Friday, September 29, 2017

Enable 280 character limit in Twitter in these ways

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We all know of Facebook but few people doesn't know of Twitter ( Online news and message sharing service that has 140 character limits ) is a good social networking site that helps the people to connect and friend with any people in the world in few clicks and follows. But twitter has its tweets limit of 140 character per message which is a con to any user. As in the days today , we love to communicate more and more . Though it has message option, it doesn't work like fb which also has its limitations. Twitter is very good tool to promote business and also create branding. One can easily get friends by clicking follow and tweeting them or liking them by clicking heart button and also you can authorize other apis via twitter very easily without even signing .

Okay, my topic on twitter today is all about enabling the 280 character limit in every tweets by editing some snippets. Let me give you running demo with screenshots for better understanding. If you are novice twitter or expert in twitter or an occasional twitter , these steps will be helpful to enable you the tweet limits to text better than its own limit. Please understand that there are many ways to do it , i would just give you the one i known and used to your reference for easy understanding and this approach is most eligible for Google Chrome users only

Make sure you have twitter account opened and not disabled or banned and once you are done , please follow this website  and your twitter account will be columnized like the one below 

You could able to see the pages are columnized like the one above and you could able to see the three dots [ vertical line ] in chrome browser at the top right corner right below close button . Click that icon ->  More tools -> hover to developer tools like the one below 

Once you click that developer tools option, the developer tool console page will open and there you have to goto sources -> click content scripts 

Once you click the content scripts column under sources , you can insert any new snippet like the one below by clicking >> icon [ it will show snippets , if you click that snippet , now you are free to insert any snippet 

You can now add any new snippets , now please copy the following code from github and insert in the new snippet run source like the one below

You can enter the code like the one above and save and click [ control + enter ] button or you can just click the control +enter button available in the snippet box and hit enter . Now you could see once its been edited , at the left the character changes to 280 word limit very quickly.

PS : This trick and the code works only in tweetdeck Twitter account . 

Step 2 : Using Extension and script 

Just goto this chrome store and download this extension from this link Tampermonkey and click add to chrome button .. 

Once its been added , Please goto the Github repository and follow the code which i already shared above or click raw button in that page and copy the following code as raw and it will be looking like this 

You can install the script and now you can check that by logging in to your twitter account  and enjoy tweeting.  PS : This script seems to be rolled out and not working ... So try the first step , that only works with tweetdeck

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bots for social im apps and web are really helpful in variety of ways !

Today, we live in social networking era, where social networking has become a detachable stuff , as you see we just use social network for several stuffs , whether its for social / business / advertising / dating /networking . Social networking apps like Facebook , Whatsapp,  Messenger , Wechat , Slack , Viber, Kik , Line , Skype , imessage , amazon echo. Okay, we all know of these private/instant messengers  are useful to everyone to connect our friends through phone contact book. Okay, what about Bots ? any idea what does it mean. Techists and developers and common buddies who uses net or apps might know what bot is, but many people doesn't know what bot is ? ( Bot is a computer program that performs automated tasks without manual direction ) 

Okay, now lets get to the straight point, yeah bot is a program. so what? we might be knowing of Cortana in Windows , Siri from iphones , Google Assistant in Android phones . what are they capable to do is just listen and do the tasks based on what we say , but is also it has its own limitations like it needs internet and also voice recognition issues and also sometimes voice pronounciation is not good,  the result will not be available and also sometimes these assistants say sorry try again later or this cannot be performed.Okay, we talked much of these other assistant apps and social media apps. Now, what we gonna talk of is bots that could do specific tasks for us which could be only enabled if you have any of those social apps and also for web is readily available in this website 

you could see the list of bots available in this website for multi im apps which are ready to perform tasks. Each bots are programmed for specific tasks. For instance , if  i want to select the bot which i want that bot to get start in messenger im app or web , then you have to click the icon correspondingly.  Here , i would like to select an app which are helpful for my business and informative news. Here below , you could see there are list of bots available under many categories which could be ready to get to be started in any specific apps or web. Okay, let me demo you...

