Search the files inside Google drive easily like a pro with these tricks

When every user signs up a google account , they will get free google drive . Many people doesn't know what actually the google drive is . Google drive is a cloud application storage platform, where you can store and access files anytime , anywhere easily. Google drive allows every user to store upto 15 Gigabyte for free and it also has business plans for more storage

You can store any types of files inside google drive and could be accessed anywhere even using smartphones , tablets and PC and also you can invite any persons to download files by sharing the link and collaboration. You can not only save files , but you can use docs , slides and forms and 100's of apps enabled to drive to use for our personal / business use. 

But when we want something , we may forget what we search for and sometimes searching files become so hectic and we loose patience . In this Google drive , its not a very hectic task to do that , infact its very easier .

How to search the files inside Google Drive easier ?

( Source : labnol .org )

To search the files or any document related stuffs inside Google Drive, please goto
and search for the particular file by naming the content or word or phrase like one i attached below :

In the above pic , you can understand clearly that either you can type the specific file , if you known or you can just drop down the arrow box  which is in search box.

You can either filter out the search results by narrowing down by clicking the down arrow which is located in search bar which will ask for more search tools , there you can filter out like this below

From the above snapshot , you can see the search tool will display the following box asking for more details like File , Type , Date Modified , Item Name , Owner , Shared with and also Located in . You can use this in the search box as content or you can use this tool to search . Here i would like to do a search of excel sheet which i stored .

Either you can use the search more tools to fill in details or you can just goto search bar in google drive and just type " type:spreadsheet or  type:document or type: presentation " and click enter. It'll show the list of files inside the drive which is been shared and stored. If you are using search more tool , you can fill out any content to search for [ whether you are sure or unsure ] even last modified , date created , item name and also shared by or with whom.

            As you can see shared with me details will be listed at the bottom and also you can make an Advanced search options.. by refining it using quotes options available in search more tools or you can type in search bar like this in search bar by typing " is trashed after "- to find the files in the trash that were modified. In the below screenshot , you could see plenty of files has been modified earlier and recently.

             To find the document or file owned by other person which is been shared to you, You can find it out using from owner methods like the one below by contenting inside the text search box like  " " or ""

likewise , you can also find the files shared by you to other person via. email or through accessing link to drive by contenting in the search box like " "

You can also find the files created by you by typing in search box of Google drive box like this
" in:myfiles-owner:me "

You can also search for an items that can be accessed only by specific app embeded with drive also . Example : google docs . Likewise , you can search for other apps associated with google drive in easy way. 

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That's all buddies.. I'll come out with more tricks and tips infos. later.  Cheers !