Mr. Robot tv series : tv version of fight club in tech style

 Everyone watches television and mostly many people are interested in tv series , some tv series are more than entertainment whilst some others are just one time watch outs. I used to be comic fan and i was watching tv series like the flash , iron fist , arrow . While i was surfing over , i gotten to know of Mr. Robot tv series is quiet latterly and started to watch with the just to crunch my time , but later on this series got my mind out of it with the problematic democracy by bullied aristocrats in realistic way than being just entertaining. I am not going to review much here , but i'd love to share some opinions about this tv series here . I just  love to watch tv series but also i am a movie buff and couch potato , who loves to watch interesting tv series . This particular tv series tells about how the real time hackers could access information in corporate level and how the corporate shadows us with their penetrative updates. It may sound like quiet anarchy , but if you observe this carefully , this tv series has lots of information apart from entertainment , it doesn't only entertains you and also makes you to think wise. I hope now you literally got some idea of what this tv series is all about ? If you have watched the movie " fight club " then you will find it bit similarly   

   If you want me to talk of entertainment way , The starrer Rami malek has done the great job with Michael Slater in the very prominent role that drives you in one direction , quiet latterly it shows you different path and riddles your mind what exactly happened. Sometimes , you may feel like what i watched now is so far not the same is what you will feel. Why Mr. Robot exists ? Why that Elliot Anderson wants to take on the evil corp and what is the connection between Mr Robot and this Elliot will be revealed in unconventional way . So far, two seasons ran away now the third season is running out with the expected benchmark satisfying audience in Mr Robot's style. In Season 1 , You will get to know who is Mr. Robot ? and in Season 2, dark side of corporate fantasies will be shown and in Season 3, It's about plan of Mr. Robot is running on . I don't want to spoil the audience cache by spilling of the stories , that's why i was just giving an overview of it. 

I don't want to spill the beans of this tv series much without spoiling , i want you guys to watch it. Overall, my opinion about this tv series is " really great with their original soundtracks and also the screenplay that never let you out to dire . Not only a good entertainer , but also provocative with today's modern media and darker side of it . Apart from all the above , it is a techno psychological thriller tv series that twists your mind to sugar up your interest ".  You can watch it in USA tv channel for USA citizens , for others and for netizens abroad USA , i'd like to send you the direct download links in this indexure , so you can download at anytime and also the links will be updated after every episodes are aired .. You can download in 480 Px , 720 px , 1080 px .. Check out here  and if you are looking for cast crew of this tv series , please check out here