nest smart home gadget product from Google : A smart security approach

Google always surprise us with so many features , so many applications , products and also latest gadgets . Recently, smartwatch announcements are highlights to them , we all know what Google company is capable of and their announcements will stun us. They are not only tech giants who just gizmos the products in net related stuffs , but also smart gadgets in secured level for domestic and industrial purposes. Do you get any idea what i am bouncing of ? . Yeah , I'm talking of one of the Google's smart home product company nest's app and its hardware products .

What is Nest and what does it do ?

 Nest is a home automation company that targets consumers with durable , self automated sensor driven and wireless operated devices like thermostats , alarm bells , smoke detectors and security cameras . The products are niche and it  has its own unique elegant look. Whether you want to fix it in home and control the temperature of your living room , if you want to install smoke alarm detectors or security cameras anywhere , this could be your ergonomic choice. Google's pioneer towards these systems are nothing so fresh, but the products seems to be so cache to every users . The products are very sleaky, easy to install and use anywhere in the wall or desks or on the ceiling. To activate this . You need an app in your phone either via pass code or app authentication via voice commands in your phone or PC connected. As i already stated above that it is also wireless and sensor enabled device, the hardwares of the nest products could be easily activated via Google Voice Assistant and hover over some commands or by typing it . for example if you want to rise the temperature in thermostat , you could say google assistant to " Rise the temperature to 28 degrees or lower the temperature to 20 degrees " 

It is easy to install the Nest products , Just fix it on wall or ceiling or table desk based on the product you purchased and just activate with Nest app on your phone  or computer . Functioning it is very easy. You need to use net sign up page , authenticate it and the the nest products [ alarm bells , smoke detectors , thermostats or security alarms ] will be connected via Nest app and those will be controlled via. wireless synchronization and command over assistance facility. You need to have any of the above products installed in your home with the mapping Nest app  enabled and activated. It could be done via two ways, either as family account or individual. So the every family members at home receives the notification when something awry happens out. All those will be notified to your phone or pc enabled anywhere. It alerts you like alert box with notification. The response time is immediate , as its sensor driven. It senses and detects and then sends out the notification alert to the user who activated or family members whoever is connected and granted privilege. Though the concept works on cloud based computing , it is still safe and secure. You can also invite any people to nest home and add as a member to receive alerts.Whether you are home or away from home , these products are not only niche, but also well automatic with high sensible fidelity.

It doesn't only alerts you and notifies you and synchronizes, but also it insights you the data well statistically like how many minutes or hours and informs with patterns at specific timings, which is really interesting. You also enable the Nest app with the lights , fitness bands , dryers and electronic controls. It will just connect to them automatically and controls them and saves your energy consumption 

Overall , Nest app works well with smart-home and security automation products in easier flexible way but every app needs its security limitations and privacy concerns. For further more information, please visit for product purchases and further more en-queries. For better understanding , Please take a look at the video