Galleryguardian app : Content privacy protection app for parents

Today in the modern world , we live with lots of apps and websites to check out information and make our business profitable or socialize with people for networking or affiliation or building a team for good deeds. But there are some websites or apps which lets you to watch some raunchy scenes or obscene which are not totally invulnerable and some stuffs at the back even work as malware . Either by chance or by mistake , if we clicked the image it will redirect to some unwanted sites which affects our pc or mobile by various means. In a family , when we have children especially when they have gadgets in hand , they do play games or watch cartoons or access infos. but some websites are totally inappropriate to the audience leads to moral disparage and addiction. Here i'm going to tag about one app which is really a necessary app for any parent of today's and that is "Gallery Guardian ". 

This app is developed for the root cause to curb out the teens and young children anywhere to access the certain websites and texts which are irrelevant , lurable to them . This app does a very good work for any parents to keep a note on their children. It seems they use image recognition algorithm ( a pattern recognition technique which is widely used in machine learning to focus the regularities and patterns of the data assigned [ here its image ]  for easier identification process in future to a device that is widely autonomous ] seems like AI technique is adapted here. It is a very simple app that is very easier to use. Let me brief you how it could work and in what way parents are benefited from this app.

gallery guardian app with features

Working feature of this app is very simple . Install the app and then after installation, you will be asked to pair up the gallery guardian app on the parents device first with the child's device using the special code which you will be asked after you done creating the account. You will get the notifications of the children whom you want to monitor in , whenever they are out somewhere or they surf something suspicious . This app works with the aide of geo-fencing tracking in our smartphone where our detailed location report will be sent to the parents with the spot marks. 

gallery guardian app showing notificaitons

gallery guardian app showing address with pair pin

gallery guardian app showing geo map location
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As you could able to see from the above snapshots , every parents will receive alerts when child arrives or goes somewhere and also it alerts the parents, when they access inappropriate content which is totally guarding app for kids from accessing certain obscene sites. This encompasses the great niche idea from the team and it makes the kid to stay safe from sites which are meant only for adults. To  know of this more , please check in their official website over here  and download from the google play store or itunes store and if you want to know in video , watch it out below fyr.

PS : It seems the users who have already used it finding out one errors and that is battery drainage issue and the team is working on this issue to fix it up. Right now its available only for android and iphone users only with the limitation of pairing upto 6 devices only.

First virtual politician chatbot responds promptly via messenger.

      Artificial intelligence is no longer a hypothetical topic to anyone these days, it seems the rise of computational intelligence can power anything in mere future even in the filed of politics and governance. Computational neural network is having an extraordinary ability to develop and train the platform to analyze and decide to take further steps in logical and conceptual decision making skills. The smart deep learning ai politician  named " SAM " does this political task

sam virtual politician logo with yellow background

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      This is smart virtual assistant which does the political disguise and communicates with us in more stylish and friendly way like customer service team 

chatbot responding the user with responses
sam chatbot responding the user with responses

   This virtual assistant is having a complete political information and does like automatic bot task but all information related to Newzealand constitution through facebook messenger . For commanding the input just check out for the list of questions. You can ask about politics , education , childcare , healthcare , business and et al. Like google assistant , this chatbot does the task so promptly but only with the limited knowledge offering the response through collective info. It seems that machine learning is taking traits of our individuals slowly and sequentially in every corners at the initial stage by putting human decision makers to concern of ai bit more a healthy and advanced competitor even in election campaigns in future it seems. 

features of sam ai

This is just available only for Newzealand citizens to know about the political and statistical facts but any user from anywhere can just try asking certain questions which are mentioned in help page of the website.SAM ai will be expected to participate in 2020 election it seems says Gerritsen . For more information, please visit 

Gluon : AWS & Microsoft in hands to introduce Deep learning combo for developers

 It is no wonder to me the two tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft are hand to hand for first time ever to develop a much better machine learning accessible for developers . This must be an open source interface that concerns on deep learning into more deeper interest . Gluon is termed to be a built unanimously to train neural networks in terms of data, model and algorithm to make sure that is easily accessible to any developers to create and research more and its like a digital library platform for the developers

gluon logo with api specification

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Gluon is an easy-to-use and build interface that is open to developers and researchers in machine learning and deep learning conceptual training . As the purpose signifies it could be built in with any structure for optimization and layer definition . As this algorithm trains the model to easily understand the data patterns and automizes it accordingly. Why its very significant to the developers ? Because one good reason its very easy to understand and implement like installing a plugins in our browsers , secondary reason is it helps the developers to interact , build and develop to make a quick prototype. It seems that developers no need to shy away in making up the projects from the api which is openly posted to general public on github and there instructions . Microsoft got this connected because they are already in the verge to make numerous projects from ai to boost the productivity in various fields in future . So they come to hands in join with Amazon web services to make it possible to compete against their competitors .

