SKETCHAR : this AI deep learning conceptual tutor directs the users to draw the pictures easily with help of AR & NN

Drawing is an art and doesn't come naturally to everyone , some people does it for profession and some for hobby. To teach drawing to others , one has to come with fundamentals of drawing to train the students to draw from the particular direction to get the flow well . 

It is not so easy for anyone to pick up this trait so easily not unless we are completely interested in it. When this has become so difficult task for anyone even if they interested to do, there is an app that helps the users to get to drawings more quickly and effectively through Augmented Reality , neural networks and Machine Learning (i.e.,) SKETCHAR app. 

This is just an application designed specifically through which the user sees the visual image on the surface are they planning to trace or sketch. Users will be holding the phone in one hand and sees the virtual image and the other hand is meant for drawing virtual lines which are sketched on paper which is been directed by app through augmented reality and neural network pattern recognition algorithm . You can draw with either plus signs or circle symbols to initiate.

sketchar app  and drawing pen

I was recently talking about Moleskin's smart gadget but now i'd like to say something about one app that really facilitates the drawing power of any user with just + signs as start. Interesting fact in this app is you can use it anywhere like you can draw it on notebook , paper , pillow cover , any where and you can get to learn easily 

You can just start up with plus sign and you will be cycled through point by point lessons that helps you to associate layers to draw . Actually ,it works very easily by converting the content which is rendered and the original is mapped and then we need to place it on the virtual object on the surface that requires more technical approach. When each layers are approached and separated , the process is been done through automated teaching of algorithm to camera to distinguish between everything 

sketch ar drawn content recognized
( image source : )

As you can see from the above source that virtual image is located on the surface and its been snapped through smartphone which is been recognized and the paper is separated from background and its clearly separated from hands to surface and then its been detected and recognized of the drawn content. This app is an ai initiative and its fully powered with neural network training technique with the supportive of augmented reality. Not only that but also compares the false recognition and compares it out 

Whence this app knows how to separate from original objects / patterns clearly , the images are then latterly matched with original and the action of algorithm is been processed for image pattern analysis and it is very challenging app for any users to get in touch with. They also come with video tutorials for every users to follow up as per instructions shown which is very easy for anyone to understand.

Most interestingly , it is presently available for android , ios and also for Microsoft Hololens. For further more detailed information, please check it out and for video tutorials of how to use instructions , please follow up this, for Video understanding check out the video below 

Please subscribe to their official Youtube channel over here and get accessed for latest updates 

IBM's Watson powered voice assisted home's and car's will soon be in action

If you have watched Sherlock Holmes television series , you'd have noticed one prominent dialogue " hello my  dear Watson " to his buddy every time to close the case. Likewise, the tech giant IBM has named this Watson to do more assisted tasks through voice  as it is ai powered. Watson was under progress so far and it seems that IBM has officially launched Watson recently which has got more functions to do.Watson is not specifically designed to be brand conscious ( like Siri for Apple , Google Voice assistant only for Android phones , Bixby from Samsung ). This ai powered gizmo could be installed in any hotels , hospitals , cars and homes. Interestingly, when we talk of home assistance through voice, we could recognize Amazon Alexa  and Google's Nest from my previous posts. But this IBM Watson got our grip ahead into multi functionality assignments through voice assistance seems ti be quite interesting. 

features of ibm watson

location of ibm server

 ( Image source : Medcity News )

IBM Watson's partner Harmon demonstrates Watson assistant and this assisted service seems to be first done for voice assistant cyber security last year but now this function has been escalated to do wide variety of tasks that could be enabled through voice or text depending on the the device you use. Interesting isn't it ? , Whether its a home speaker or thermostat or  security systems or automated systems in car are all could be monitored and controlled through this multi faceted IBM Watson cloud powered facility through voice or text assistance. The most interesting feature of this feature is not only it will do actions based on the voice commanding assistance but also learns from the commands we assisted as it is also designed to learn from the actions and those preferences are remembered. As this IBM does our assistance tasks very effectively and also automatically by checking into hotel , rental car is coming on time , checking thermostat , your email checking also could be facilitated through cloud powdered IBM Watson to your phone automatically through IBM cloud based dashboard. It is like smart assistance enabled feature that you will receive notifications whenever the task is been performed but how ?. For that the devices should support  this IBM powered Watson and the account of IBM Watson could be enabled through IBM cloud account to get assisted and also data's could be accessed all over other Watson apps and you could imagine in future its gonna be fully powered in various gadgets as well. Please check out the video of how the IBM Watson works

