Saturday, October 21, 2017

Have you heard of this Vocktail ?

When we go to A/c bars , Restaurants and in juice shops to drink fruit juices , mixed cocktails based on our convenience and taste delicacies . In the world of tech today , anything could be possible with the advancement of science and research with the aide of technological influence in wide variety of arenas including FMCG sector. We know reservation apps , order food via online through apps are available but did we heard of vocktail ?.  Let us see in detail of it about the upcoming virtual cocktail app

When we mix the proper proportionate with each drinks , it will become a perfect dishy cocktail but vocktail is an interactive and innovative approach for cocktail lovers. So what this vocktail app project is all about is very simple . This is just a glass which is associated with the app in the digital store that could owe you with an interactive cognition ability in terms of visual , stimuli , smelling and flavours which is very interesting ., It also uses mechanical modes by using scent cartridges and air pumps and the colorful lights to dazzle your drinking experience in a bliss. It is controlled by an app and for further more details , i'd like to enclose a video for here for more project details

Friday, October 20, 2017

Find the flaw in these apps and get paid from Google

Google known for its wideness on security and apps through all over the globe with tons of features and products available . When these products are launching commercially or enterprise editions, users shall benefit from Google by many means through blogging , User testing program and also via. bug Vulnerability program. Have anyone heard of this earlier ?. Some might have , many of others may not have gotten any idea of what it is. As the name suggests , it is a vulnerable track out stuff and you will be rewarded based on the perimeters of the vulnerabilties and security flaws in the apps . The apps you download via google playstore are truly perfect ? . Let us see what the offer is all about 

Image result for google apps hd

With the hacker one company , Google is just teamed up on this to check product flaws to make sure the apps which were been raised for the concerns are put into notice now and the flaw tester must not report some unqualified or unacceptable reports . All the selection criteria methods are best to be found on their website with detailed infos. Tester or user could be from anywhere and find out exploits and flaws using certain methods are acceptable but not all ways are seems to be acceptable though. The exploits with the reporters whoever meet that criteria will be rewarded 1000 $ and if the same report is been submitted , first person who submitted will be rewarded accordingly. It may seem easy for any user , but you see to test such flaws certain tests with results proved at in-scope apps are mandatory. Right now companies mentioned below are signed with hacker one and google to challenge the hackers / testers / users to test its security flaws in deep scale under the compliance.

(Source : Hacker one )

Google is also asking other apps to be included to test for their flaws and also they plan to increase this extension in wide scale in upcoming future. Whatever is , one thing is very clear ,  the apps we use today is not all perfect ofcourse it has its own hole to dig of. Let us see what Google and the hacker one company tells all of these in future . For further more info. please visit hacker one .