcher that listens to the conversation that triggers the signal for both verbal and non verbal communication such as tone and voice are easy to be considered to produce more effective result in approaching diagnostically with the digital assistance through deep learning technique by listening to sound stream to extract the most important and vital features which are necessary to process through reasonable frameworks 

When the tone and voice are recorded simultaneously , all the data which were analyzed or recorded during emergency calls are now taken into plot and automatically detected , analyzed by CORTI with this pre-defined trained meta data results to match the patterns and find out the immediate and effective results. This could be achieved only through Neural Network Training and Deep learning complexity which makes this possible through millions of database collected for research and comparing during analysis purpose will be now called for reference during analysis digitally 

As Corti is a smart digital assistant that has the in built and learns from the existing results more quickly and it predicts the critical situation of any patient based on situation , symptom descriptions and signal analyzing at the time of emergency more deeply via. audio and voice recognition. It then sends the alerts and notifications to dispatchers in handy through its intelligent reasoning in real time and predicting accurate and incredibly fast by combining machine learning models that utilize advanced feature extraction capabilities . It works on recurrent and convolution neural network approaches to examine a larger contextual input 

EENA is now in a verge to spot out the locations which are suitable for Corti to be implemented at the earlier stage than going wide and the director is very clear in his decision to extend its operations all over Europe later and then to the globe to show how ai is very successful in making decisions at the real-time scale during emergency conditions and it is pretty sure that this Corti is good enough to pick up the distress signs than humans more effectively is a challenging work and also risky too but good and smart initiative startup from the team to bring another limelight in medical field with the aide of AI is fiendishly brilliant & pretty insightful. 

Search the files inside gmail like a pro with these tricks

Gmail is one of the prominent email service that has lots of features in built and they have their characteristics attributed to certain functionalities since its inception of service. Every user finds it easy to write , delete and receive the emails quickly and its user -friendly too. But have you ever tried of searching recent mails or particular mails in search box of gmail and get tired of it. Yes we do search a lot using names or email address but do you know that gmail has hidden features to search it up even better. Few months back i was mentioning about how to search the files inside Google Drive.

 Now, I'm here to explain that method which is already available on gmail and we rarely or we might not be much aware of  and those searches will help you finding mails more quicker , narrower and even better with good results using simple commands , regular expressions and last modified dates like you do search in google for any information. Stepping up the information one by one for easy understanding

Searching Files using file size

Gmail has its own size threshold and sometimes we don't remember names but file size we do and to decipher particular file size is sometimes hectic with the huge no. of inbox emails we have. If you want to locate the files that has max threshold, then you can type this following keyword in search box like " size : [ size in bytes ] "

search file size in gmail

In the above screenshot it would be clear that file size 5 mb has been located for search results and the ouput of the keyword term are displayed .Suppose you are not sure about file size but you might want to perform a search between file size ranges then you enter this keyword on the search box as " larger_than: " n " m smaller_than: " x "  m "

search gmail with specific file size ranges

In the above search box , i searched for file size larger than 5 mb but lesser than 20 mb and results are displayed as follows

Search files using date & time stamp

   You can search the files inside gmail search box using date with the following term for emails sent / received during particular periodic session by typing " newer_than: "n " days " like newer_than 10d from: me

files using date keyword in gmail

 Here in the above box, i typed " newer than 10 days " which means the emails were sent in recent 10 days by me and the results are displayed and also you can try inputing as " after : date  to :me "

search the email after specific date and time

 Here , i searched the emails which are sent to me from others from 2018 Jan 1st till now from the following command " after : 2018/01/01 to: me " and the results are displayed as follows above. You can also search the emails using Time modifiers between selected time range like for instance if i want to search the emails that was sent between Nov 23 10:20 p.m till Nov 25 11 a.m , the following keyword to follow is " after : " epoch time of specified date to start " before : " epoch time of specified date to end " 

search the emails for specific period using epoch time converter

Here in the above result , the emails which was sent to me from Nov 23rd 10:30 p.m till Nov 25 11 a.m has been displayed using the following keyterm " after:1511455800 before: 1511587800  " these no.s are generated by epoch tool which helps machine to understand it easily. you can convert the time stamps here using the following epoch numeric converter 

Search the emails in gmail using other following commands which gives u direct results 

 For instance if i wanted to search the emails inside the gmail which are marked as starred could be searched like as follows " label:inbox is:starred "

searching emails which are labelled as starred

The emails which are marked as starred under inbox are shown as follows , likewise key terms can be applied for unread messages , spam messages , drafts by replacing the term " starred " with specific terms like "label:inbox is:unread " and likewise if you want to search for a specific recipent emails which was accidently transferred to trash also could be checked using the specific term " from: in: anywhere "

