Teach codes to the kids with this interactive and fun Makeblock Codey Rocky Robot

 When i was in school , i supposed to study all programming languages to pass the computer science exams with the help of tutor and books . Those days , i was learning what is computer and how the computer operates through programming and what does that syntax means is all tho-roughed with the information stated in book and doubts cleared by tutor himself. These days , when technology has a leap towards robotic mechanics arena, robots are capable enough to do some mini stuffs and micro stuffs and also humanoid tasks as i stated already in my earlier posts. Now , i'd like to mention of one robot that does coding teaching to the kids more interestingly and also more productively like a toy learning 

codey rockey robot starting price in kickstarter

   The most interesting fact about this little toy like gadget interacts with the kids like a live cat stuff with some technical and hardware specification details . This is actually a kickstarter start up project aimed to hit consumers with the motto of teaching kids to develop codes by themselves through easy usability which means this little robot could help your kids to develop their cognizant and concept building logical skills for a code development to assign tasks to the robot by the kids itself without any help from any other programmers that is truly a promising project . It is a mini teacher that comes with GUI gives the children the instruction to develop and build by themselves . Codey rocky has a controller head with led lights in its tiny little head with A,B, C buttons that could be attached or detached easily like a docket

specification features of robot head part

   As stated in the specification details of this detachable kit , it is not only presented with sensors and led displays but also it has gyroscope , infrared receiver , gear knob and also speaker too. Interesting gadget that has a flexible facility that could be docketed and pinned wireless or via. bluetooth to our smartphone and tablet to perform certain tasks which are already configured inbuilt what it needs is a code to access and propogate it. It seems this tiny little gadget could perform plus functions as like in our smart phone.

programming ide platform of codey rocky robots ui

codey rocky robot attached to tablet sensing moisture

 codey rocky robot that control's tv channels remotely

kid holding robot  saying that he can design own games

       This handy portable GUI mini robot does many functions which are amazing and helpful to kids and adults as well. There are codes to customize for lights , tell weather report , see time and personal messages not only that but also with the help of this kit with bluetooth ( via.wireless ) and USB ( via.wired ) but also it does varieties of tasks could be performed with the help of this gizmo. You can
  • You can pin up with Makeblock Neuron and Lego bricks to generate ideas 
  • You can upload or download from any pc or smart device through pinning via. dongle 
  • It senses the light and moves towards the direction with the help of light sensor
  • You can write and assign the code to make it as musical toy with the help of buttons 
  • with LED display and internet connection enabled, it is capable enough to tell the weather report timely 
  • You can design own games through codes 
  • You can control tv remotely 
  • It has Colorful GU ten programming languages  that could be built and developed to assign the code and re arrange it anytime 
  • You could also assign the code to monitor actions 
infographic illustration of codey rocky robot features and benefits
With IOT principles and Artificial intelligence learning adaptability any kids and adults could easily perform a good handy coding operations themselves and also they can learn easily and more creatively. This affordable dynamic and creative embedding flexible mini paratroop sized robot does gaming and also worthy tasks which are promising to our kids in coming generation. It also comes with other accessories and smart functions as well. It is still under modular development and product initiative has been succeeded by team by bringing up this niche product to the public targeting 6 years age and above kids in the consumer market with clear vision of offering them a mental ability to think when they grow up with the GUI functions and controls as toy and also robotic tutor as well. Please check out the project in phase documentation and other details over here and if you want to know how it operates and more details visually , please check out the videos below

    The kickstarter project is gonna be a fresh trendsetter in the robotic / ai in gaming /coding / home use commercials sooner with more benefits and features that could give others a touch to start something more handy robots that could be used in home and in office for other tasks as well. Worth the shot for this 49$ start up kit . If you are looking for further more accessories , please look over the cart section before purchase over here https://makeblockshop.eu/products/makeblock-codey-rocky and also in the above link as well. It comes with user manual and also interactive guide to customize and play random games. To support and back up this project Please visit this website  to encourage such a wonderful project

