SKETCHAR : this AI deep learning conceptual tutor directs the users to draw the pictures easily with help of AR & NN

Drawing is an art and doesn't come naturally to everyone , some people does it for profession and some for hobby. To teach drawing to others , one has to come with fundamentals of drawing to train the students to draw from the particular direction to get the flow well . 

It is not so easy for anyone to pick up this trait so easily not unless we are completely interested in it. When this has become so difficult task for anyone even if they interested to do, there is an app that helps the users to get to drawings more quickly and effectively through Augmented Reality , neural networks and Machine Learning (i.e.,) SKETCHAR app. 

This is just an application designed specifically through which the user sees the visual image on the surface are they planning to trace or sketch. Users will be holding the phone in one hand and sees the virtual image and the other hand is meant for drawing virtual lines which are sketched on paper which is been directed by app through augmented reality and neural network pattern recognition algorithm . You can draw with either plus signs or circle symbols to initiate.

sketchar app  and drawing pen

I was recently talking about Moleskin's smart gadget but now i'd like to say something about one app that really facilitates the drawing power of any user with just + signs as start. Interesting fact in this app is you can use it anywhere like you can draw it on notebook , paper , pillow cover , any where and you can get to learn easily 

You can just start up with plus sign and you will be cycled through point by point lessons that helps you to associate layers to draw . Actually ,it works very easily by converting the content which is rendered and the original is mapped and then we need to place it on the virtual object on the surface that requires more technical approach. When each layers are approached and separated , the process is been done through automated teaching of algorithm to camera to distinguish between everything 

sketch ar drawn content recognized
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As you can see from the above source that virtual image is located on the surface and its been snapped through smartphone which is been recognized and the paper is separated from background and its clearly separated from hands to surface and then its been detected and recognized of the drawn content. This app is an ai initiative and its fully powered with neural network training technique with the supportive of augmented reality. Not only that but also compares the false recognition and compares it out 

Whence this app knows how to separate from original objects / patterns clearly , the images are then latterly matched with original and the action of algorithm is been processed for image pattern analysis and it is very challenging app for any users to get in touch with. They also come with video tutorials for every users to follow up as per instructions shown which is very easy for anyone to understand.

Most interestingly , it is presently available for android , ios and also for Microsoft Hololens. For further more detailed information, please check it out and for video tutorials of how to use instructions , please follow up this, for Video understanding check out the video below 

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