Thursday, December 7, 2017

This small mechatronic pongbot just owes us a short time fun for boozers

   Do you drink beer ? and do you love to have some fun times with the cups and bottles like kids ? Here is a small robotic kit that actually does the holder that aims the moving target. If you are aware of ping pong , the ball just moves in one direction through hits , but this gizmo does the spin , darts and randomly changes the direction but also senses perfectly by not falling under the table.

red colour ping cups with pingbot

This edge sensing technological kit moves in all directions by holding a single cup upto maximum five cups on the holder above the kit with holder caddie. You just need to stand apart and throw the ping ball on to the cup while its moving . Most interesting thing with this is those cups will be filled with beers and the opponent will be throwing the ball on your cups . You can either control the pongbot via. remote or leave it to automatically . whilst it moves , the user will be throwing ping ball on the cups and if the user throws successfully , the opponent will be taking that drink and this is not an hard task. This is very funny game and i could remember my old days playing these kind of games by adding sand in the cup by filling with balls through hits .

black colored pong robot with holders

This kit has LED lighting ( Red / Green ) and the player doesn't even know which direction its moving , it has edge sensor technology . You can play this game during any parties or when having fun time this works under motorized remote sensor control mechanism which has batteries and cups coming with the kit for free of charge and also its very easy to operate . You can take it anywhere to the party and play it with no additional stuffs to be installed. It is easy to use and hold and hassle free with the power switch

black color motorized pongbot with holder and remote

Actually to play this , there is no specific rule or instructions to play this game. As long as you have this pongbot , you will feel a good time killer in playful way. This is a cute 40$ kickstarter project that is absolutely a gaming one which is quiet funny with limited options. This is a pure mechatronics project works under pan mechanism . It doesn't have any regular pattern , but it is very tossy. Fore more information about Pongbot , please check out the video

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Galleryguardian app : Content privacy protection app for parents

Today in the modern world , we live with lots of apps and websites to check out information and make our business profitable or socialize with people for networking or affiliation or building a team for good deeds. But there are some websites or apps which lets you to watch some raunchy scenes or obscene which are not totally invulnerable and some stuffs at the back even work as malware . Either by chance or by mistake , if we clicked the image it will redirect to some unwanted sites which affects our pc or mobile by various means. In a family , when we have children especially when they have gadgets in hand , they do play games or watch cartoons or access infos. but some websites are totally inappropriate to the audience leads to moral disparage and addiction. Here i'm going to tag about one app which is really a necessary app for any parent of today's and that is "Gallery Guardian ". 

This app is developed for the root cause to curb out the teens and young children anywhere to access the certain websites and texts which are irrelevant , lurable to them . This app does a very good work for any parents to keep a note on their children. It seems they use image recognition algorithm ( a pattern recognition technique which is widely used in machine learning to focus the regularities and patterns of the data assigned [ here its image ]  for easier identification process in future to a device that is widely autonomous ] seems like AI technique is adapted here. It is a very simple app that is very easier to use. Let me brief you how it could work and in what way parents are benefited from this app.

gallery guardian app with features

Working feature of this app is very simple . Install the app and then after installation, you will be asked to pair up the gallery guardian app on the parents device first with the child's device using the special code which you will be asked after you done creating the account. You will get the notifications of the children whom you want to monitor in , whenever they are out somewhere or they surf something suspicious . This app works with the aide of geo-fencing tracking in our smartphone where our detailed location report will be sent to the parents with the spot marks. 

gallery guardian app showing notificaitons

gallery guardian app showing address with pair pin

gallery guardian app showing geo map location
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As you could able to see from the above snapshots , every parents will receive alerts when child arrives or goes somewhere and also it alerts the parents, when they access inappropriate content which is totally guarding app for kids from accessing certain obscene sites. This encompasses the great niche idea from the team and it makes the kid to stay safe from sites which are meant only for adults. To  know of this more , please check in their official website over here  and download from the google play store or itunes store and if you want to know in video , watch it out below fyr.

PS : It seems the users who have already used it finding out one errors and that is battery drainage issue and the team is working on this issue to fix it up. Right now its available only for android and iphone users only with the limitation of pairing upto 6 devices only.