IBM's Watson powered voice assisted home's and car's will soon be in action

If you have watched Sherlock Holmes television series , you'd have noticed one prominent dialogue " hello my  dear Watson " to his buddy every time to close the case. Likewise, the tech giant IBM has named this Watson to do more assisted tasks through voice  as it is ai powered. Watson was under progress so far and it seems that IBM has officially launched Watson recently which has got more functions to do.Watson is not specifically designed to be brand conscious ( like Siri for Apple , Google Voice assistant only for Android phones , Bixby from Samsung ). This ai powered gizmo could be installed in any hotels , hospitals , cars and homes. Interestingly, when we talk of home assistance through voice, we could recognize Amazon Alexa  and Google's Nest from my previous posts. But this IBM Watson got our grip ahead into multi functionality assignments through voice assistance seems ti be quite interesting. 

features of ibm watson

location of ibm server

 ( Image source : Medcity News )

IBM Watson's partner Harmon demonstrates Watson assistant and this assisted service seems to be first done for voice assistant cyber security last year but now this function has been escalated to do wide variety of tasks that could be enabled through voice or text depending on the the device you use. Interesting isn't it ? , Whether its a home speaker or thermostat or  security systems or automated systems in car are all could be monitored and controlled through this multi faceted IBM Watson cloud powered facility through voice or text assistance. The most interesting feature of this feature is not only it will do actions based on the voice commanding assistance but also learns from the commands we assisted as it is also designed to learn from the actions and those preferences are remembered. As this IBM does our assistance tasks very effectively and also automatically by checking into hotel , rental car is coming on time , checking thermostat , your email checking also could be facilitated through cloud powdered IBM Watson to your phone automatically through IBM cloud based dashboard. It is like smart assistance enabled feature that you will receive notifications whenever the task is been performed but how ?. For that the devices should support  this IBM powered Watson and the account of IBM Watson could be enabled through IBM cloud account to get assisted and also data's could be accessed all over other Watson apps and you could imagine in future its gonna be fully powered in various gadgets as well. Please check out the video of how the IBM Watson works