Honda Robocas : A smart auto chauffeur mobility food staller car that is so friendly :)

 Normally, we could able to see mobile fast food services , van running ice creams over the streets . But these days , as our technology is getting advanced and countries like Japan, South Korea are even advanced in terms of implementing AI based robots and self automated services. Few days back , i was stating of Jibo and Xperia Hello from Sony smart robots . Recently , in an event in Japan ,  the well known automaker Honda just unveiled the new concept of cars that we never expect in this way as cooler + holder for items of ours like a waiter / waitress that follows you and it is  been named as   " Robocas " : a future tech car with some unconventional facilities that we never heard of .

( Source : Hondaworld )

 As you can see from the above snaps , that this so called Robocas looks like a mini cab sized one man spaced robot with two wheels that just has holders that unfolds it very cutely like a bird opens its feathers while flying. 

You could able to see this little mini movable car like type has just two wheels and two eyes at the front which are front lights with sensors attached . So it will follow its owner or anyone based on the motion sensors and you see it opens like pan where you can open a mobile ice shop or soup or curry items on the holder . This robocas is mainly engineered and designed in such a way to make the operations  easier for food stallers to get away from the burden hoods. Front LED circles  are not just another headlights that will just glow when we need, but also it winks and interacts cutely like robots i mentioned above

    ( Source : Honda showroom in Tokyo )

As you can see it just unwraps the mini bench holder , where you can place the trays and food items and make it as mobile shop and It is a three wheeler , multi directional and could be able to control via. remote as well , which is a great vantage.

Seems cute and burden killer for food stall owners , isn't it ? but Honda didn't reveal about the cost and it seems to be another pet type robot which does the steward job with cute expressions . For better to get to know of its actions , please watch out the video below

This cutting edge AI from Intel does the special effects so dashingly awesome :)

          Artificial intelligence has become a pinnable topic these days from all recent news hover around the world, why i say this ? because ai has indisputedly becoming strong and even wider in every platforms not only in machinery , information technology , business productivity not it has entered into the field of entertainment industry. Chinese govt. is implementing a tie at neck platform for ai with recent announcements they made and they believe in this concept like a glue . Lemme not scatter the information into air clouds , last week i was stating of Intel's NUC kit i am going to talk of Intel's recent work on the music video which was played by Chris Lee for the song " Rainy day ".

Couldn't understand what i was talking of ? . Let me bubble you with the proper information . Intel's new AI technology's impact has got deep into music entertainment industry by making a smart special effects on the music video like trickling water on the face and stars twinkling effects are not made by humans is an interesting stuff to get to know . Normally , entertainment industry will have computer graphics enabled or visual effects thereover made by experts , but for a change in the first time ever in the music industry , this ai has its functionality been trained neurally through ann ( artificial neuron network ) technique to reconstruct the face into real time 3D image and then tracking facial expressions and patterns as like in real time through adapative face mapping and face tracking technique . Normally , this could be done only with camera techniques or with the computer graphics that will take a lot of time for experts to make over with the accuracy of standards. But now, no Camera work no Computer graphics work but its a complete Machine Learning Adaptive technique  that process the cluster style and it does via neural network processing and image processing adaptive technique which is completely new. The special effects were completely made thoroughly by personal computing after training is quiet interesting 

Image result for intel ai on music industry

( Source : )

  As you could see from the above snapshot that the water trickles over her face seems so real which is a discrete work of AI from intel seems so accurate as in real times  which is so sparkling and amazing. Overall , its an amazing artifact in music industry with the new leap of technological implementation in terms of ai modern methods to make it more realistic and also remarkable , but still the human touch is necessary to make editions and ai still has to succumb more to overlap human efficiency in many streams is still gonna be a rift to human job take overs . For get to know of intel on music and arts stuff , please visit this page  and to know of whats special in that video , please check out this video below 

Amazon Key : Auto in-home delivery service is bit quirky

    Amazon is one of the most successful tech giant mostly deals with e-commerce based retailing and it enabled cloud based services to everyone with protective ,encrypted and also advanced features. For example , delivery through drones is another smart approach from them which could not even we less talk of . Few weeks back , i was talking of Amazon alexa with echo : Smart home voice assistant gadget previously , but now i'd like to talk of Amazon's one of the smart make with the smart approach called " Amazon Key

1. Amazon authorizes the delivery, turns on Cloud Cam and unlocks your door, 2. You'll get confirmation that your package was safely delivered, 3. You can watch the delivery live or view a video clip of it after.