Snowden's app Haven is just a smooth smart security home safeguarding system that alerts

   We all aware of our personal information not getting duped by someone and most importantly , when technology and apps are getting more advanced these days, infiltration becomes so sleazy and easier in more possible ways. Whether its our bank credit card details or our password authentication details. Even we have to be more careful in handling information more securely or privately with more level of encryption. Now , we got one remedy for these kind of security solutions through Snowden's fresh initiative app Haven : an anti piracy app that keeps a look and prevent intrusions in home and anywhere

haven app with caption taghaven app in a phone testing out noise detections

( Image Screenshot Courtesy : https://guardianproject.github.io/haven/)

Haven is a true promising app that is been developed for easy captivity to any users to not only to monitor the activities , alerts the sound but also stores and records the unusual activities like intrusion or theft in the device automatically without any abruptions. This app just does only the storing function of images , texts , photos and videos which are nudged through sound sensors and proximity sensors that alerts via. triggering by motion or sound. This works on over phone's features which are already available in our phone's tech specifications in our hardware say camera , microphone , light sensor , microphone , proximity sensor and power. You can position the camera anywhere to capture any motion anywhere from anywhere and while alerting to the device , it sounds and lots of security notifications will be notified to the installed user. It does with the aide of Signal messenger with end- end encryption and also you can configure the device with Tor and chrome device as well.  You need to configure as Onion source and it seems like there is an additional devices to have Orbot : tor for android service.

haven app detects sound and also senses the camera motion in smartphone

 Snowden's this new initiative to the public will be supportive and helpful to any users whoever installs with hidden untapping facility and also you can configure with the laptop. Right now , only beta version is available and you can download it from their official website  and for further more documentation , please check out the original source under gifthub repository for more detailed info. over here https://github.com/guardianproject/haven/releases. Watch out the video below for self understanding.

PS : Right now , this app is only available for android and not even stable version is released. Any android developer can also build more with repositories provided in the github. Not available for iphone or any other phones. It is under development, takes sand time to turn it up. 

You can code anywhere with this Codeanywhere cloud ide platform

Developers are doing the agile task to perform certain operations even at tight-neck situation. Sometimes , they do need additional Compilers and developing platforming tools or sdks to compile or interpret. Even in some sdk's , it is not even easy to perform operations for team or for single , they do need background services to run properly or collaborating in cloud platform to compile takes lots of memory. Now , there is a fresh IDE for developers and programmers to run and test anywhere in the world . Even if they are few miles away or thousands of miles away or from different desk, this innovative web ide is a fast paced cloud environment to do write / edit tasks.

code anywhere ide web editor

You could not only able to integrate , write and edit the code but also you can edit it from anywhere in the world , as its cloud ide platform based and right now , it's available for 75 $ and it is a portable IDE with easy compatible and flexible platform available .

computer icon showing code anywhere

code anywhere ide features with different language platform icons

( Image courtesy : codeanywhere )

With the good ide built capability and fast paced availability , this platform is good enough to develop 75 programming languages with the add-on facility of web to access from anywhere too. I have never seen such an ide earlier before like this with cross platform access. It is really a parallel many to one platform i.e., any no. of developers could able to develop and collaborate at the same time. If you are aware of Google Docs and Office 365 , then this ide functions like quiet similar by allowing anyone to work and edit without crashing is achievable. This is a massive innovative platform and also it is linked to github, amazon s3 , google cloud services as well. You can easily import the file or inline it very easily or upload it very quickly with just a click.  You can code anywhere and also publish website with the help of github pages also. 