Gluon can be used for training the neural network to train and resize according the users convenient wants. It compasses the both neural network and training model and training could be performed so easily with no hassle free to develop any app to interface it and to deep learn it, training is a predominant factor and the researchers are saying that it has become a smart trainer to students and developers to prototype the model so easily. Recently , Docomo has made a step further towards showing an interest about prototyping via. Gluon is a linear platform for ai research developers and data analysts to be honest more. Newyork times recently reported that the two tech giants shaking hands at their back of sleeves to form an artificial cognizance research development to carve the future to combine such moves has become mandatory to sprout the redundancy to strike out rivalries by waving hands at Cortana from Alexa through intelligent approach from both the teams . Now Gluon is technically occasioned with Apache Mxnet to heed up and the tech team from amazon are about to make a further deep movie with other companies through partnership for ai research and development collaboration. For further more info. Please make a check out here

Now Google Assistant can identify your unknown song names like Shazam

       Google makes lots of efforts in bringing the productivity of their apps to use to public in many ways.  A week back i was mentioning about gmail add-ons , now i am about to state another feature of google that can do something similar to Shazam ( the music app that tells what song its running now , even if you have no idea ). Some features you might be pretty aware that u need to access only if you own Google Pixel 2 and 2 xl ).

Google's Voice Assistant is more capable of just assisting through search by voice and it has more accurate results than other voice assistants is what another report says and this virtual assistant does listening tasks more better than the humans . If you ask the assistant " What song is this ? " . if you hear any unknown songs or tunes playing at the back , you can simply ask assistant for that . It will info you with lyrics title and artist name . As the service is enabled with Youtube and Google Play which is embeded and it will pop up in few seconds from more than millions of depositories . Initially , Pixel 2 has that more accuracy facility to use , but now that its not seems to be only avail for pixel or pixel 2. It could be done in any android google assistant enabled phones with the smart update.

  As you can see the smart assistant from Google does this new task like Shazam now and to access this you need to have voice enabled and also internet connection service enabled , so it will flash out the info card in few seconds  time . As it has lined up with spotify and youtube database to access it . Not only this , google assistant is capable enough to do pretty more stuffs than these. For more info. about that, please hover your cursor button to this link . To set up google voice assistant , please follow the steps over here 

Google's learning software is now prototyping itself to train

Not in one day i could not see stop seeing about google and their day-day news is really marking beyond the range we expect . I was talking of Google Assistant yesterday how does it tracks out the unknown songs or tracks that is running at the back via what song is this command line, but now i am about to mention about the google 's machine learning program had made a self awareness that replicates itself . Couldn't able to get any idea what i am talking of ?. Google always amazes us with fresh products and announcements that really seems like we are already living in future today. In May, Google revealed an automated project called " AutoML " from the name implicates that this project is specially designed to develop other Machine learners by itself . It seems this project has already shown the tease by beating up the human intelligence in building up a game machine is what google research team is saying of. In this one , google has successfully implemented from image recognition to machine learning so far and it is very significant for everyone to be aware of. 

neural training itself to create more neurons in flowchart

the controller is training and verifies the model in ann

( Source : Google Resource )

   Above here is a flowchart of symmetry that happens with AutoML program that encompasses the structure of training the network that is associated with it. To get more accuracy in deep learning theory , this AutoML creates data through layers of various neural networks. From the above flowchart of Google net you could able to visualize that the Child model architecture is first proposed and will be assigned for specific task then latterly trained , controlled and feedback will be send to the other architectures after thousand times of training that could happen in fraction of minutes . Later on , thie above training and feedback process is repeated to other layers and does this learning task symmetrically more better.  It seems that AutoML project is outsmarting human's intelligence in various tests with better accurate results that leads this team to continue this project furthermore. 

   To accomplish this , the team is working very hard in implementing all recognizing algorithms among-st with reinforcement algorithm . The team says training part is just  a trail, the main headneck task is to mimic the human brain like stuff which needs more training and tuning layers into proper adjustments with specific inputs. So far this AutoML project is been implemented for image recognition and speech recognition tasks which we already knew of it. Now the deep learning technique is even going further to put a web of strings in terms of patterns and layers as neurons to upsize it like a kid to grow up . The process called "meta learning " or learning to learn to speed up the networks to perform better architecture. This task does looks simple but not easy , team were pretty complaining about the mundane of repetitiveness to check which layer or which one will perform better through no. of training and iterations 

   Google CEO Sundar Pichai is very much confident in this project and he believes that this project will be further implemented and executed for variety of learning algorithms purposes to put to use to humans in various numerous ways in future. Let us hope for the best , as we can see now what google is capable of more than we thought and they gonna fuse our lightbulb with the help of transcending artificial intelligence infront of us to shake hands in few years time is gonna question our roles in future. For more understanding about the concept here, please watch out the video below :)

AI can fool captcha ?