( Source : )

Amazon's Key is a key smart home security automatic system that works with the smart gadgets of Amazon's cloud cam and Amazon key compatible smart lock to unlock it , which is quiet kind of self promotion of amazon's security gadgets and performs a smart unlock solution . Let me not fuzz about this , i will get straight to the point . Amazon's key motivation is to allow the friendly persons , trust worthy deliverers and service persons to enter in even when you are in office , abroad or outing anywhere with your family or friends . Like for an instance , if you are outside and meeting a client , there is a delivery coming for you , but none could be able to connected at that time , we might ask our neighbours to collect our product delivery , but what if in case , if they are out too.. Gotta thought! sometimes delivery guys get back to warehouses or they deliver it back , when the person is not home for few days . It may be quiet disappointing to us . To oust that , amazon key could be a key to open the smart padlocks 

What are its features and how it could be accessed from anywhere ?

As the name suggests it is a smart automatic lock and it works through smart locking system [ which means a smart home kit ( Cloud cam and a smart padlock ) and to access that amazon key access app will be asked for authorization. Okay , now you got it what are necessities of hardware that you need of and also as the software. Now let's see how its working. As i mentioned that its a pure hardware kit , the smartlock needs to be installed on  the door replacing your conventional padlocks on your main door and the cloud cam or amazon smart key compatible cam must be fixed in the room within 25 feet around the smartlock [ this is the accessing area ] . 

As you can see from the above picture , once you installed the smart kit [ smartlock + cam ] on the door and inside the room to record the video , you will be asked to authorize those smart facilities via. amazon key app in your smart phone. Smart Camera has 1080 px recording and night vision iris and two way security [ manual or auto ] . Once you click amazon key delivery services , those delivery guys or service guys or neighbours or friends whoever wants to come to your home when you are not there , they don't need key . what they need is unique key

(Source : )

As you can from the above snapshots what this Amazon key smart kit is capable of . It helps the trusted contacts to enter into your home without keys through unique key or you can unlock it from wherever you are through remote cloud method , though it may sounds bit creepy but the technology is getting ahead of our knowledge is what i could say . Secondly, the user could able to watch whoever is entered in and entered out with the camera installed inside the room and also able to alert it and lock it from anywhere . You will be getting notified  to your smartphone or pc/mac when your door is locked , unlocked or any flawable threats happens ; which is quiet similar to Google's Nest which i was stating it a month back . It also records the video of the persons entre and exit fully and stores in cloud seems bit over but okay..

Overall , what i could say to the general public is in the future , we will technologize our homes with the smart gadgets and security enabled systems for not only to alert us or to watch whats happening , but also it allows our friendly contacts to enter in our home like a guest pass in the game and also for any service providers like cleaning service or painters to let in without real permission just by a single click will be sounding bit ghoulish to us even hoarder but smarter the day goes , more advanced the tech soars. " our safest protection is still on our own " . For get to know of this more , please visit this following web page , and for better understanding about its working methodologies , please watch out the video below 

PS : Amazon Key is just another smart home product from Amazon which is avail for USA right now and it needs app to authorize as mentioned and most importantly , this facility will be available only for PRIME members .

Xperia Hello : a robotic hello from Sony

Yesterday , I was talking of  " Jibo - the social robot " : the robot that socializes like a cute puppy and little more than voice assistant in real time. Everyday , technologies are astounding us with more modifications and updations with more active features. With the aide of cognitive abilities and machine learning abilities , Robots are quiet getting smarter day-day that could able to perform anything better these days with their neural networking techniques and Natural Language programming techniques and voice recognition methods . I don't want to state much about those now , as i have already mentioned about those in detail earlier . Okay , lets leave all this you might have heard of Sony Xperia smartphones earlier , what about Smart home gadget device that works as perfect assistant

xperia hello robot withe the logo

This product is another tech gadget from Sony that works as perfect smart home assistant like Jibo . This works pretty much like Jibo by analyzing voice recognition, body gestures of human reactions , facial recognition patterns and responds to voice control very effectively like Jibo . This tech smart assistant works more efficiently like making  skype calls or connect any user via LINE account . It has 4.55 inch tablet with the screen resolution of 1280 px x 720 px resolution with LCD layout screen with 340 degree rotation , whereas Jibo can perform 360 degree axis rotation axially 

Image result for xperia hello
( Source : Sony Japan )

What are the features that can be done with this ?