Here, I have chosen for messenger , So just clicking the messenger icon available in the top of the home page of the site. Whence clicked , it will list out the bots that are ready to engage with messenger to get started . Either if you know the name directly , you can type via search there or you can just select under particular category and select the bot. Here , i have selected the " the Affiliate Journal Bot "

selecting the bot to engage is very easy, Just click the button [ messenger button ] and make sure your messenger is on.. once you clicked , it will land to your messenger directly and you need to just click get started like the one below and the bot will work accordingly to our instructions ..

As you see , this bot works like Google Assistant , but this bot does only specific tasks , Likewise there are many bots which are available for many im apps and also for web. So we can use any bots for any purpose we in need and that we could utilize for social / marketing / entertainment / advertising / utilities and also for business purpose. If you want to use for web , just go back to bot website and click web icon and start to choose like the one below

Here , i have chosen forkchoice - food chosing bot . I've just clicked the web icon button available here

Once that's been clicked , it will go straight to the web , asking you couple of questions like the one i showed above

Once the bot routes to the website , it asks for details and asking for location to show what are all the food items and also the food providers available nearby. Here , i have chosen burger and it goes to the next page and shows the location nearby food shop that offers burgers.

Like these bots available for twitter directly without any app source and also avail for android / ios as well. Overall, i would like to tell you that as these are bots and designed every bots for specific tasks . You can chose it accordingly and its easier to use and simple UI saves your time finding google search or every app from appstore is good , innovative and also lots to be improved for future. and also any developers / coders can develop a bot and submit there to get approval and get earned . Please look at the video for better understanding of what ai bots could do for you ?

Firefox's Quantum web browser is good but still it needs a boost !

   We all know that Alternative to IE , Firefox was doing better until Google chrome comes out. Once Google chrome web browser was out , the results were fast and also takes your back memory well. Firefox web browser is an open-source web browser developed by Mozilla foundation and it is a non-profit organization that aims in developing innovative and also user-friendly projects till date.

     I was a fan of Mozilla Firefox once till Google chrome was launched, but for past few months or a year approximately,  Firefox was making lots of distributions and changes and users are getting more and more attracted to it. Recently , Firefox launched the beta version of Quantum version to public to download. What difference does it make ? Quantum is a fast performing and quick browser aimed to target users first instead of testers . Okay, Let's see what this Quantum web browser has to say of

Firefox Quantum browser is abstracted from multi process technology ( means the browser runs in two seperate nodes : One for UI , another for web content ) that makes browser to react quickly than freezing pages for while and also it can run two lanes seperately well is an interesting point

Because of that multiprocess technology adaption it hangs less and also responsive time is quick

Recent Quantum version is more quicker , convenient and also light weighted and it is 2 x faster than the predecessor  

Firefox Quantum is here in Beta and Developer Edition for all you early adopters. 

It also uses 30% less memory than Chrome  and balances memory well while browsing is a new vantage point and also the UI is very simple , elegant and also easily customizable by opening the start page with most used tabs or recently opened tabs or no tabs like the one below 

 As you can see in the right hand side of the browser , you could see what all sites or highlights we want , we can place it or take it off by clicking the check box as per user's convenience in just few clicks.

And also it has library function available,there you can store the last seen and saved bookmarks , histories , information , pocket list ( it has enabled packet list at the top of web browser in address bar - where it works exactly like book mark function ) and so on.