 Artificial intelligence a.k.a machine learning has become a niche to our day to days life. Decade back we used to authorize websites with user authentication details , where password is really mandatory for every person to access his / her account . When so many spamsters tried to knock it away , there comes two way authentication and captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart ). Many of them might away why captcha is been placed at the bottom of user registration or sometimes at the login page. Many people might be aware of what captcha is , for those who are not aware of it , i'd say that is a security authentication that distinguishes human from machine learning through sight and type proofs 

captcha with word verification dialog box

As you can its a automatic program that shows jumbled alphabets , numerals and sometimes pictures to authenticate user and to distinguish from getting spammed or botted. Likewise, AI is making a progress like human to prove its authentication by outsmarting this activity . Computer scientists and researchers recently developed an algorithm that mimcs and visualizes like human brain that improvises visuals apart is something more humanish is what i could say. Normally captcha is the visualizing stuff'and computers are not easy to pass this test but somehow this google even pointed out that solving the recaptcha test is complicated to even human beings , but computer researchers and scientists from the  Vicarious proclaimed that they could able to tuck it away using special technique 

Normally, Neural network techniques , image processing technique and recognition algorithms are widely used in most machine learning concepts , but this team has made it further to develop an algorithm that creates Recursive Cortical Network a kind of pattern technique to mimic the actual visualizing process as like in human brain more better than neural network , as neural network needs literally thousands of images to be present and processed and correct errors takes lot of time to tune the accuracy but this seems to be working well and even requires less computing work than neural networking , which is a vantage point to the team . 

A Captcha results table

( Source : Vicarious )

Human brain has the ability to visualize the images and objects , once they see over and patternize it , likewise this RCN is capable enough to make the patterns and visualize itself and even have the ability to analyze the pixels of an image matching the outline . In 2013, the same team has made an announcement that they cracked the text captcha result with good accuracies which are tested by google , yahoo , paypal etc., Now it has gone even more wider to prove its recognition with more analysis to improve its efficiency . It seems that Ai has taken deeper leap into crack down these security authenticators to by pass human identities very sooner . To understand much more better , please check out the video below

Google's Deepmind AlphaGO Zero is really smart enough to beat the world class Go player without any support

Artificial intelligence is shining its sheer intelligence in many modern ways these days even more smarter in beating up the human intellectual proficiency and brilliance in terms of logical thinking , accuracy. Yesterday i was talking about Ai in fooling out the CAPTCHA test very effectively better than humans , but today i'm going to talk about a deep mind learner machine that beats out the human in this famous chinese game GO. This game has been played for more than 2000 years and its very famous in Chinese and all over the world even in pc

Go play board with black and white coins

If you have played this game , you might be knowing how to play , it is more of tic tac toe like type. Okay let me get straight to the point , Deep mind has been playing this game since 2016 March in China with top players and it amused the audience by beating the players in  four of five rows which is not easy for any human being to beat another human who is equally or more smart in playing particular game and it is also been reported that nearly sixty million people went to watch that event and its been recorded and it has given pride to its developers around the world with its intelligence and creativity and its also been said that its not beaten the opponent using brute force method also it has diligence to beat up with creative decisions is what the makers say of 

Google's Alphago with its logo

Atleast in my earlier posts , i was telling of artifical intelligence's training methods to learn and adapt using neural network technique  but this one never been trained to play that game. It just trains itself like i stated about RCN two days back. It is a sheer move and fresh experience to AlphaGo Zero through self adaptive learning technique like RCN . Although its never been learned , but it was playing random and system used novel based reinforcement to encompass the technique to combine neural network with powerful search algorithm to each time when it plays. Modern games like Atari been tried by this and this GO game is a challenge to artificial intelligence as its only played by experts very efficiently which impressed the players and other experts . Alpha GO Zero beaten its predecessor AlphaGO in all 100 games and its quiet a powerful performance in the break through of AI field to bring good impressive results to team . One important point is its been not trained and this deep mind successor learned ancient moves in this game by independent. It is not so easy for human's tendency to learn every moves so quickly and adapt to it so fastly without even trying . It is also been reported by the team that AlphaGO Zero learned and played itself nearly 5 mil times before getting into its predecessor . Could we even imagine with that amount of times ? Impossible in practical situations.

Co-founder and CEO of deepmind program Demis Hassabis says that he is very impressed and so happy with the way the deepmind's AlphaGo team is been setting upon  and he finally settled down with these words saying to the press that " Ultimately , we want to harness the algorithmic breakthroughs like these to solve all real world human problems like protein folding or designing new materials . If we can make this same progress on this problems that we have with AlphaGo, it is potential to drive forward to human understanding and positive impact on our lives

Go players in chinese tournament with google alphago zero ai

( Image courtesy : Science )

