AI can fool captcha ?

 Artificial intelligence a.k.a machine learning has become a niche to our day to days life. Decade back we used to authorize websites with user authentication details , where password is really mandatory for every person to access his / her account . When so many spamsters tried to knock it away , there comes two way authentication and captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart ). Many of them might away why captcha is been placed at the bottom of user registration or sometimes at the login page. Many people might be aware of what captcha is , for those who are not aware of it , i'd say that is a security authentication that distinguishes human from machine learning through sight and type proofs 

captcha with word verification dialog box

As you can its a automatic program that shows jumbled alphabets , numerals and sometimes pictures to authenticate user and to distinguish from getting spammed or botted. Likewise, AI is making a progress like human to prove its authentication by outsmarting this activity . Computer scientists and researchers recently developed an algorithm that mimcs and visualizes like human brain that improvises visuals apart is something more humanish is what i could say. Normally captcha is the visualizing stuff'and computers are not easy to pass this test but somehow this google even pointed out that solving the recaptcha test is complicated to even human beings , but computer researchers and scientists from the  Vicarious proclaimed that they could able to tuck it away using special technique 

Normally, Neural network techniques , image processing technique and recognition algorithms are widely used in most machine learning concepts , but this team has made it further to develop an algorithm that creates Recursive Cortical Network a kind of pattern technique to mimic the actual visualizing process as like in human brain more better than neural network , as neural network needs literally thousands of images to be present and processed and correct errors takes lot of time to tune the accuracy but this seems to be working well and even requires less computing work than neural networking , which is a vantage point to the team . 

A Captcha results table

( Source : Vicarious )

Human brain has the ability to visualize the images and objects , once they see over and patternize it , likewise this RCN is capable enough to make the patterns and visualize itself and even have the ability to analyze the pixels of an image matching the outline . In 2013, the same team has made an announcement that they cracked the text captcha result with good accuracies which are tested by google , yahoo , paypal etc., Now it has gone even more wider to prove its recognition with more analysis to improve its efficiency . It seems that Ai has taken deeper leap into crack down these security authenticators to by pass human identities very sooner . To understand much more better , please check out the video below