Facebook tests tap feature with wikipedia

News has become an important event and information in our day-day life, whether we go and apply for any government based exams or we want to know of any information, it has become an inevitable and reputable media amongst us. A decade back , we used to read only newspapers , watch television news and also we used to listen to radio sometimes. When media's technology advances , Internet advances , lots of news used to flash in every seconds and every minutes on net via fb , news channels , WhatsApp and so on other social media sharing apps as well. Now what i am going to say here is tech giant Facebook is about to test one feature very soon to make sure of its accuracy confirmation. Are you still not getting idea of what i am talking ?.



Facebook is been a mainstream media for many users to share any news, but are we sure of the information we read over facebook is truly accurate , especially when it comes to news about something serious or critical . Getting some point ? yeah , it happened many times and we never noticed that much , not unless we strongly experienced or get to know. Facebook has all pages and groups and websites linked with the news to share, but recently its been a cult that lots of fake news are spreading like bonfire all over which is hurting others emotionally. Initially, facebook was receiving few complaints of it, but now it has become so serious as they received drastically especially after the recent US election campaign , where they were mentioning Russians were backening Trumph during election. The new feature in facebook is said to be embeded with some extra scripts at the back by allowing users to tap for reliability of the article through tapping facility..Nothing , just additional info of the publisher will be revealed through wikipedia entry .

                      ( Source : Facebook and ripped source : Techcrunch.com )

You could see the Facebook is just testing this feature and it has not been implemented fully yet. Whenever the news is been published, User will be alerted with the tap button to know about the author authentication from the wikipedia journal entry and source of information which is been shared will be compared with relevant contant and also how the article is been shared will also be analyzed and taps the user to get to know of it more. Wikipedia already has Wikitribune ( a platform where journalists research and report news amongst volunteers who curates article by fast checking  and changes of suggestion.

                                                        ( Source : Wikitribune )

From the above snapshot , now you can able to see some icon " i " will appear about the source of entry and info of author and also news related to the published article as news . Although , Facebook is taking severe measures on user's fake accounts , AI tool to spam out to irrelevant comments which i stated in my earlier article and so on for its instagram. This feature will make the user to rely only on authentic news and facebook is really wanting to ensure to every user that what they read over in facebook should be clearly authentic and it will never allow others to inline any fake news which are very serious. I'm glad that Facebook is taking this concern pretty seriously and going to put a block sooner or later. However, we still have gotten  to wait and see are all these features gonna build facebook better or worse . Please watch out the  video of how the users are creating fake news over social media and submitting it by following this video and watch out the video of news from facebook about their seriousness towards fake news