It is interesting and even amazing to get to know that machine learning from Google's DeepMind AlphaGo Zero has mastered the game so effectively and even learnt ancient moves very fastly on its own through sheer learning technique . It is a next level improvement from the team to put that deepm ind to use in such effective parameter level and tune better than its predecessors . If you want to know of what is about deepmind Alphago Zero is , please watch out below video as what the team has to say to us and also please watch out how it has beaten the world GO master in the tournament and if you would like to get to know of more of deep mind program , please visit their official site  and please take a look at the official blog for further more detailed info. about AlphaGo Zero over here

China is having minority report movie styled Ai powered police station actively combatant

Artificial intelligence is a booster topic in everyday's news in many ways ,  when i access for technology these days , some 50 % of the news that comes to me is all about artificial intelligence and that has become so popular amongst users . Yesterday , i mentioned about ai beating out the top Go player in chinese Go tournament  game last year. Now today i am gonna talk of fully ai powered police station in China . No other countries except China nods easier for artificial intelligence easily and the government is very curious in deploying and installing ai powered and based stuffs over there in many fields that are yet to be launched sooner. 

lady driving a simulated robotic car using virtual reality

( Source : Radii China )

   If you watch minority report movie , you would get to understood the modern police work in sci-fi way , likewise in today , at one of the station in Wuhan will be having fully AI enabled police station  like more of DMV ( Department of Motor Vehicle ) stuff like having rotor based partially roller coaster type works with the regular facial recognition pattern technique analyzing and identifying persons with vast no.s of photos scanned which is linked with the database id , simulators and registration services which are developed and supported by Tencent and it seems this police station will be running 24 x 7 hour service to public and it is absolutely hassle-free. No need to fill up custom forms or certificates to prove the identity. Just facial id is enough, it just scans ,analyzes and verifies it in few seconds and it is powerful driven and also completely unmanned and government has given full support to the station offering full end support and seems to be providing driver service fully combatant 

  Normally , today's conventional method takes nearly half-a-day or full day to complete some regular procedures with our identification testing and making compliments , but this one seems to be working so quicker and taking our complaints in minutes fraction time makes me little surprised but also shocking to us , as day-day it become so hazy and cheeky by taking every manly role to act and keep us staycate at home very sooner. For more details , please visit the original source here and please watch out how robot is ready to come to force to help the public in china below 

Rescam: an ai that replies the scam emails and mundanes their time with these replies

   Electronic Mails we use everyday for variety of purposes , whether we want to convey message to boss or friend or apply for job interview or to send a business proposition , emails play a very significant role today and without email today's most authentication could not be done and sometimes on offline too. But sometimes , we will feel annoyed when we receive an email from scamsters saying that we have won lottery ticket or pass out some details by clicking this link as a sandbox which agitates and makes us very irritating . These days , no. of scamsters and spamsters have been increased and their activities over email brought a sham to persons and it is undeniably not easy to keep track of all time.. Here is an ai chatbot that does a steward job for us via. online by replying to the scam email senders a shockingly surprise reply that makes them really weary

phising the mail scam message with the thief carrying a bag

Recently, Netsafe developed an intellectual ai bot project Rescam that replies to the scamsters in very funny and smart way by giving a self introduction of different facial personalities like as we see in films which is very insightful and innovative. this is a free and open service to everyone . Using this innovative service is very simple . When we receive an email , which we find it is as suspicious or scam , You just need to forward that email to  " " and you will be prompted to check whether the email is a scam attempt. If you are very certain about the suspected activity then this ai bot will flood with them emails by not exposing itself from where they are using proxy address and make it vulnerable to the target .

( Source : )

This is a very effective tool that should be helpful for every persons who owns the email address for just in case , if we come to know that we are vulnerable to the target or if someone tries to scam or spam us out. The development team also states that the more we send , the better it could be and this re-scam does it task outstandingly brilliant is what i could say. For further more info, about it please check out and for get to know of this rescam in video , please watch it out below

This Ai tool will create a chatbot from the word document

In the world of computational intelligence today , it is no wonder that we are about to fall under the hands of machine learning bots and drones in a decade. Artificial intelligence is a pin topic these days to tell us a lot of information which are under research or which are already implemented that could be ready to use for any purpose. Yesterday , i was stating of an ai emailbot that floods the spamsters and scamsters email id with full of emails and makes them mundane . But today , i am going to head over an chatbot that does the work from word which is really interesting . Google recently announced the latest mini home speakers which are ai enabled and voice assisted for homes which has lot more to do then we expect but you need an ai help to make it work from word document.

Google home logo with mini speaker

( Source : Google Home )

If you are completely aware of Google home speakers , what they are capable of , then it would not be much harder for you to enhance the assistance level with much more commands. A month back i was telling of MS Dictate tool for Microsoft office where our speech could be converted to text just by enabling the plugin and recording it using mic. Today , we talk of reversal activity of this but with the help of Albert and Nohold , the word document could be transferred into a complete chatbot like a text to speech dictator to us ..Quiet interesting , isn't it ?