  • As i mentioned it is like Jibo , it does the functionalities like reacting according to the human gestures and responding accordingly. It keeps an track of family members , colleagues and friends as like that.
  • With this Hello smart assistant , one can check weather conditions , traffic in the city , calendar event notifications, arrange new appointments  and also make an order reservation 
  • You can also make voice and video calls via. Skype which is vantage 
  • It also works with LINE messaging conveniently and you could able to control the operation of robotic movements with app via android
  • Also it has features like every laptop has now [ NFC , Micro USB type C ] connectivity and also blue tooth which is absent in Jibo
  • It also does dancing and also works as smart speaker like Amazon Alexa.

xperia hello displaying answers in japanese language

xperia hello robot is playing music with the message of price tag

( Source : Japan times )

This is the smart one like Jibo with all functionalities i stated above and right now its about to be open in Japan market with the price 1300 $ which is quiet costlier than Jibo which is 899 $ with the one line statement of mine " Perfect rival product for Amazon Alexa , Jibo with siri like assistant ability " . If you want to know more of this product , please visit their official website here  and for better understanding of it , please check out the video below 

PS : Smart product with good features , but expensive gadget from Sony to say you hello

Meet Jibo : A social robot for your home

It is no wonder that we live in the age of computational intelligence rising everyday's promises in terms of automating and reducing our physical work slowly.  I was mentioning of bots in another post  and also i was mentioning of Amazon's Alexa and Google's Nest smart gadget . Now, i am going to talk of very socializing pet robot for home that we love to have with . Some home users might have known of this already of this so called social " Jibo ".  

As the name suggests Jibo is a robot that interacts similiarly like Siri , Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but with more expressable way. Jibo is a more emotionally sensible to human's interactions and reactions according to the human's pupil movements . Interesting isn't it , i was wondering of Apple iphoneX's facial recognition algorithm that day , but this Jibo is something more than those which i have to explain it very clearly. Ofcourse ,Jibo works on facial recognition algorithm and voice recognition and emotional motion sensor technology which is purely advanced and the head portion of the jibo is 360 degree - 3 axis  motored , so it could able to spin on. The most primitive point of this jibo is reaction towards human engagement is really astounding.

 As you can see from the above image that it also reads human interactions and also loves to hang on like us. It has LED display at the head portion does this and for listening it has speakers out at the both sides that works like a microphone for sender . Whether you want to take a photo with your buddy , you want to watch the movie or you have no idea what to do ? Jibo entertains you and does these tasks easily . through Neural network processor training and human interactivity , Jibo understands who are your important buddies and fits that into its mind and take the photos or records the video seamlessly and even day by day our daily interactions with jibo makes it to understand better through following patternism and also recognizes who are your roommates , neighbours and it just records your day by day activities into its memory and recognizes when do you wake up, when do you walk and get ready . It also analyzes pupil's dilations and say hi too.. Interesting isn't it.. It seems like realtime robotic version of siri with enhanced features is what i could say of. 

Interesting features of Jibo which i would like to mention are 
  • As stated above , Jibo uses  " facial recognition technology " and it has camera at the front , so it captures each special moment and snaps or records it . You can share it via Jibo app
  • Jibo works on National Language processing algorithms and advanced animation system which means it could able to move like fun spin or flashy move..
  • Jibo uses six mics to listen to us and also it analyzes our word before we end..It is capable enough to analyze our moods and tones and patterns it accordingly based on the processing algorithms  and also two speakers for it to interact with us. Jibo is said to be smooth spoker
  • Jibo has touch sensitivity , it reacts according to ur mushies and strokes and also it has LED display where u can browse the folders and snaps taken or the perfect moments taken . Either you can keep in or delete by asking it to perform or by manually which is a vantage not only that it does also wink , runs playful emojis and interacts with you like a digital baby. 
  • it has specs like 802.11 b/g/n wireless access with WPA2 security , 2.4 Ghz -  5 Ghz compatability adaptibility is really good and most importantly you can control this jibo via android or ios app 

Overall , I could say Jibo seems to be robo-humanly interactive stuff like we seen in some of the hollywood movies which is a quiet good smart move from the company and its team to pull of such wonderful product with its own strings of attachment , emotions and movements with perspective response in better way like a play doll or smart assistant for us for 899  usd . If you are willing to buy it , please order from their official page there and if you want to look around Jibo's official website and their team and community to talk of certain issues or to know of general matters , you have to follow this and for better understanding , please watch out this cute video below 

PS : it seems its only available only in certain nations and the price is 899 $ only in selected nations now.

