Vuzix blade glass is an AR smart glass that seems to be functioning more of Google glass rivalry

 Intelligence and technological advances has sparked up more momentary perception in terms of Augmented reality and artificial intelligence these days. Some companies are making it more severe to the public to make it more commercial sooner . Recently , i mentioned about tobii eye tracking gizmo , now i'd like phrase about some glass initiative like Google glass if you are not aware of has some wider features for public through interactive conversation in smarter way which we could not imagine. 
vuzix smart black glass with technical specs
Like mini smartphone , it has all technical specification like Android OS , Microphone , HD camera, touchpad , micro sd slot , usb connection and bluetooth functionality . The main core features of this so called alternative to google glass has visionary and technological pre-installation like patient data , direction mapping, information about weather , alerts and so on. This gizmo will be a perfect pitch to the geeks and it is a wonderful companion to smartphone users in many ways. It is such a hand free to the mobile users but it will be depicting the conversation with whomever we talk to . User doesn't needs to pick up calls to have conversation , with just a tap at the corner calls could be responded smoothly.

 lady touching side of the smart glass to tap for smart facility

smart glass that shows the person who calls us to our no. on screen

smart glass capturing photos of kids playing game on screen

This is just a similar model of Google Glass type with facilitating augmented type function but the only difference is it is compatible a with alexa amazon voice assistant with wave optics, which means its voice assisted too... it could be connected to headphones to control the function aside. It is also known from the recent news that amazon alexa is capable enough to communicate with other electronic gadgets say microwaves and electric vehicles , now the list will grow even more wider in future. It gives mobile accessory kit to users ; that could be easily accessed through bluetooth headphones and power to use them and wearables that could be assist through voice controlled system. Company promises that they does offer the product at cheaper price in future and also they explain that unprecedented access to data collection and information to retail supplies , manufacturing , logistics and medical and industrial purpose. It has a fascinating audio , video stream and playback facility with its magnificent specification but the price seems to be bit expensive as it costs 1000 usd right now .

vuzix smart glass types

In my perspective , Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices are growing faster and coming to commercial use for industrial and domestic purposes in future with lots of promising benefits to make us to have a feel that is close to reality in digital world . Very soon , this parallel illusion of such virtualism in digital world will come to our hands and dominate us and i am afraid will that be an end to our real world . Have a look at  for products and purchases, to know more of what it can do check out the video below