ONNX : a combined team work initiative for ai developers to hover around framework easily

Human being's support are really mandatory for any field streams from planting , mining and on space as well. With the Machine Learning's day to day prudence in variety of arenas that humans consume time a lot , this deep learners does this task hand-fully in minutes span of time that are extremely brilliant . When companies like Microsoft, Facebook , Amazon join hands to frame work one need platform for ai researchers and enthusiasts ,it is truly a gift for the developers to build to put to practice. Months back , i was stating about Gluon , now i am going to state something more alike to that of is ONNX ( Open Neural Network Exchange ) a platform where re used trained network could be trained to use for multiple platforms . One of the foremost problem we face in this network while we develop is to choose the right framework. 

Though Data Researchers and Data scientists has large no. of options available , it is not so easy to port the trained model into proper framework. Even though it takes lots of tasks to train neural network signals to practice to retrain will be a stress making process for all developers to re-frame and upload it to proper channel. ONNX does this task more easily by allowing users to retrain and re-frame it through proper export without any problems that leads the users to develop and train them more quickly. Developers can import PYTORCH model in Microsoft Cognitive Tool kit or process any images in Tensor Flow flawlessly with this uni-platform. This inter operation enables the users to reuse of any models into any proper frameworks without pressure from scratch till end of the development.

onnx details in website

As you all know deep learning needs parametric training and it is not only lengthy , complex but also expensive one. In terms of time and complexity, its a round off process like if you pass each data set through ai, neural network is trained and evolved based on parameters such as input layer , hidden layer and output layer via. modern training process. If you know of neural network training method, each weight is associated with layers to be trained and processed for evaluation under correcting neurons through proper optimization say genetic algorithm or back propagation algorithm. For every evaluation , accuracy value is compared and manual adjustments are tuned manually or automatically.

ONNX inter operability training from pytorch to apache market

onnx converters and frameworks , runtimes

  ( Image Source : ONNX )

Each frame work development is meant for specific purpose and developers can perform any tools without compromising quality and performance and also based on ONNX community .Google didn't join yet but it is another landmark in developing the framework projection. It has supported frameworks and converters to do it easily , also you can import and export easily between frameworks without any hassles. To how to do the import and export task , please visit their official link and to check out the end-end tutorials please check out the github repository For more info. about ONNX news and other supporting stuffs, please check out the official website and for self understanding please check out  how Nvidia linked out with ONNX and they made it successful in the video below

Some of the best foreign movies around the world that are worth watching for

I'm also a movie buff where i used to watch lots of movies , since i was a kid and i recognize only few good movies from television or theaters those days. When the interest seeded with more intense i started to watch more Hollywood movies along with regional movies. Some movies will be a good time pass to any audience and some movies will stand in your heart for years categorically because they are passionate and delivered in unique way. A movie is like an element of entertaining medium that makes the audience to hold their patience for shorter span with some information or a dramatic experience. When i get my deep interest towards other movies with strong characters i preferred watching Korean , Italian, French, Iran , Japanese, German movies too. I do not want to review like others by telling the movie plot in detailed analysis but i'd like to review in few lines which i watched and i'd recommend you guys to watch these movies which hovers my interest towards non Hollywood foreign movies till date. Here is my list which i shared below with one line review for your quick thought.

I saw the devil ( Korean )

i saw the devil poster

Cat and Mouse thriller between a cop and serial killer which is very entertaining and also provoking.

Clash ( Egypt )

clash egyptian movie poster

An unique drama / thriller genre which will take you to edge of seat experience in breathe taking way

Headhunters ( Norway )

headhunters norwegian movie poster

This is a thriller movie where you will surprised to see lots of twists and turns coming around and will remain you for long time after watching . 