Get add-ons enabled to your gmail account in step by step method easily

           Google always padlock us with more productive apps and also variety of information to every users and customers with lots of functions like Google apps in Chrome and apps for android as well . Now google wanting every gmail users to try their new add-on features for multi functional vitalities . Google add-ons , as the name implies these add-ons does the task of additional functions than just emailing . we might have heard of extensions for google chrome browsers so far. 

   Now, every gmail users could able to do some additional functions more than emailing . Could not get any idea , what i'm talking of ? . Well , if you have already used plugins like Boomerang , pause for gmail , you might got some idea of what i'm referring here to. Google is a tech giant always wanting to try new stuffs to customers and users to use its applications and also features more effectively . Now , recently google has announced about super charging facility in gmail via. add-ons. If you are an existing user of gmail , you can easily enable this feature via by just few selections and clicks away. 

How to activate add-ons in our emails ?

If you are new user / existing gmail user , just sign in your gmail account and once signed in , you could able to see gear symbol at the top right corner of your gmail like the one below 

gmail with inbox displaying add-ons feature

As you could able to see what i stated above , if you click the gear button symbol it will list out the drop down box with  Get add-ons option like above. Once you click that option from the drop down menu box , the dialog box will pop up like the one below 

add ons for gmails and g suite

   You could able to see the box like the one i am seeing now and at the top of this box in the left corner , you could able to see three horizontal dashes , if you click that it will list out add ons  under categories wise like the one below 

gsuite marketplace add ons

  Now you could able to view the lists on the left side column , if you click any category it will list out menus or you can select out the add - ons available at the right column. Here , i have clicked utlities -chosen one add on " dial pad "  for instance . It will be looking like the one below 

gmail add ons showing two tabs

Once you click that particular add on , it will be poping up for installation , once you click install button like the one below 

gmail add on dialpad installation procedure

Once you click the continue button , it will ask for permission to allow the add-ons to run in your gmail account . Here you can either click allow  or deny based on your wants. If you clicked allow , then it will be prompting the user to finish up the final procedure by clicking done . Once you click that , it will be added as extension on the right side column of gmail account

dialpad gmail add on installed

inside user gmail's account with add ons installed

As you can see from the above snapshot , the add-on extension is added on the right side of the gmail account and you just need to begin authorization by opening a new account using gmail or office 365 or create new account in that add-on to grant access like one below 

gmail add on user agreement terms after installation

As you can see above that once its authorized successfully , you could able to perform add on tasks at the right side column easily and likewise , you can perform certain actions based on the add-ons you installed. Not only for gmail but also for g-suite its available. There are so many add-ons like Ring central , smart street , streak , dialpad ,  Docusign , Hire , Prosperworks available for G-suite for gmail for workplace. For more detailed info. about those , please visit the official Google blog . You can do much more with the add-ons based on its tasks and functionalities , but right now the add-ons for gmail/g-suite seems to pretty limited and the google team is working on more extensions to make the gmail better and put their email service into more productive and competitive use. For better video understanding , please visit them below

Trello social

(Source : Google blog )

Mr. Robot tv series : tv version of fight club in tech style

 Everyone watches television and mostly many people are interested in tv series , some tv series are more than entertainment whilst some others are just one time watch outs. I used to be comic fan and i was watching tv series like the flash , iron fist , arrow . While i was surfing over , i gotten to know of Mr. Robot tv series is quiet latterly and started to watch with the just to crunch my time , but later on this series got my mind out of it with the problematic democracy by bullied aristocrats in realistic way than being just entertaining. I am not going to review much here , but i'd love to share some opinions about this tv series here . I just  love to watch tv series but also i am a movie buff and couch potato , who loves to watch interesting tv series . This particular tv series tells about how the real time hackers could access information in corporate level and how the corporate shadows us with their penetrative updates. It may sound like quiet anarchy , but if you observe this carefully , this tv series has lots of information apart from entertainment , it doesn't only entertains you and also makes you to think wise. I hope now you literally got some idea of what this tv series is all about ? If you have watched the movie " fight club " then you will find it bit similarly   