You can see adding to the packet list is very easy , at the top of  address bar , you could see down pointing arrow triangle like icon is located , if you click that , it will just add to your pocket list and that pocket list will be stored in cloud or indexed like clip and you can open and click the packet list anytime you want ... rather than going for searching in bookmarking , this tool is simple and cool

 It also has screenshot clipping facility available .. where you can printscreen by just clicking take screenshot of the page u view in just few clicks [ either half page , particular selection or full page ] and that stored screenshot will be saved in for 14 days ... which is good 

The rest of features remains the same with customization like you can re arrange tools in customization and you can see address bar is big , when you click show address bar. it will comes with matching typr word or last recently used keyword search 

Like in Google chrome , it could be synced perfectly and overall , my opinion of this web browser after few times of usage today is its good , captivating my interest here than google now , not got crashed with multiple tabs and process i been using for testing purpose and features are easy to use and applicable and also tracking protection technology( to trace the infiltrators and also protect the privacy of individual like incognito mode in Chrome )  works well but still some functions in Google chrome is quiet better than firefox quantum, but quiet a promising one

Image result for quantum vs chrome 

I have tested and benchmarked certain results from html5 test and here is the score of new firefox quantum browser for your reference . The higher the better. In this case Opera and Google Chrome has some edge over this , but this performance result is good

After my reviews , if you guys wanna try the download then , please visit Quantum to check the browser and min requirements .. If you want to download for your desktop , then please click this link and also please check out other browser editions for devlopers , nightly as well ). Also available for android by visiting Google Playstore and for  Ios users , please visit this link Please watch out the video for better reference

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Do more with duckduckgo search engine : really amazing

When we think of search engine , the first name that comes to our mind is Google . For more than past two decades , Google was doing better indexing and everyone uses google for every search, Whether we are looking for any items to purchase , whether to open an email account or to find the information of any product or school or colleges or to search for jobs and for to post ads and also to book the tickets for reservation. Google is been search giant to everyone making ours a regular user for every daily needs via. online, but security and privacy on the search results has been a concern pin to every person in google. Whatever we search on net , will be notified by google and they will post ads and mark our genetic data , which sometimes we feel our privacy and security seems to have a hole 

But the search engine which has been launched in 2008 and still going on silent with the hiding of our privacy and does some features better than Google and other search indexes. The search engine that protects the user's security and privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of search results which used to be bubbled out by google . It returns the good results which generates the indexes from other search engines in easier way and also the feature of duckduckgo is very simplistic . The main difference between Google & dukduckgo is Google uses the results based on the sites you frequently visited but duckduckgo doesn't store those information and it is mostly concerned on user's individuality . Okay, Let's see what duckduckgo can do better than Google .

  Searching results in duckduckgo is as simple as google , but with no ads.

You can also search for any social profile using as like that in social networking sites. for example : if you want to search a name in twitter , you can just use  "  @username " or if you want to use Google plus or Fb, Just type " facebook username " . Here i'd like to fnd out RDJr. from fb , so i made my search as " facebook Robert Downey  Junior".  Indexing search result is very accurate and precise and you can check the result below:

Searching FB page using user name 

Performing twitter search in duckduckgo followed by username

You can easily found out the shortened links and also you could able to expand the links in this search engine so quickly. To expand any shortened link from url , Just type in the search engine of duckduckgo like " expand "  and hit enter, it will show the original url and likewise , if you want to shorten the original url to any shortened url , you could do it easily in the search box by typing " shorten " and hit enter , the result will be like the one below 

Expanding URL

Shortening url

You can also randomly generate character length password by using duckduckgo without any additional software by just typing inside the search box like this :  " password numeric character " . like this password 8 . these passwords are generated using random pass phrase.

Random passphrase generated based on character length you assign in search box
The next most interesting feature that duckduckgo has is !bangs. !bangs are nothing but the commands that you can perform during searches which helps users to narrow search results very precisely than widing over. using ibangs commands is very easy. For instance , if you want to search some product in flipkart say , watches from flipkart " google just fetches the indexing page , whereas duckduckgo goes to that page directly . You can just type " !flipkart watches for men " and hit enter. The page will be looking like this

You can also pick from categories or you can use the !bangs directly , if you are aware or choose from bangs available like the below by typing in the search bar of the browser like and you can select categorically 

You can choose from any Categories
Under Particular Categories - there are many sub categories - from there we can pick any one like the above .