Search the file extension and file name inside the email

You can also search the specific file name or file type with the keyword and terms like typing in search box as " filename: "name of the file " with file extension " like for an instance i want to search the filename called dumps with the file extension ending in .pdf. Here is what i have to type "filename:dumps.pdf" and the result are displayed as follows:

search the emails using filename and file extension

Search the chat conversation [ hangout conversations ] using inchat in gmail

You can also search the hangouts/chat conversation from specific person using " inchat : " name of the recipent " like below

chat conversation search inside email using inchat

As you can see the chat conversation with the specific person has been sorted out and displayed well descendingly.

Some other features like Regular expressions could be not directly used with Gmail instead it has to be adjusted with Google doc to activate it  and some other commands or key terms to use in search box are :  " from:  " subject name " ( Urgent OR  Important )"  for priority mail checks and if you want to compare two emails starting with same name but they have different initials then it can be written as " from : Robert Oberhoff  -Alex -Junior " this will exclude all emails which has junior or Alex as initials or suffix in it.

I just found out these commands and some of the common key terms that could be used for searching anything inside search box in the gmail that could fetch out the results more effectively and less time consuming than regular searching that takes a plenty of time to tick of. I'll come with more updates sooner and will update the list here. 

Black Mirror TV Series : An Anthology that tells sarcastically about the dark side of technological human mentality

 When everything is modernized and civilized for human's easiness, does everything goes safe is the question in every individual's mind . Recent scams and leaks from our social networking sites and very big corporate database does really consider about our worries and problems. I have been a fan of some good mind bending tv series that i watch during leisure times to think how they visualize with good story. I've recently endorsed some tele series The prisoner , Legion, Mr.Robot in my previous posts.

 Today, i'd like to review about one of my most favorite anthology of modern era which visualizes dark shades of technological implication in human's activities in near future is simply a spectacular rather visually effective with the dreadful paranoia winding up in rather sarcastically nephilism. It is a tv series of Charlie Brooker's that aired in British channel 4 and now the Season 4 is been aired in Netflix with six episodes 

the future is bright with black mirror tv series logo

 Black Mirror is a cult of today's modern men's inhalation and fallacies onto the darker side of technological overdose with the tramples of strong short stories of some group of individuals day-day activity or fictional scientifically portrayal that taps us with lots of provoking questions in our mind. It is very difficult for us to discuss without revealing . In every episodes of every season with the monotonous brilliance of cult mannerism that broadcasts good and bad side of human developments and laziness.

black mirror episodes split

 Black Mirror was originally inspired from the older anthology shows like The Twilight zone that tells about the controversies of censorship but this tele series has lots more of what we live today. In the bounce of tech gadgets and gizmo's most human falls into clumsiness and stories were created to provoke audience into deep thinking.

 Season 1 and 2 was aired in Channel 4 and Season 3 ,4 were aired in Netflix with 6 episodes each . Totally , 19 unique episodes with the love or hate conjures on technological blasphemies with lots of psychological twists in between that inbounds sci-fi elemental so symmetrically into one piece of all together of mixed genres like horror/mystery/suspense / drama / family with sci-fi 

a rip from black mirror episode nose dive

 Some Television series just showcase for entertainment and some makes us to watch with some though provoking whilst some series makes us haste to watch for no reason. Black Mirror is an epitome of master brilliance of the maker who wants us to screenplay visually to the audience with the day-days advances that pressurizes or sedates the man's thinking ability in deep heartened and also mind blowing. Virtual Reality , Augmented Reality , 3D Hologram , Neuron Networks , Digital Realism , Artificial Intelligence concepts are portrayed well in both con and pro side as well.

 When we saw some tv series till 2000 it totally shunned us with some modern approaches , good concepts and some even skeptical. After 2000's many series started to round off the same and shown many sci-fi drama episodes which was no literally unique except few ones which tells us the cult of day-day events and incidents. Black Mirror is a kind of sophomore that has become so popular among audience because of not just delivered in unique conceptual style but also it warns the society that we are slaved by gizmo and pseudo society influence towards apps and tech revolt that completely detaches us from human feelings and make us like a programmed personality that we got mostly attached our personal feelings towards computer and mobile and we estrange our care and love towards our neighbors , friends and our own family is a kind of black mark to out human nature.
Interesting and must watch series mind bending cult and sci-fi epitome drama that interprets the darker aspects of humanity and society and the black mirror is the real time screen that we run our lives sarcastically but true with the unique episodes crafted well and acting is very phenomenal .

