This Ai tool will create a chatbot from the word document

In the world of computational intelligence today , it is no wonder that we are about to fall under the hands of machine learning bots and drones in a decade. Artificial intelligence is a pin topic these days to tell us a lot of information which are under research or which are already implemented that could be ready to use for any purpose. Yesterday , i was stating of an ai emailbot that floods the spamsters and scamsters email id with full of emails and makes them mundane . But today , i am going to head over an chatbot that does the work from word which is really interesting . Google recently announced the latest mini home speakers which are ai enabled and voice assisted for homes which has lot more to do then we expect but you need an ai help to make it work from word document.

Google home logo with mini speaker

( Source : Google Home )

If you are completely aware of Google home speakers , what they are capable of , then it would not be much harder for you to enhance the assistance level with much more commands. A month back i was telling of MS Dictate tool for Microsoft office where our speech could be converted to text just by enabling the plugin and recording it using mic. Today , we talk of reversal activity of this but with the help of Albert and Nohold , the word document could be transferred into a complete chatbot like a text to speech dictator to us ..Quiet interesting , isn't it ?

Albert is an ai based tool which will be linked to word document to perform such actions like a plugin and it does the assistant activity with the interaction of user, User just needs to type the document and end it , Albert which is enabled with word will check out and interacts and then it automates based on the structure of the document and also with the user interactivity and also picks up based on choice activity . Albert ai not only does that , but also it does the alternate words suggestions and also easily identifies it like " How is the morning today ? " or " How is so far going ? " .  " How was your day like that ". As you can imagine that this albert ai could identify different phrases comes under common meaning which is an human-like analysis. 

installing ai with google assistant dialog box

albert ai alternative words suggestion in document

( Source : Albert ai , Google Assistant )

Albert ai is capable enough to identify and also it could be linked to websites with embedding links and also we can train albert to understand different phrases and meanings in quick manner , But the only con is you need Google assistant app to enable its services which is bit expensive for any home needers but albert the ai tool is available for free and for business use. Airbnb customer service team seems to be quiet happy with this enables as the answers or questions could be easy in api implementation is what the user says .

Overall , it seems to be an effective tool that we can train this ai and also this ai will respond us based on pre-default settings available and also with the help of google assistant it does a lot and helpful tool for our workface and for personal use in coming days, but price is still a consideration as the business use tool seems to be quiet expensive . For further more info, about albert ai , please have a look at the official website and to know how to set up the google assistant , please take a look here . Please watch out the video for better understanding about Google assistant for home with albert ai below