Mosaic trailer and app : Innovative and Geeky yet to be launched tv series

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Source : Verge & Apple

Are you a fan of tv series ? you happened to watch tv series in netflix or any tv channels ? then you might be noticing about Netflix and there are some apps , which can allow us to download tv series which are already aired in the network. In the technological era today., we happen to live in tech wonders , where anything could be possible these days. Okay , What i am talking of here? , what i am going to indicate here is all about an app that is going to be launched this November by the Ocean's director Steven Soderbergh. What he is going to do with this app stuff , getting amused?. We all know that he came back into his film direction by directing Logan Lucky recently and now he is in the verge to take mini series in HBO and its called " Mosaic ".  This is the tv series he is gonna direct, nothing new, so what?. If you think like that , you will be pretty amazed to see what this has to do ? and why i am talking of. I don't want to stretch too long riddling of. This reputed director has just made an innovative and a creative approach to reach audience in digital way. What i am saying is this director has  recently released this trailer and stirred a surprise storm amongst audience by announcing that it will be aired in character selection mode as we play in games. Are you getting what i am saying?. Yeah, the director said in one of the interview that he wants to show of a digital way to the public, as many people uses net and app to watch tv shows and movies these days. 

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Soderbergh is a well talented director who has remarkable experience in interactive story telling way and he made this innovative approach with the HBO tv channel to support this digital experience. If you have watched the trailer recently launched , you might have got an hinch of glimpse that this tv series is all about choose your character style app based experience . whence you install , you are free to choose any character and that character based story will be played via just tapping it. Which means, character will be shown in different perspectives. This is interesting and fresh to audience but Netflix had this similar approach like choosing role type recently. Viewers are the judges here to perspect the character and story telling will be based on what you have chosen and every view will be different . Multiple stories will be correlated and this is a fresh approach to tv series , as these kind of choose your own adventure type games are already launched and the consequences will be based on the decisions made earlier is like a real time effect. Here audience are left with choices that makes building upon one another enabling multiple stories tangling to one another in different perspectives with the different conclusions like newtons third law effect type. Viewers will notice the difference in stories with the original one . This app is really flexible and it seems to be aired on January 2018 but this app will be launched in November and it seems to be having Six part linear narration . I watched out the trailer myself and it seems pretty good and important casts include Sharon Stone, Garet Hudland, Beau Bridges , Paul Reubens and et al., Trailer is remarkably brilliant by not spilling much but you could get an idea of web of strings connected altogether like neurons and nodes . To know more of this , please visit and to download the app from IOS , you need to wait till November to get launched and installed. My verdict is overall a good approach like we already have in games and in Netflix , but for an app to run a live tv series , this must be a first time and it seems that the director and his team worked out pretty hard . Please watch out the trailer from the official link , Just in case , if you missed , Please watch the video below