AI can write horror stories now

 These days , machine learning has quiet become a day-day flash news to everyone beating human beings competency in several skill traits from gaming , customer service , entertainment , medicine  and health care and now in story telling and story making . Are you fond of listening to stories , especially do you like creepy and jump scary ones ? . Then you might be pretty much interested to listen to some scary books and movies. If yes, then you should take a peek at this ai named Shelley from twitter could able to do that for you . Ain't you believing me ?

AI robot is playing chess with the lady
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I was reading an article about how ai is shaping story telling traits from deep machine learning concepts through continuous training in one the article from the Huffingtonpost article , whilst i came across to a wonderful and interesting ai that creates smart creative and horror stories . As you know well writing and telling stories is completely a human skill work , but this ai does this trait very efficiently got me dazzled away.

ai in twitter displays the stories

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  Massachusetts Institute of Technology team made this innovative research and developed a collaborative horror writer ; does this writing task very efficiently and writes out creepy stories very astonishingly outstanding . How it does ? is very simple way to explain. This could work with tweets and responses to Shelley . Shelley ai does tweets every hour responsively and any follower who wants to follows stories could reply or tweet upto 3 times and if you would like to continue to your or other's story , then you can just tweet with the message  " yourturn# " . Shelley doesn't communicate like normal human beings or voice assistance does. It does only through interactive responses and tweets and If you want to end the story , then you should tweet the message like " #theend " and also Shelley is capable enough to do some more things like removal of hashtags and also @ symbols while processing. You should follow the instructions before tweeting to Shelley .
the ai written stories are displayed as tweets

shelley ai webpage with stories in pan

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 Interesting and smart initiative approach  from the MIT Media lab  made a remarkable accomplishment through thorough accomplished training and they literally used 140,000 stories to train this ai from subreddit r/ nosleep where they trained this ai to compel human to get pretty creepy Shelley has her own way of compelling human interaction via. story telling in horror way. We have to quiet wait and see what will be the latest further more developments from ai will leap over. To know of more of this Shelley, please visit their official website  and for stories from shelley , please visit . To get to know of visually , please watch out the video below