Albert is an ai based tool which will be linked to word document to perform such actions like a plugin and it does the assistant activity with the interaction of user, User just needs to type the document and end it , Albert which is enabled with word will check out and interacts and then it automates based on the structure of the document and also with the user interactivity and also picks up based on choice activity . Albert ai not only does that , but also it does the alternate words suggestions and also easily identifies it like " How is the morning today ? " or " How is so far going ? " .  " How was your day like that ". As you can imagine that this albert ai could identify different phrases comes under common meaning which is an human-like analysis. 

installing ai with google assistant dialog box

albert ai alternative words suggestion in document

( Source : Albert ai , Google Assistant )

Albert ai is capable enough to identify and also it could be linked to websites with embedding links and also we can train albert to understand different phrases and meanings in quick manner , But the only con is you need Google assistant app to enable its services which is bit expensive for any home needers but albert the ai tool is available for free and for business use. Airbnb customer service team seems to be quiet happy with this enables as the answers or questions could be easy in api implementation is what the user says .

Overall , it seems to be an effective tool that we can train this ai and also this ai will respond us based on pre-default settings available and also with the help of google assistant it does a lot and helpful tool for our workface and for personal use in coming days, but price is still a consideration as the business use tool seems to be quiet expensive . For further more info, about albert ai , please have a look at the official website and to know how to set up the google assistant , please take a look here . Please watch out the video for better understanding about Google assistant for home with albert ai below

Fashion Ai consultant from Alibaba made a tremendous record in sales on Singles day

Alibaba is known for e-commerce trading platform for products and suppliers for buyers and sellers and its one of the most reputable chinese conglomerate. Alibaba offers sellers and buyers a numerous advantages with new features and transparency in business - business and business-consumer platform . Likewise , Artificial intelligence deployment has become a wave these days to take a stand over consumers and business point of view. We might have talked of voice assistance , smart security products, virtual assistant savvies , but have you heard of this fashion ai ? . As you know majority of Alibaba's sales does comes from online and mostly in clothing department , but what exactly does this Fashion Ai does ?

alibaba office logo

This ai was developed by researchers mainly to make an easy user interface with customers to try and use while they chose for clothing. It just has a simple user interface that is ready to be used easily and that in-built Ai system has no. of clothing and it get trains to understand and recognize the pattern of clothing style and texturity based on other fashion experts suggestions and through thorough pre-usage and it could able to recommend with better suggestion to the customers and they installed this ai system at 13 centres in China. As stated earlier in my other posts , chinese government is putting a way ahead in technological deployments and especially thier interest towards artificial intelligence has become so widened towards all other streams . Their clear nod to all department shows the growth in many streams these days. When it comes to Alibaba , the e-commerce giant makes it very sleaky .

Like the Led screen in cineplexes , Alibaba installed the big screen like Kiosk centres and toll booths , Alibaba just started thier offline business apart from being online in their conventional way. As their only mode was earlier , now they plant to deploy these systems over to make sure the customers finds it easy to use and interact. As you all know e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba has their marketing strategy towards bringing customers with cheaper price than the shop price with some extra facilities and privileges landing to their beliquent success rate. Now it seems Alibaba is planning to entourage the customers to check and use strategy and having put Ai powered screens in dressing rooms that allows every customer to try and get suggestion from this human droid machine learner and getting satisfied is a very good task effective means. 

fashion Ai system in Alibaba is just an initiative appliance from the team , as their team already planned to invest a lot for Ai implementation wide over , it shows with a good start with record marking sales on the singles day with escalating heights seems to be very tacky for humans to achieve those. Let us wait and see what all could be done by ai in future . For more to know of it , please check out the video below about how alibaba's ai system and future of it by its ceo

AI spots the illegal drug sales in twitter

   I'm so super excited by day-day's advance in machine learning conceptual training and Natural Language Processing abilities in super scale . Researchers are making intellectual developments  to hover around whats happening over social networking sites like twitter. Twitter is a social networking  platform , where anyone could message or reply anyone in form of short message services as tweets.As there were plenty lot is going on in twitter, it is not an easy task for any person to curb out some immoral or illegal sales happening over the social media

( Source : Security Gladiators )

 Researchers team from San Diego developed this machine learning concept bot to analyze nearly 600,000 tweets and found appx. 1780 drug cases being transacted online. Ai data is readily available and they mention clearly that they were testing an opioid keywords using unsupervised machine learning concept specifically on topic modelling , it seems that not gonna impact law enforcement directly and even there were so many smart softwares were available but turns to be ineffective and uncharming and could not able to track down the illicit happening swung over online. But this ai seems to be very effective and cunning in detecting keywords very smartly just in flash of seconds.  