   If you want me to talk of entertainment way , The starrer Rami malek has done the great job with Michael Slater in the very prominent role that drives you in one direction , quiet latterly it shows you different path and riddles your mind what exactly happened. Sometimes , you may feel like what i watched now is so far not the same is what you will feel. Why Mr. Robot exists ? Why that Elliot Anderson wants to take on the evil corp and what is the connection between Mr Robot and this Elliot will be revealed in unconventional way . So far, two seasons ran away now the third season is running out with the expected benchmark satisfying audience in Mr Robot's style. In Season 1 , You will get to know who is Mr. Robot ? and in Season 2, dark side of corporate fantasies will be shown and in Season 3, It's about plan of Mr. Robot is running on . I don't want to spoil the audience cache by spilling of the stories , that's why i was just giving an overview of it. 

I don't want to spill the beans of this tv series much without spoiling , i want you guys to watch it. Overall, my opinion about this tv series is " really great with their original soundtracks and also the screenplay that never let you out to dire . Not only a good entertainer , but also provocative with today's modern media and darker side of it . Apart from all the above , it is a techno psychological thriller tv series that twists your mind to sugar up your interest ".  You can watch it in USA tv channel for USA citizens , for others and for netizens abroad USA , i'd like to send you the direct download links in this indexure , so you can download at anytime and also the links will be updated after every episodes are aired .. You can download in 480 Px , 720 px , 1080 px .. Check out here  and if you are looking for cast crew of this tv series , please check out here

Intel Nuc : a good custom mini pc kit with limited abilities

In the world of today's pc/mac systems and in few smartphones , Intel does its part supplying its processors , chipsets to billions of systems worldwide. As technology has become indisputable and paramount necessities for multiple purposes . For past three - four decades , Intel is been a regime to every systems at desk. Now , Intel comes with the newest kit that works like mini-pc where you could able to connect to  the television or smart home or pc / mac for ultra vitality.

As the name suggests , Intel's NUC does a hand variety of tasks like our smart desk does, this is a small kit like device that works with the  PC/MAC and TV and does performs gaming or pc stuffs or for entertainment and for business purpose like plug-and-play facility . This Intel NUC just works like mac mini but NUC does its task for our systems more efficiently at affordable cost. Here i'd like to list out what NUC's could offer us to stay vantage 

Intel's NUC is a small mini pc with memory , bluetooth , bootable and supportable OS features are available like chromecast , mac mini but this does a bit more than that. It's like you can plugin and play games by loading games and also you can watch movies with 4K capacity and also you could able to use this for conference meeting collaboration using default DIY settings available which is connected to Microsoft Skype , Lync and Office 365 and you could use this for surveillance [ plug n play type ] and back up purposes. Totally , what you need is a PC / TV enabled that should support this smart facility . It doesn't only performs the above tasks, but also it performs digital signage marketing to communicate and advertise with the customers through easy instant way and also more effectively. It supports remote management , security encryption and 4K visuals as stated above.

( Source : )

As you can see that Intel's NUC mini kit comes with SSD/HDD support with 32 Gb support and also it has bluetooth  and wireless 802.11 a/c bandwidth technology . Not only that , also you could able to buy customized boards as per the convenience and configuring chassis is very flexible and easy to adapt. It also uses WIDI ( Wireless Direct technology ) which only LG smart tv has this . Overall , i could say it just works like mac mini / chrome cast type but with the limited functionalities with plug and play facility at the and if you would like to understand better about the working of Intel NUC , please watch out the video below 

For assembling the independently purchased customized kits for your PC /TV , here is the video below of how to assemble in easy way with the better and clear understanding. 

