Intel Nuc : a good custom mini pc kit with limited abilities

In the world of today's pc/mac systems and in few smartphones , Intel does its part supplying its processors , chipsets to billions of systems worldwide. As technology has become indisputable and paramount necessities for multiple purposes . For past three - four decades , Intel is been a regime to every systems at desk. Now , Intel comes with the newest kit that works like mini-pc where you could able to connect to  the television or smart home or pc / mac for ultra vitality.

As the name suggests , Intel's NUC does a hand variety of tasks like our smart desk does, this is a small kit like device that works with the  PC/MAC and TV and does performs gaming or pc stuffs or for entertainment and for business purpose like plug-and-play facility . This Intel NUC just works like mac mini but NUC does its task for our systems more efficiently at affordable cost. Here i'd like to list out what NUC's could offer us to stay vantage 

Intel's NUC is a small mini pc with memory , bluetooth , bootable and supportable OS features are available like chromecast , mac mini but this does a bit more than that. It's like you can plugin and play games by loading games and also you can watch movies with 4K capacity and also you could able to use this for conference meeting collaboration using default DIY settings available which is connected to Microsoft Skype , Lync and Office 365 and you could use this for surveillance [ plug n play type ] and back up purposes. Totally , what you need is a PC / TV enabled that should support this smart facility . It doesn't only performs the above tasks, but also it performs digital signage marketing to communicate and advertise with the customers through easy instant way and also more effectively. It supports remote management , security encryption and 4K visuals as stated above.

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As you can see that Intel's NUC mini kit comes with SSD/HDD support with 32 Gb support and also it has bluetooth  and wireless 802.11 a/c bandwidth technology . Not only that , also you could able to buy customized boards as per the convenience and configuring chassis is very flexible and easy to adapt. It also uses WIDI ( Wireless Direct technology ) which only LG smart tv has this . Overall , i could say it just works like mac mini / chrome cast type but with the limited functionalities with plug and play facility at the and if you would like to understand better about the working of Intel NUC , please watch out the video below 

For assembling the independently purchased customized kits for your PC /TV , here is the video below of how to assemble in easy way with the better and clear understanding.