It is impossible for every netizens to monitor the record of such massive tweets. Even human beings does make parallex errors , which is really inevitable . I've already mentioned a lot about Neural network and Natural Language Processing and many complex algorithms in carbing out to keep the social environment clean via. online too which is really an appreciable work from twitter and the team who made such tremendous efforts are still processing with more values and books and tweets to make the result even more accurate. To improve the testing accuracy proximity , it ends the classical survey methods to scientific evidence. They state in the research report that there were seven url links are associated with illegal drug trafficking and some were directly involved.  They were tracking for two years ore more . Even Trumph declared an emergency against this epidemics over drug deaths To know more of this interesting article , please access their official website over here . Please watch out the video for easy understanding. 

AI red alerts and spots out the Colorectal cancer in smarter way

 Few days ago, i was mentioning about an ai that tracks suicidal thoughts from the humans and fixes it in the most precisive level in this article. Now, today i'm going to state the art of edge technological impact in artificial intelligence in medical field by detecting the cancer type in most accurate way. Today's modern man has so many practical problems in tandem with medical advances in the opposite side. Medical researchers, scientists and doctors are working hard to find the remedies or cureness to most vulnerable diseases in modern ways and in more effective manner. AI is a tech training method that could read and automate the process by self through continuous reference and regular training before it is valuing others. A report from Inverse states clearly that a team of researchers from Japan adapts  machine learning to detect the cancer causing tumor cells before they mature and they found out to be succeeded with 86% accuracy

( Source : Apollo Hospitals  )

      As you can see from the above info., that how does this cancer occurs . It doesn't seems to  be normal or quiet a worrying one to everyone. The team made a tremendous effort in compiling the database upto 30,000 images of those cells that causes cancers prematurely and post mature. With the processed learning , the machine could able to predict it under a second is what the researchers says. They conducted more than 300 polyps research based assessments to test and they came out with good predictability , error correction and accuracy results from machine. Cancer is still a differential under research platform for doctors and scientists to spot out and carve that out for future precautionary issues . When these are under siege , ai made a technical erudition and dexters its ability in human cells and muscles are sounding very shockingly surprise to anyone . 

Image result for colorectal cancer

( Source : colon cancer alliance )

 Dr. Yuichi Mora of Showa University presented a demonstration about this causes and effects and implentation of machine learning in such diagnostics in Barcelona . This particular type of cancer is very deadliest as it has no curation at the later stages, as it continues to spread wide over blood streams and poisons the cells deadly uneffective. In the beginning stage , it could be able to spotted and take that away from our cells effectively most likely. As human beings are susceptible to diseases like these, they normally diagnose the patients under chemotheraphy. Even this disease causing cells seems to be more common for the ages above 50 and it is not very good news to anyone though. Researchers and the doctor says in the press conference to the public that he has hopes to believe in implementing machine learning technique to rusticate the uncommon diseases and periodic problems in more accurate manner through brisk iteration and deeper analysis in future. Please check out the video below for how the data is been trained and iterated to treat cancer.

Legion : A perplexed & also visually stunning metahuman sci-fi tv series from Marvel

    Whenver we talk of tv series , we always find it entertaining or provocative based. Only few tv series deserves to riddle us with their story telling method and make us to watch over and over again to confirm what we seen is true, they do twist us with the plots and confusions and even conjure us with the another parallel way of story telling . Few weeks back , i was talking of  Mr.Robot : complicated twisted tv series of hacker , now i am going to talk of Legion aired by FX channel

 As the name suggests , Legion is quiet perplexed to understand for any tv viewers in linear way , if you watch one  episode it may likely to have a different perspective  view in next episode with blended twists . In  the Season 1 ,  main starrer Dan Steven as David Haller is a schizopernic grown up young man who is already admitted in the hospital under treatment for his condition , but he has super human abilities like magneto in x-men and yeah he is a mutant according to the marvel database and he has super human abilities with great agility to bend time , pyrokenesis ,  reality warping , energy projection ,telekinesis and telepathy and also shape shifting which are tremendous

( Original source : FX , Marvel studios )

       If you have watched X-men movies , you might be pretty aware of what mutants are really capable of and likewise , i mentioned the super power ability of this mutant David Haller will riddle you with the tail end chase of every episodes with confusions in your mind sometimes. If you have already watched the first season of this legion , you could able to understand the notation well. In the first season of legion tv series , What you can get is how David Haller gets to the hospital ? how he could able to get such meta human abilities and why some guys are chasing him and who is villain and why there is another team wanted to get these mutants away and who is that girl like that could be able to get to known in very unusual , mind bending in visual stunning way.

       If you're aware of Gabriel Haller and Professor Xavier in X-men comics from Marvel , you could able to catch up what i am saying of. Here David Haller comes as complicated paranoid kid , who has some meta abilities , where he meets some acrolytes of other mutants with special abilities to help him. There is an antagonist team who works against these mutants for government and also an creepy insider personality that conjures us in the form of yellow ugly wide bald faced guy seemingly like an Alien. Who's he ? and why he appears in our hero's dreams or visions sometimes is another tail end that you need to knock of .

