Meet Jibo : A social robot for your home

It is no wonder that we live in the age of computational intelligence rising everyday's promises in terms of automating and reducing our physical work slowly.  I was mentioning of bots in another post  and also i was mentioning of Amazon's Alexa and Google's Nest smart gadget . Now, i am going to talk of very socializing pet robot for home that we love to have with . Some home users might have known of this already of this so called social " Jibo ".  

As the name suggests Jibo is a robot that interacts similiarly like Siri , Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but with more expressable way. Jibo is a more emotionally sensible to human's interactions and reactions according to the human's pupil movements . Interesting isn't it , i was wondering of Apple iphoneX's facial recognition algorithm that day , but this Jibo is something more than those which i have to explain it very clearly. Ofcourse ,Jibo works on facial recognition algorithm and voice recognition and emotional motion sensor technology which is purely advanced and the head portion of the jibo is 360 degree - 3 axis  motored , so it could able to spin on. The most primitive point of this jibo is reaction towards human engagement is really astounding.

 As you can see from the above image that it also reads human interactions and also loves to hang on like us. It has LED display at the head portion does this and for listening it has speakers out at the both sides that works like a microphone for sender . Whether you want to take a photo with your buddy , you want to watch the movie or you have no idea what to do ? Jibo entertains you and does these tasks easily . through Neural network processor training and human interactivity , Jibo understands who are your important buddies and fits that into its mind and take the photos or records the video seamlessly and even day by day our daily interactions with jibo makes it to understand better through following patternism and also recognizes who are your roommates , neighbours and it just records your day by day activities into its memory and recognizes when do you wake up, when do you walk and get ready . It also analyzes pupil's dilations and say hi too.. Interesting isn't it.. It seems like realtime robotic version of siri with enhanced features is what i could say of. 

Interesting features of Jibo which i would like to mention are 
  • As stated above , Jibo uses  " facial recognition technology " and it has camera at the front , so it captures each special moment and snaps or records it . You can share it via Jibo app
  • Jibo works on National Language processing algorithms and advanced animation system which means it could able to move like fun spin or flashy move..
  • Jibo uses six mics to listen to us and also it analyzes our word before we end..It is capable enough to analyze our moods and tones and patterns it accordingly based on the processing algorithms  and also two speakers for it to interact with us. Jibo is said to be smooth spoker
  • Jibo has touch sensitivity , it reacts according to ur mushies and strokes and also it has LED display where u can browse the folders and snaps taken or the perfect moments taken . Either you can keep in or delete by asking it to perform or by manually which is a vantage not only that it does also wink , runs playful emojis and interacts with you like a digital baby. 
  • it has specs like 802.11 b/g/n wireless access with WPA2 security , 2.4 Ghz -  5 Ghz compatability adaptibility is really good and most importantly you can control this jibo via android or ios app 

Overall , I could say Jibo seems to be robo-humanly interactive stuff like we seen in some of the hollywood movies which is a quiet good smart move from the company and its team to pull of such wonderful product with its own strings of attachment , emotions and movements with perspective response in better way like a play doll or smart assistant for us for 899  usd . If you are willing to buy it , please order from their official page there and if you want to look around Jibo's official website and their team and community to talk of certain issues or to know of general matters , you have to follow this and for better understanding , please watch out this cute video below 

PS : it seems its only available only in certain nations and the price is 899 $ only in selected nations now.