Ford's Safe cap vigilates truck drivers from making accidents

  It is no so easy for any drivers to drive at night, especially when it comes to long drive . The technology on the one hand is advancing and also as death trolls via. accidents at night times. No matter  how efficient you are , when it comes to sleep everyone will be drowsy and fall apart automatically . Recent technological advances from motor companies are taking a huge leap to combat such inaccuracy issues to curb out most effectively. When it comes to legendary car manufacturers like ford , it is even more formidable for them to see what will be future's wants. 

  Ford is making a cap that senses out head movements that is linked with sleep and wakeness through sensory perceptions and vibrations through alerts, sounds and lights and they named it as Safecap. Ford seems to be in tie ups with Brazilian creative agency GTB to do such initiatives. They were testing the users with the various instrumental panels through various researchers and methodologies by mapping head motions and real time drivers through real time tracking and also adjusting mirrors and checking view and so on which is quiet indistinctive. Smart cap seems to be really smart work from the makers having some sensors which we have in smartphones today say like gyroscopes, inboard accelerometer that measures the movements in smarter way and that will alert the user through component associated while driving and alerts the user with the sound vibrations and light popping up which will make anyone quirky and convoluted. 

safe cap with blue and red in color

features of ford safe cap

  As you can see from the above snapshots that it has battery , micro processor chip , micro usb and also alerting device with above sensors stated in very smart way at the back side of the cap which is marked in red. When you slightly fall asleep , while driving it senses and alerts based on the above training and tested methods and saves the truck drivers and anyone to getting hit with an accident or topple over. But at present , ford seems to be testing this cap only in Brazil and not very certain of any mass productivity . However ,if ford is about to commercialize this Safecap into big volume , then they will definitely do it after many tests in other countries as well is what the source says. To understand how it works , please watch out the video below 

PS : This technology is currently under testing in Brazil and the above video is narrated in Portuguese