Any friends or colleagues from team or anywhere could offer the feedback to the developers so quickly without any crashes or hangouts and with its simplified customization , one could able to customize the page according to their preference anywhere in any devices . For instance, if you are working or debugging in android /ios or pc or web . This handy tool clears off your hassles so robustly in prompted and efficient manner. 

code anywhere ide prices with plans for different necessities

  You can sign up for free to use for single user and for premium features, every necessities are highly features with more characteristic elements. You can also set up different themes , multiple customizable layouts and also flexible easy to use environment. The best to use environment ide says many developers whoever used it. Right now , its not absolutely free, as stated above it has more premium plans available for different wants and the payment is per month or per annum basis. It'd have been better if they low down the price a little , as many fresh start up programmers or sme's will be actually benefited by installing and upgrading one platform rather than deploying more visual editors and sdks in their machine to get hung many time . Please check https://codeanywhere.com and please take a look on their video and configuration on any machine below for self explanatory and easy understanding. If you want to know more about its tutorial , please visit this official link


Google AI and NASA tied up to discover the other exo planets

 NASA is formidable in taking a geo-spatial and exoplanet discoveries in every astronomic moves with their incomparable standards to the public . With the team of scientists and researchers working towards one communion to achieve their mission targets on stand for past , present and future. The tech giant Google is on hands with NASA team to integrate to unity to make it even quicker and more possible ways. When we think of AI these days , the computational probability is sharpening its traits in the field of astronomy too. If you are totally aware of Kepler 90i - exoplanet discovered by NASA is discovered by Kepler system . Now, Google AI is  taking steps even further to head direct the move to find out the other exo planets in Kepler mini solar system.

kepler 90 solar system in comparison with earths inner solar system with  black bacground showing earth , venus , mercury planetary location

( Image courtesy : Science news )

This hot and rocky planet was discovered by Kepler space observatory telescope with the help of Google's neural network algorithm  and light readings were captured very interestingly. Scientists believed from the observatory that Kepler 90i does have solar system like ours . The discovery came to limelight with the help of Ai and that Kepler is seemed to be a sun like star which is just 2545 light years from earth and it orbit its star once in 14.4 days. Neural network algorithms are efficient enough to locate the weakest signals and the data's will be collected in database for collection of repositories. Kepler's system is like smaller version of our solar system and for past four years , the team seems to be collected nearly 35,000  signals. 

Here Google AI's help is rendered with the proper training of data's as neurons with at least 15,000 plus signals as samples and that is been iterated with the value adjustment . With the human presence , automated tests been taken with the neural network back propagation algorithm training till the errors are minimized . As Kepler's signals are been collected by system , it is been tested and verified iteration-ally with so many tests to prove the authentic confirmation and seems to come out with 96% accuracy. 

neural network with input layers and output layers in circles and arrows
Earlier, Neural network were just trained to search inside the database and never been used for further developments. Recently, google team promised the team that they will come up with better ideological concepts that could help them out to curb out , which could not be easily identified by our eyes or with telescope alone. Kepler 90i is a promising one to the team and they also state this system just has more similarities to our solar system  and thus helped them to find out sixth planet in Kepler 80 orbiting system and is comparatively smaller .

   Senior Software engineer Shallue is in joint hands with Google AI team came up with an idea to establish the connection of data with neuron network to get trained and it paid well to the team . According to the research paper published in The Astronomical Journal, Kepler was in deep exploration of signal adjustments and the results shows the values of Kepler mission are deeply concentrated.  Google AI seems to be doing its task very well by exploring other exoplanets by teaming with NASA to achieve great results for future exploration. Though neural network has to be trained a lot to understand the signal patterns more accurately , it does its task very minutely. They also made Reddit AMA section recently.  For better understanding, please check out the video below 

Somnox Robot can help you getting sleep without any hassles

Robots are doing steward jobs and customer service assistant jobs these days could be told as a start of computational era. When we don't get sleep , we usually walk or have some milk or take tablets or watch movies or games till we feel asleep, but this robotic tool helps any person to get sleep in quickest way by hugging it . Interesting and weirdness gone little funny and also unbelievable with this medium kidney shape sized techno pillow like teddy bear 

kidney shaped white colored somnox pillow with features explained

     You can able to feel breathe very easily not only that but also you can relax with the soothing mind without any hassles. You could able to adjust the breathing rate as per your relaxation in this tool. It also sings lullabies like google assistant does to us. It makes us to stay awake and also set our mind so rhythmic during falling asleep. When you listen to thousands of soothening and mind relaxing music , you will definitely fallen asleep and its medically and also scientifically proven technique .You can also upload the songs or musics of your type and also it has its lullabies too.