     You could see the bulgey faced yellow eyed devil that knocks surprisingly in between . But what is this creature ? why it is appearing in his vision or dreams or illusion sometimes, will be a later show off. If you are pretty interested to watch comic hero based , mutant based or psychological thriller based, then this legion episode could be your main meal. Just Season 1 crossed over with 8 episodes , in each episodes you will find it interestingly spinning like cotton in our brain at the end of every episodes. I would not want to throw the full story of these episodes . But you will find it little confused in between or your mind will be feeling  What moments to understand it properly. They made it visually stunning , psychologically bending with twists like Inception and Insidious mix that owes you to watch it with interest. Please watch out the trailer of first season below

Ford's Safe cap vigilates truck drivers from making accidents

  It is no so easy for any drivers to drive at night, especially when it comes to long drive . The technology on the one hand is advancing and also as death trolls via. accidents at night times. No matter  how efficient you are , when it comes to sleep everyone will be drowsy and fall apart automatically . Recent technological advances from motor companies are taking a huge leap to combat such inaccuracy issues to curb out most effectively. When it comes to legendary car manufacturers like ford , it is even more formidable for them to see what will be future's wants. 

  Ford is making a cap that senses out head movements that is linked with sleep and wakeness through sensory perceptions and vibrations through alerts, sounds and lights and they named it as Safecap. Ford seems to be in tie ups with Brazilian creative agency GTB to do such initiatives. They were testing the users with the various instrumental panels through various researchers and methodologies by mapping head motions and real time drivers through real time tracking and also adjusting mirrors and checking view and so on which is quiet indistinctive. Smart cap seems to be really smart work from the makers having some sensors which we have in smartphones today say like gyroscopes, inboard accelerometer that measures the movements in smarter way and that will alert the user through component associated while driving and alerts the user with the sound vibrations and light popping up which will make anyone quirky and convoluted. 

safe cap with blue and red in color

features of ford safe cap

  As you can see from the above snapshots that it has battery , micro processor chip , micro usb and also alerting device with above sensors stated in very smart way at the back side of the cap which is marked in red. When you slightly fall asleep , while driving it senses and alerts based on the above training and tested methods and saves the truck drivers and anyone to getting hit with an accident or topple over. But at present , ford seems to be testing this cap only in Brazil and not very certain of any mass productivity . However ,if ford is about to commercialize this Safecap into big volume , then they will definitely do it after many tests in other countries as well is what the source says. To understand how it works , please watch out the video below 

PS : This technology is currently under testing in Brazil and the above video is narrated in Portuguese 

AI can write horror stories now

 These days , machine learning has quiet become a day-day flash news to everyone beating human beings competency in several skill traits from gaming , customer service , entertainment , medicine  and health care and now in story telling and story making . Are you fond of listening to stories , especially do you like creepy and jump scary ones ? . Then you might be pretty much interested to listen to some scary books and movies. If yes, then you should take a peek at this ai named Shelley from twitter could able to do that for you . Ain't you believing me ?

AI robot is playing chess with the lady
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I was reading an article about how ai is shaping story telling traits from deep machine learning concepts through continuous training in one the article from the Huffingtonpost article , whilst i came across to a wonderful and interesting ai that creates smart creative and horror stories . As you know well writing and telling stories is completely a human skill work , but this ai does this trait very efficiently got me dazzled away.

ai in twitter displays the stories

( Source : Twitter )
  Massachusetts Institute of Technology team made this innovative research and developed a collaborative horror writer ; does this writing task very efficiently and writes out creepy stories very astonishingly outstanding . How it does ? is very simple way to explain. This could work with tweets and responses to Shelley . Shelley ai does tweets every hour responsively and any follower who wants to follows stories could reply or tweet upto 3 times and if you would like to continue to your or other's story , then you can just tweet with the message  " yourturn# " . Shelley doesn't communicate like normal human beings or voice assistance does. It does only through interactive responses and tweets and If you want to end the story , then you should tweet the message like " #theend " and also Shelley is capable enough to do some more things like removal of hashtags and also @ symbols while processing. You should follow the instructions before tweeting to Shelley .
the ai written stories are displayed as tweets

shelley ai webpage with stories in pan

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 Interesting and smart initiative approach  from the MIT Media lab  made a remarkable accomplishment through thorough accomplished training and they literally used 140,000 stories to train this ai from subreddit r/ nosleep where they trained this ai to compel human to get pretty creepy Shelley has her own way of compelling human interaction via. story telling in horror way. We have to quiet wait and see what will be the latest further more developments from ai will leap over. To know of more of this Shelley, please visit their official website  and for stories from shelley , please visit . To get to know of visually , please watch out the video below 

AI could help you sway off human's suicidal thoughts now :)

    I couldn't stop writing of artificial intelligence these days , as it has becoming very primitive signal of rise of new computational intelligence in few years to go by. Machine learning a.k.a artificial intelligence is clipping the advances in various streams including medicine and health care industries are totally indisputable . As our human being is facing a tug of war in our brain , when our modern jobs or roles stressing so deep and impulsive. 