You can also do google-like search stuffs in duckduckgo by asking for calendar, calculator , loan calculator

You can perform loan calculation in easy steps by just typing the prinicple amount followed by rate of interest with duration in simple or compound way like the one below " Loan Rs.100000 at 5% with 25% down for 10 years " .

You can also do the google like operations here by typing " timer " and " stop watch " operations in search box of duckduck go page like the one below

Duckduckgo has another interesting features like google and that is instant answers ( as the name suggests , it gives you the answer instantly by making wide crawling. this instant result helps you to find out the results based on what you offered as question and indexes the results in seconds. Here, I have used " what rhymes with duck " and the result is all the similar words related to duck will be indexed under result

You can also find out for emoticons in duckduckgo easily. Everyone is mostly aware of smileys and what is been used for . Emoticon [ a representation of a facial expression such as a smile or frown, formed by various combinations of keyboard characters and used in electronic communications to convey the writer's feelings or intended tone]  . I'm quiet surprised to see emoticons in duckduckgo. How means ? you just type the emoticon and the duckduckgo will index and brief you what that emoticon is for ? Not believing me. Let's find out in the search result below : I just typed the emoticon , the result of that is displayed in the top right corner with the info.

You can also check the status of the website response is down or up by typing this in the search box " is websitename down " like the one below: If the response is UP [ active ] , else the response is down [ offline or problem ]

You can also find out how to make recipes and also products and tours in the search engine associated with it by finding more goodies  there. Overall, duckduckgo has its own vantage and also disadvantages in fetching out some results. However , its more sleaky and easy to use search engine for any users to tap by

For better understanding , please visit the page and get to know of more and explore yourself and watch out the video for better understanding 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Pricee : a new ecommerce search engine for Indians looks good :)

When we use internet , first we used to search information in text search bar to find websites  , information about any person or any ticket reservation and for any research papers and also we use search bar for social / business purposes. We used to access internet through Google search bar to find information has become old for e-commerce purposes. Now, recently there is a search engine released exclusively for searching e-commerce deals and products and that is Pricee launched by NDTV recently

What does it do ? . The principle is very simple , as the name suggests this search engine works on specified nodes that only indexes with e-commerce websites like Amazon , Flipkart , Snap deal , Shop clues , Infibeam , Tata Cliq . Like our google search engine , the search for these products has become very simple and easy to use chrome extension that you all guys need to take a look of and it can be used anything to buy from online e-commerical stores in India . It is extremely light and faster and could be used for any super purchase. Let us see , How it works ?

Pricee is available for Google chrome extension and you can goto this Pricee google chrome extension and it you can easily add to chrome by clicking add to chrome button available in the top right corner of the page .

Once its been added to chrome , it will show its been added to chrome , the extension icon will be looking like the one below . Arrow mark pointing the red icon is the extension one below

Once it's been added to chrome , then you are ready to search anything from extension or browser directly by going to You can now easily search as you do the searches in google search engine. You can goto the web browser and type for the product or any item or any category plainly like the one below or from any specific websites by clicking out the check out box option at the left side of the page and also you can type the price range and also you can sort out the search results based on relevance , top rated or by price range

From the above snapshot , you can understand that how it is been searched and the price differences in each e-commerce website and also the options at the left. You can choose the item from any website you want  easily by comparing or else you can just go and choose from any particular e-commerce site easily by checking out as shown above. You can also search via voice using microphone in your pc / mobile connected . Please make sure that microphone is enabled and working properly and the read color microphone icon in the search engine box will be turning to green circle rounding up the microphone icon as like this below ( which means its working and now you are ready to speak ). Once you pronounce properly , the words you pronounce on the mic will be converted to text and it will display the results like below as like the above method, which is an added vantage.

Then the procedure remains the same, if you click any link from the available search results ,you can pick the one and select the item to order for cart and buy it or change it . This pricee is also available for Android and for IOS phones . For Android users , please  visit Google Playstore to download and for IOS users, please visit Apple store to download directly. Overall , its a good effort from Indian team for our e-commerce websites and its less-time comparative search engine that works perfectly. For video understanding , please watch out the video below