somnox robot with ladies , gents and babies hugging it

It not only act as tech pillow that softens your aside and also as sleeping agent but also it does some task which helps our body muscles to reflex while asleep. The material is very good and makes us very comfort to asleep and it has good 12 hours battery standby with bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity. It is app adaptable pillow type robot which means you could able to control the pillow through app . You can also record your own music and also others as well apart from default lullabies which are available in archive. It is easy to wash and natural fabric that is specially designed to adapt to anyone with the bean shaped circular stuff and also it comes with micro usb charging facility that could be charged anywhere and quiet compatible to any environment.

somnox robots technical specification details with icons

 This promising kickstarter project is just about to launch it commercially more sooner, as it is just launched with 2000 products and the price seems to be having bit concern but the research team promises that we will get good and comfort sleep and also it wakes up with the alarming facility sooner.We can not only sleep longer but also sleep quicker with no hassles and problems. It does reduces sleeping stress and also anxiety issues by increasing soothing mind through good sleep and good rhythmic music . It also does breathing regulation and affection tasks very smoothly and rapidly effective. We no need to tire our body extremely to get good sleep in future , it seems we need robots help to do such tasks and makes us completely hopeless and lazy in coming decade. Worth to buy for serious insomniacs but for others , it is just OTC product that needs a hitch point to sell it of.

   If you want to order this robotic pillow to your friends or colleagues or family members , they will send the pillow with the gifted option and estimated delivery may takes time , as its under development and limited only availability product. For further more info., please check out their official web page https://www.somnox.nl/ and for ordering [ pre ordering ] please follow over here. To understand its operation and how to use it in detailed way , check the video for your reference below and i bet that this smart sleeping pillow gadget could replace the sleeping tablets in smoother way .

This small mechatronic pongbot just owes us a short time fun for boozers

   Do you drink beer ? and do you love to have some fun times with the cups and bottles like kids ? Here is a small robotic kit that actually does the holder that aims the moving target. If you are aware of ping pong , the ball just moves in one direction through hits , but this gizmo does the spin , darts and randomly changes the direction but also senses perfectly by not falling under the table.

red colour ping cups with pingbot

This edge sensing technological kit moves in all directions by holding a single cup upto maximum five cups on the holder above the kit with holder caddie. You just need to stand apart and throw the ping ball on to the cup while its moving . Most interesting thing with this is those cups will be filled with beers and the opponent will be throwing the ball on your cups . You can either control the pongbot via. remote or leave it to automatically . whilst it moves , the user will be throwing ping ball on the cups and if the user throws successfully , the opponent will be taking that drink and this is not an hard task. This is very funny game and i could remember my old days playing these kind of games by adding sand in the cup by filling with balls through hits .

black colored pong robot with holders

This kit has LED lighting ( Red / Green ) and the player doesn't even know which direction its moving , it has edge sensor technology . You can play this game during any parties or when having fun time this works under motorized remote sensor control mechanism which has batteries and cups coming with the kit for free of charge and also its very easy to operate . You can take it anywhere to the party and play it with no additional stuffs to be installed. It is easy to use and hold and hassle free with the power switch

black color motorized pongbot with holder and remote

Actually to play this , there is no specific rule or instructions to play this game. As long as you have this pongbot , you will feel a good time killer in playful way. This is a cute 40$ kickstarter project that is absolutely a gaming one which is quiet funny with limited options. This is a pure mechatronics project works under pan mechanism . It doesn't have any regular pattern , but it is very tossy. Fore more information about Pongbot , please check out the video