Rescam: an ai that replies the scam emails and mundanes their time with these replies

   Electronic Mails we use everyday for variety of purposes , whether we want to convey message to boss or friend or apply for job interview or to send a business proposition , emails play a very significant role today and without email today's most authentication could not be done and sometimes on offline too. But sometimes , we will feel annoyed when we receive an email from scamsters saying that we have won lottery ticket or pass out some details by clicking this link as a sandbox which agitates and makes us very irritating . These days , no. of scamsters and spamsters have been increased and their activities over email brought a sham to persons and it is undeniably not easy to keep track of all time.. Here is an ai chatbot that does a steward job for us via. online by replying to the scam email senders a shockingly surprise reply that makes them really weary

phising the mail scam message with the thief carrying a bag

Recently, Netsafe developed an intellectual ai bot project Rescam that replies to the scamsters in very funny and smart way by giving a self introduction of different facial personalities like as we see in films which is very insightful and innovative. this is a free and open service to everyone . Using this innovative service is very simple . When we receive an email , which we find it is as suspicious or scam , You just need to forward that email to  " " and you will be prompted to check whether the email is a scam attempt. If you are very certain about the suspected activity then this ai bot will flood with them emails by not exposing itself from where they are using proxy address and make it vulnerable to the target .

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This is a very effective tool that should be helpful for every persons who owns the email address for just in case , if we come to know that we are vulnerable to the target or if someone tries to scam or spam us out. The development team also states that the more we send , the better it could be and this re-scam does it task outstandingly brilliant is what i could say. For further more info, about it please check out and for get to know of this rescam in video , please watch it out below