The Wailing ( Korean )

the wailing poster

This is a horror and shocking experience from reputed Korean maker  will leave you breathless

The Secret in their eyes ( Argentina )

the secret in their eyes movie poster

One of the best thriller genres that keeps you knuckled with some emotions ,please don't watch the Hollywood version, this is the original one

The Invisible Guest ( Spanish )

the spanish movie poster

A Brilliant masterpiece mystery / thriller from Spanish maker will reveal you jaw dripped at few scenes with well planed touche

Sin Nombre ( English , Spanish )

sin nombre poster

An exhilarate drama / crime element which is all about  refugees hosting to USA during their tough times with tattooed gangsters mixed like wine in fusion element makes this movie a must watch

A Separation ( Iran )

a seperation poster

A good written family / drama  narrative element within the family has been visualized so beautifully with no dull scenes till end 

Oldboy ( Korean )

oldboy movie poster

Another cat and mouse mystery avenging thriller between villain and hero will make you fully separable with thoughts of twists with the right man did win ? situation trio

Memories of Murder ( Korean )

memories of murder korean movie

This movie is based on the true story that happened in small town at Korea that tells inept way to unravel the serial killer but leaves the whodunit trauma till the end from start is a must watch thrilling element 

Timecrimes ( Spanish)

time crimes movie poster

Director's brilliance in this low budget sci-fi thriller will riddle you out at the end with jaw dripping theory of bandaged man skeptically over and over 

Sleepless Night ( French )

sleepless night movie poster

A Full day life of a strange cap's is been told more interestingly with the clustered pieces of all characters rounded up tallying with thrillness

Cache ( French )

cache movie poster

This psychological thriller owes you twists and turns of suspense with the sense to tease your mind what i have seen

Who Am I ? ( German )

who am i movie poster

A fantastic hacker techno psycho thriller that conjures till the end to bolt your brain with splice of hacking theories jumbled in one roof like now you see me but with technological asylum 

Holy Motors ( Italian )

Holy motors movie poster

A blurred categorical drama / special genre with the dubious roles of a man performing an act from the head start till end with the idea of what is it says actually moment 

PS : These are just my partial suggestion list of non Hollywood movies which i don't like to spill the beans in terms of more detailed analysis, so i leave to the audience to watch and get the thrill and  i'm hoping that my list will be worth a shot for you guys . The rest of the list will be soon updated and posted..and all images above are ripped off from net source..

UPDATED : Check out the Part 2 list here 

Piccolo ai tech will now automate and also sense your every move through its gesture recognition technique

Artificial Intelligence is taking a forward linear advances towards modern's trends on commercial necessities. From the bot developments to spatial gizmos , the presence of ai has shown significant trendsetter even with the smart automation at home , the glimpse of technological bloom has magical presence these days with the convergence of research lab using camera and voice assistants around the house. Few weeks back , i mentioned about eye tracking device tobii , now the technology has gone one stop further towards motion assistance in home through smart facility

smart camera on wooden stand

This works on the principle of Vision assistance which works similar to voice assistant and works with camera and computer algorithms. Gesturing is one of the advanced tracking stuff which piccolo focused on . Gesturing through controlling things to turn on and off. Gesture tracking works more faster like we command on alexa. Company is very specific about making it lighter and quicker through motion sensing  susceptible to change according to the motions deducted.It has one more interesting function called autopilot which means it could able to adjust itself when owner is not there. Suppose if the owner went out or slept suddenly while watching , the control senses it automatically and dims the light and also controls the temperature and also volume raising / reducing  functions through enabled assistant.

human activity is sensed as gestures through smart camera

gesture recognition movement has been recorded

The Gesture Recognition Pipeline and Device Location Pipeline indicates not only the motion based technology but also indicates the devices on apps through deep learning and 3D rendering and reconstruction with the deep mechanism to identify people and apps at good speed. That makes the camera allows you to control the gesture stuffs and create a platform to build own apps and find traces of location . It is also controlled by app too. For detailed info. and product purchases, please visit their official website and for more detailed information , please check out the video below