Downloading files from Scribd is easier now !

     Have you ever wondered that downloading files from scribd becomes messy and its becoming tougher day by day. Earlier , we were asked to upload a document file to download the pdf/doc/xls file we want, but now it seems every user has to become premium user to download the files . How long , we can keep repeating this action ? . Don't we need a alternative solution , so that we can download files instantly from scribd using tools .

There are many ways to download Scribd documents , which are already posted in many websites . Of which , i would like to recommend only few suggestions .

Step 1 : Using script in text bar on Firefox browser

      Goto and search for the file in particular that you want to download , Look for the document id and access key. To find out the access key , you no need to go to inspect source . You just click the embed in the left side of the document .

In the above figure , you can see " embed " , if you click that embed , it will be looking like this in the one below

from the above figure , you could see two radio buttons [ one for html , other for Wordpress ] . if you click Wordpress radio button, it will show you the access key that you can see above in the text box with the user id and access key .

Now, not the user id and access key and open the tab in firefox [ chrome doesn't support that much ] 
and type it this script { }
 in the text bar like the one below 

Once you done that , the page will be looking the one above and now you are free to download using download button (if available) or you just press ctrl+p and save as pdf like the one below :

 Just click okay and the document will be saved as pdf in few minutes to your saved location. That's it Viola ! you can download any files from Scribd like this and enjoy downloading it.

Step 2 : Using website tool 

Not all time , the above method on Firefox will be effective . There are some documents which doesn't support that flash plugin script . For that cases , you need to find the alternative way, it is none other than using the website called dlscrib. Here , its very much easy to download the files instantly in few minutes.

Just goto scribd and search for the document you want to download.  Whence you done with that , please copy the url link of scribd that you wanted to download . for example like this
Here, i have chosen a link from scribd that i wanted to download . for example , here i have chosen this link to download this document ( You can see in task bar

the above chosen link is highlighted in blue for easy understanding . Just copy that link and paste it in this website dlscrib like the one below :

from the above snapshot , you could able to see there is a button called " Generate Download Link " . Just click the checkbox and click the button . Once you clicked , it will be routing to this page like the one below :

Once its processed , it will ask the user to download the file as pdf. Once you click that " download pdf " button , you will be asked to wait for few seconds to minutes based on queue timing and that's it , once its ready , your file will be downloaded to the location you want to save.

Enjoy downloading unlimited files from scribd from any of these ways above. It worked well for me. I hope it will work well for you guys too :)