Black Mirror is unsettling in best possible ways where it unflinchingly explores the issues of modern society through deeply interactive stories that shows the intoxication with technological era and it disturbs you and provokes you to think deeper while watching. Amazing and Stunningly powerful brilliance from the director who showed some guts to show whats happening around us and what will happen if we go on like this in 80 minute episodes in truly gripped , suspenseful and cult way. Please watch out the trailer and ranking of all 19 episodes from worst to best in descending order 

If you have watched Steven Speilberg's Minority report and Stanley Kubrik's A Clockwork Orange movies then sure you will give a thought to watch this tv series interestingly blendful 

Some of the best foreign movies around the world that are worth watching for ( Part 2 lists )

I've recently mentioned few non-Indian and non-Hollywood movies that worth your time in this post  that  i have listed out few movies which covered me with some interest and i'd like to mention some other movies [ Thriller / Mystery / Crime / Drama ] genres that keeps us to watch again with edge of the seat thrills and as we all want entertainment when we leisure and some films are purely entertained , while some others are though provoking. We might find lots of films from the digital accessing in forums and websites these days but what we watch does matters a lot.

Though Hollywood has its own style of elemental screenplay from auteur directors like Christopher Nolan , David Fincher , Stephen Spielberg . We need to take a look at some foreign movie makers with their traits in story telling , screenplay , visual effects and direction will make us to think and watch their movies to credential their capability.

I don't watch movies to pass out my time , i watch them when i had leisure times to explore the interest towards them and the creativity in film making in every aspects. I have already listed out few of my selections in earlier post and the rest part i'd like to endorse here with the thriller / mystery genre as pre-dominance admittedly with stands to the audience interests and keep them engaged till end is a pretty hard task after modern media has lots of critics and reviews . Film must make sense or must entertain the audience to make money in good way but should not be a same old epics with modern technological adaptation. 

I'd like to review the movie in a line or two lines sentence , as i don't like to detail much to lost the thrill of any audience by going into plot analysis and detailed story review with ratings. Continuation to my previous post about foreign films ( thriller / mystery ) genres  that are worth to watch your time are as follows 

A Hard day ( Korean )

Hard day korean movie poster

A Joyful thrill ride with visual richness that purely get out of your grip in fear and quick wit at the same time. 

A Day ( Korean )

A day movie poster

Do , Repeat and chase task of a father who wants to save his child again and again with time loop thriller with sentimental borders 

The Terror we live ( Korean )

the terror we live poster

An in-live engagement thriller movie which sarcastically tells us how our modern media frames news with the sense of elemental understanding 

Cold eyes ( Korean )

cold eyes movie poster

Cold eyes is an action / fantasy / thriller of  a fatal mistake of a police surveillance in bank while chasing the criminals makes a must watch 

Steel Rain ( Korean )

steel rain korean movie

An watchable ongoing issue between South and North Korean spy/thriller drama that shows the yacht of balance in art of political way

7  Cajas  ( Spanish / Paraguan )

7 boxes movie poster

A tensed dramatic thriller that keeps us fast paced well scooted up in the day - day happenings of the day sellers in the market with masterpiece of brilliance

Loft ( Belgium )

loft belgium movie

Original Belgium version will start you with fun and later on it tweets with gripping suspect which is close to us that fused in dramatically cob-webbed superbly

Point Blank ( French )

Point blank thriller movie

An pointless but break neck speed suspenseful thriller of a desperate man's only sole purpose is to save his pregnant wife is ingenuously profoundly in non familiar style

The Tunnel ( Germany )

the tunnel german movie poster with cast

Based on true events that happened earlier in Germany while they escaping to west with exhilarating and breathe taking thriller o mania 

The counterfeiters ( Austrian / German )

The counterfeiters movie poster

A compelling and sharpening drama about war period times between German and UK about counterfeit currency issues and delivers the true life events promising and astonishing crime thriller element 

The Consequence of Love ( Italian )

The consequence of love italian movie

This is a classic film adaptation and delivers a true , grit and psychologically mysterious elemental film that has a bridge of mis conceptual ends of  exceptional dramatically atmospheric and tragic 

Tell No One ( French )

tell no one french movie

A truly grip engaging master elemental nonchalance multi twist theory plotting that keeps you stick to watch till end is a must watch gruelling movie.