Plantix : smart mobile advisory app for farmers

Technology has made a great impact in every streams including one of the versatile green industry i.e., agriculture . We might have come across certain apps in our life that we use in our day-day life repetitively for various reasons. Today, i'd like to endorse one app that is quiet helpful for the farmers all over the world to trace out the types of damages in varieties of leaves 

As you can see the name suggests Plantix is just an AI initiative smart app that helps the farmers and agro scientists around the world to track and indicate the damage of the plant and analyze them through image recognition and tells the user that whats been deficient in the plant . It is a new approach from fresh techies from Germany and they did a good job with the collective libraries stored over in this app which are really helpful to farmers to identify easily with the support aide from Plantix community team . It is an intellectual app for users to identify any means of problems in the plant with the cause and remedy without going to plant doctors 

As you can see from the above snapshot that it not only tells whats present in the plant, but also it synthesizes and diagnose the information on the plant which is taken as snap and owes the farmers the instant feedback with suggestions to be taken for plant rejuvenation. Interesting and also forecasts the weather details with the clear humidity , precipitation, sunlight , wind speed and air pressure as well 

As i stated earlier above , you could able to check the regional weather conditions and also you could able to discuss with the community members in plantix to discuss of new plants or diseases which you are unaware of and their research team is still expanding the libraries and they keep updating to it sooner. Overall , i could say it is just another AI powered smart app which works on Neural Network Processing through image recognition with the archive list of libraries associated with the plants to refer , but still some users finding to difficult to locate the diseases of new plant and also some they could not able to find in library which is quiet a drawback and it is only available in Android now . 

For further more info. about this app , please visit the official website  and for the app , get it from here To understand in detail of its app , watch out the video below 

Attn to USA citizens : Now you can pay and recieve money from messenger via paypal

I am wondering these days, what facebook is doing and what they're marching upto. Earlier before a decade , facebook was looking exactly similar to Orkut , Hi5 and other social networking services but after a decade fb has changed enormously into deep down steps through many games , app integration services and also for workplace. I am sure that many of the users and visitors here must have been using fb for social or business purposes , but you see you can also enable certain in-scope apps for your business and also for social integration purpose via  bots and also plugins in easy way. Week back i was talking of fb's tapping feature with the wikipedia over here 

Facebook initiated some easy measures earlier in 2015 for every users in usa to pay and send the money through credit / debit card payment api integration , but now they are advancing for every users in USA with one step integration in terms of collaborating with paypal account . If you have paypal account and facebook account , it is easy to integrate inside messenger via facebook . The option is very sleaky to use . If you have entered your credit card / debit card details in facebook , now you can add your paypal account attached  easily and the usage is very . Just tap the [ blue + symbol ] and click pay , once you are done it will now ask for the mode , whether you are making via. credit / debit card or via paypal like the one attached in the screenshot below . You need to avail this feature in messenger to send or receive money

 ( Source : )

As you can see from the above screenshot that you can easily pay out via paypal account integration and once you select the amount , now what you have to do is to confirm the payment button, after that is been done , now the amount will be sent to your friends account [ must have paypal account or credit card or debit card or netbanking details ] to receive the payment and that is it . Now , the receiver will get the payment instantly. But the drawback is it is only available for USA citizens now . I'd hope that one day that this feature will be enabled all over the globe with lots of options as well. Though it seems to be a good feature for facebook and an extra integration from paypal , facebook is now diversifying its role from social networking to globalizing digitization in silent way that we could see it happening . For better understanding , please watch the video below 

           PS : This feature is available presently for IOS / Android apps in US only. 

Have you heard of this Vocktail ?

When we go to A/c bars , Restaurants and in juice shops to drink fruit juices , mixed cocktails based on our convenience and taste delicacies . In the world of tech today , anything could be possible with the advancement of science and research with the aide of technological influence in wide variety of arenas including FMCG sector. We know reservation apps , order food via online through apps are available but did we heard of vocktail ?.  Let us see in detail of it about the upcoming virtual cocktail app

When we mix the proper proportionate with each drinks , it will become a perfect dishy cocktail but vocktail is an interactive and innovative approach for cocktail lovers. So what this vocktail app project is all about is very simple . This is just a glass which is associated with the app in the digital store that could owe you with an interactive cognition ability in terms of visual , stimuli , smelling and flavours which is very interesting ., It also uses mechanical modes by using scent cartridges and air pumps and the colorful lights to dazzle your drinking experience in a bliss. It is controlled by an app and for further more details , i'd like to enclose a video for here for more project details