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  Lots of researchers are finding a way  to rusticate some uncertainities that happens to our modern men with the new fuses including psychological impacts . Clinical doctors and researchers come together to stand to curb out such illicit efforts through neural network alteration in brain via. machine learning using Gaussian Naive Bayes method ( this is one of the neural networking training technique that works on high accuracy at high training class that belongs to Zk classes ). 

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This high prolific training signals the neurons in our brain through magnetic resonance to alter life-death related suicidal thoughts . It seems that researchers have triggered out with certain keywords that causes negative reflections like " troublesome "  , " carefree " , "cruelty " and so on. What they say here is machine learning could make a conceptual behavior analysis with at least 84-91% ideal accuracies 

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        They created an algorithm that auto corrects the brain when it comes to thoughts of suicidal in action of decision are more strongly associated to the mind. When someone is about to suicide , they always have a thought of it before they decide , so the researchers and practitioners took it very seriously to conduct fmri scans and analyzed and results shown on machine men to test practically whether its actually possibe . Some MRI scan tests helped them to achieve it

figure 1.PNG
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As you can see clearly that machine learning adapts these test results very seriously and analyzes it and suppress the acts with the help of neuron training captivity very effectively, these results come out from after 30 minutes of deep analysis with practical therapists . Okay , I'm not practically a physicist nor a scientist to conclude my assurance on this , but what i could say is ai is making a good leap in medical steam and also in hospitals with better accuracy is still under processing stage and in some arenas , it is successful in many areas it's not. AI is doing good in taking away the slump or derogatory pressurized thoughts in brain and hopes for less equipment in future to establish better results. To know more of this , please follow up the article here and if you have any thoughts of suicidal feeling , please click here  To follow up on video reference please watch out the video below 

Twisted light : Beams up the broadband data speed like a flash

   Light is an essential prime factor for everyone , without light everything on the planet earth will be filled up with darkness. You might have heard of LED lamps these days and its characteristic ability to transmit Li-Fi  ( Light - Fidelity ) which is under research to transmit cellular network data via LED's . This is a research operation based project , but what i am going to explain here today is all of Twisted Light . Have you guys got any idea of what that means ? , let me explain what that means in clear detail and what is capable of too.

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             You all know about Light is travelling in linearly so far , A beam of light could carry a linear momentum so far is what i known far , but scientists were testing a lot on this light characteristics in various way through Orbital Angular Momentum concept ( which means angular momentum of light could be traversed in helical or twisted wave ). Let me not get back into more physics here, i'll cut the nose to it's point now. Researchers and Scientists were testing the optical beam of light in twisted way to check the data transmission capacity and its opacity through photon ( a type of particle that based on elementary quantities which possessed during electro-magnetic radiation ) twisting an optical angular momentum. Interesting science always gives us crazy numerous results that is been proved since the age of science begins. Now, our digital communications are based on plethora of binary codes say " 1's " and " 0's " , but tandem with the twisted light via. angular momentum adjustment , letters also could be sent as communication alongside with 1's and 0's is truly remarkable effort from scientists for digitalizing and make it to infinite possibilities is not a random no.

      Twisted light looks absolutely stunning and dazzling , isn't it ?. yeah but transmitting the twisted light in space is really a challenging work for them and lets see what we could benefit from the so called " twisted light " . Right now , OFC [ Optical Fiber Cables ] are used to transmit the data at the light speed based on a technique called multiplexing. But OFC needs several properties of light to be used to transmit such operations like changing polarisations , color , brightness and direction . We are presently using these technology enabled services in larger scale , but with the help of nano particles and adjusting the light to bend a little to get twisted transmits the speed more faster than we expect. A team from Germany has tested this conductivity and made it successful by transmitting in space over 1.6 Km is really a appreciable and daring work . 

twisted light

( Source : iscience

Which means the light will be transmitted in the form of twists or helical way to transmit our data at least 85,000 times more faster than today's conventional broadband speed. In a research made in USA at one of the labs  , they could able to test 2.56 Tb of data per second  which is rearly possible only on high speed satellite communication links . For certain precautionary measures , researchers were testing this in the long mile distance spacials rather than getting tested in the indoors making them to believe a cold thought in their mind that whether it will create a chaos. My verdict on this is very open that the scientists are making great efforts to make technology possible into everyone's hands in more simpler ways in future and also its features to be used more effectively with precautions . Though it will take at-least 3-5 years fully to establish it commercially , I'd appreciate such lucrative tech advances in terms of photons but safety and the cost will still be a concern of thought to every users. " Does this angular momentum of light will save our today's unreasonable cost of data per usage in more effective ways in future is gonna be a question of concern ? " To know of twisted light in animated presentation , please look at the video below 

       In the above video, you would have understand about the twisted light feature , in the below video you could able to see how the internet will be boosted through twisted light