PS: This is my part 2 lists of some foreign movies which i consider worth to watch after my part 1 exploration which i already mentioned in one of my previous post. The list will be continued after watching out certain movies and all the images are taken from net source for not any promotion purpose 

The Prisoner ( 1967 ) Tv series is an unique mystery/thriller metaphor of modern cult that exposes our society with cat and mouse escapism of individual

I've never been used to watch television series earlier days except detective , comedy and some cartoons in the weekend. I love to watch different television series with variety of stories or characters that run in front of us which should make some sense or entertained. We obsessed with modern media and some television series will never be able to forget even when we get aged. I have already mentioned some  series like Legion  & Mr.Robot earlier, but today i'd like to talk about one classic spy cult that tells about escapism which has sense of modern day's civilization.

the prisoner classic tv series

 When the modern television series tells with more technological stuffs , one of the classical cult tells about how modern civilization will be in sarcastic and thriller way in provocative manner.  A British secret agent who just resigns from the service recently gotten abducted from his own place and been shifted to some mystic idyllic village , but is really a weird prison. There he used to meet complete strangers which he is totally unaware of. Not only but also those strangers in the village comes with no names but numbers . He is been warded information to follow up but they provide no information to him which makes us intrigue .

  It is a quite ambiguous and also most unique way of telling the characters which i have never seen in classical nor today's series where characters names are used as numbers. Why this series has a re flexion and controversy in 60's ITV series because they had more critics with the story they showed up in the television. This actually paved my interest to watch this series. 

 When he asks the person is in chair who is like a boss in that village , he says " You are number 6, I'm number 2 "  Our main character lead a.k.a hero says him in return " I'm not a number " starred by Patrick McGoohan who starred as secret agent in this series and also many series has been hit into lot of criticism because of this own production and direction. 

 I don't want to spill more plot in very detail but i'd like to share up what this tv series is all about in few lines. A man been abducted and transferred to the remote village finding a way to escape from the mystic village where every time he fails because of the modern day times implementation of security cam's , authority personnels and guards who keep eavesdropping at his every pin point moves and even the technological pod will be moved according to the boss [ number 2 ] remote moves which makes us tramped and stumped like a human man with his control in other hands concept.

This is a 17 episode series that in each episode the number 6 tries to find a way to escape from the mystic village but he mostly fails . Not only that but also in every episodes [ except few that will not be in arranged order ] number 2 will be  kept changing and instruct others to make the number 6 tired and frustrated of to get only  one information from him Tell me , why did you resign from your service ? and every week he meets new adversary

Why he resigned from the service under whose content of advice or what made him to resign is what the number 2 wants. But our hero here never tells this till the end and also most interesting in between is once he find a way to get out of this island and he finds his way back home , but when he backs to his home , every thing looks unfamiliar and even other colleagues who works with him also be brought of to make him fool in between.

It is believed to be the concept of individualism versus the mass of group of people who follows blindly what they been asked to followed too. We study , work and will look for a family in future to develop ourselves for betterment of civilization to prudent accustomed to society which are like programmed book . Number 6 is like a rebel who fights for his cause , when he tried to find out the unique way , what are the gains and losses of it are explained in occult way is what i could say.

I never felt such an interesting , gripping and also provocative cult way in modern day television series except few ones . In the last two episodes somehow audience could able to get a theme that number 6 needs to prove his authenticity by passing or smarting number 2 out to goto his city back with no future confusions like happened in between episode. Whence once he cleared of number 2 , he been asked to meet number 1 and other group of people who shouts and chants what government says very sarcastically. 

I don't want to spill much except saying the unique piece of art in television drama those days will still make us to think more deeper what we are onto in the hands of finest civilization which shapes us in the terms of society culture against any individual like number 6 who struggles for his individuality through escape and defeats.

The screenplay and dialogue is amazing and makes visually effective with the modern day sets those days and the modern depiction in classical cult have proved its uniqueness in story telling and an amazing thriller to every audience a must watch even in these days and will stand for years. It is more interestingly a feel of psychiatry and a play of our modern day notations like technology, science, government policies towards citizen, freedom , democracy , education and scientific progression and also this concept has made other directors to make movies like Truman Show , Nowhere Man in modern day cinema. The all 17 episodes are really a masterpiece of brilliance from Patrick McGoohan through his visionary cult display permeable with the thread and taunts of liberty and personal identity that has been masked under fake cultural practices to prove us the modern day man's today's fallacy towards cultural blind following up in small screen in interesting and fashionable way a must watch for everyone and also to think deeply a handful applauds with wonderful background music and beautiful location as well