Legion : A perplexed & also visually stunning metahuman sci-fi tv series from Marvel

    Whenver we talk of tv series , we always find it entertaining or provocative based. Only few tv series deserves to riddle us with their story telling method and make us to watch over and over again to confirm what we seen is true, they do twist us with the plots and confusions and even conjure us with the another parallel way of story telling . Few weeks back , i was talking of  Mr.Robot : complicated twisted tv series of hacker , now i am going to talk of Legion aired by FX channel

 As the name suggests , Legion is quiet perplexed to understand for any tv viewers in linear way , if you watch one  episode it may likely to have a different perspective  view in next episode with blended twists . In  the Season 1 ,  main starrer Dan Steven as David Haller is a schizopernic grown up young man who is already admitted in the hospital under treatment for his condition , but he has super human abilities like magneto in x-men and yeah he is a mutant according to the marvel database and he has super human abilities with great agility to bend time , pyrokenesis ,  reality warping , energy projection ,telekinesis and telepathy and also shape shifting which are tremendous

( Original source : FX , Marvel studios )

       If you have watched X-men movies , you might be pretty aware of what mutants are really capable of and likewise , i mentioned the super power ability of this mutant David Haller will riddle you with the tail end chase of every episodes with confusions in your mind sometimes. If you have already watched the first season of this legion , you could able to understand the notation well. In the first season of legion tv series , What you can get is how David Haller gets to the hospital ? how he could able to get such meta human abilities and why some guys are chasing him and who is villain and why there is another team wanted to get these mutants away and who is that girl like that could be able to get to known in very unusual , mind bending in visual stunning way.

       If you're aware of Gabriel Haller and Professor Xavier in X-men comics from Marvel , you could able to catch up what i am saying of. Here David Haller comes as complicated paranoid kid , who has some meta abilities , where he meets some acrolytes of other mutants with special abilities to help him. There is an antagonist team who works against these mutants for government and also an creepy insider personality that conjures us in the form of yellow ugly wide bald faced guy seemingly like an Alien. Who's he ? and why he appears in our hero's dreams or visions sometimes is another tail end that you need to knock of .

     You could see the bulgey faced yellow eyed devil that knocks surprisingly in between . But what is this creature ? why it is appearing in his vision or dreams or illusion sometimes, will be a later show off. If you are pretty interested to watch comic hero based , mutant based or psychological thriller based, then this legion episode could be your main meal. Just Season 1 crossed over with 8 episodes , in each episodes you will find it interestingly spinning like cotton in our brain at the end of every episodes. I would not want to throw the full story of these episodes . But you will find it little confused in between or your mind will be feeling  What moments to understand it properly. They made it visually stunning , psychologically bending with twists like Inception and Insidious mix that owes you to watch it with interest. Please watch out the trailer of first season below