Fashion Ai consultant from Alibaba made a tremendous record in sales on Singles day

Alibaba is known for e-commerce trading platform for products and suppliers for buyers and sellers and its one of the most reputable chinese conglomerate. Alibaba offers sellers and buyers a numerous advantages with new features and transparency in business - business and business-consumer platform . Likewise , Artificial intelligence deployment has become a wave these days to take a stand over consumers and business point of view. We might have talked of voice assistance , smart security products, virtual assistant savvies , but have you heard of this fashion ai ? . As you know majority of Alibaba's sales does comes from online and mostly in clothing department , but what exactly does this Fashion Ai does ?

alibaba office logo

This ai was developed by researchers mainly to make an easy user interface with customers to try and use while they chose for clothing. It just has a simple user interface that is ready to be used easily and that in-built Ai system has no. of clothing and it get trains to understand and recognize the pattern of clothing style and texturity based on other fashion experts suggestions and through thorough pre-usage and it could able to recommend with better suggestion to the customers and they installed this ai system at 13 centres in China. As stated earlier in my other posts , chinese government is putting a way ahead in technological deployments and especially thier interest towards artificial intelligence has become so widened towards all other streams . Their clear nod to all department shows the growth in many streams these days. When it comes to Alibaba , the e-commerce giant makes it very sleaky .

Like the Led screen in cineplexes , Alibaba installed the big screen like Kiosk centres and toll booths , Alibaba just started thier offline business apart from being online in their conventional way. As their only mode was earlier , now they plant to deploy these systems over to make sure the customers finds it easy to use and interact. As you all know e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba has their marketing strategy towards bringing customers with cheaper price than the shop price with some extra facilities and privileges landing to their beliquent success rate. Now it seems Alibaba is planning to entourage the customers to check and use strategy and having put Ai powered screens in dressing rooms that allows every customer to try and get suggestion from this human droid machine learner and getting satisfied is a very good task effective means. 

fashion Ai system in Alibaba is just an initiative appliance from the team , as their team already planned to invest a lot for Ai implementation wide over , it shows with a good start with record marking sales on the singles day with escalating heights seems to be very tacky for humans to achieve those. Let us wait and see what all could be done by ai in future . For more to know of it , please check out the video below about how alibaba's ai system and future of it by its ceo