Learn to code using Code with Google for your school and college kids.

You want to land up a programming or coding job with good experience in handling multi projects with the knowledge you have got. But still not having any idea bout where to study or to learn code, then you're in the right track. Many fortune 500 companies are looking to hire top expertized professionals who could jargon and handle problems more effectively than the regular college degree professionals who lack in real time experience.

In many parts of the world , School kids whoever does their elementary standards or secondary school level they might get an opportunity to use computers when they have lab , but do they expose to real time wants like coding , programming or debugging?. Nah!.. It is like a heavenly feel for kids whoever doesn't own computers at home.. In my school days , i was used to sit in front of teacher all day to watch what she is doing with the computer when she teaches how to operate computer that time. 

But these days , things gotten changed and many houses have smartphones or laptops to skillify their knowledge with coding and programming languages in easy methods. There are plenty of programming languages which are of use today than past decade and making sure that every competitive apps we use has any of these programmed apps. 

Google is bridging the gap between this industrial wants and what academic learning offers through Code with Google a free coding curriculum which is an introductory pack for teachers to help the students to learn coding through basic understanding and learning.

In one of my oldest post, you might have gone through teach kids through codey rocky robot. Likewise, now Google has made up a platform for teachers to utilize for students to learn coding in very easy way through simple training method . It is specially designed for the students of the age between 9 years to 14 years old. With the proper tools and resources offering from Google, students can unleash their potential to write codes says Google Code using resources with the help of Grasshopper app that trains about how to use javascript in action.

There are MOOC's which offers you wide variety of courses online for students to learn and equip their knowledge in easy to read , learn and watch videos and take tests easy. As everything is getting so easy and peasy, Code With Google comes with slightly different approach for educators to lead the way to easy to use lesson plans , tutorial activities not only for school going elementary and middle std kids but also for higher education students.

finger point the error in the program

The company also announced to grant 1 million USD to Computer Science Teachers Association. There are creativity tools like Blocks , Canvas, Online Platform , Lesson plans as stated above.. Educators and students have various access to use and learn . All of the Google's code and lesson plans are free and it doesn't cost anything to user who uses it. So, Educators can train students for free and it is right now available only in English and Spanish.

Google platform enables Google classroom , VR/AR and other training kits to make this work and they even successfully implemented with other external partners like AnitaB , National 4H Council , SMASH , Blackgirls code and also they are already in progression state with the future partners like American Library Association ( ALA) , Donorschoose.org , Explore Computational Thinking and et al.

google coding team partnership with other external partners

The idea of teaching kids is to make sure they get enough knowledge in easy understanding way to grasp the fundamentals of pre-algebra or chemical equations which may be hard and tiring for many teachers but this tool makes it flexible for students and teachers to get interacted like video game like approach to the students makes it more appealing and cache vibrant to students.

The Pentagon now testifies the person through heart beats

Heart beat is like rhythm to every human beings lively existence but does it has got anything to do with the disguising ?. It is seemingly surpriseful that biometric identification is becoming a part of our life and it will keep expanding it in future.

Today in some of the airports , Facial recognition has become the recognizable identification that works on technology through facial identification mapping algorithm which u can unlock your automobile or car or truck by looking at them like we use finger prints for everything to unlock laptops , smartphones and also for ticketing.

Facial recognition is mostly known these days but have you ever heard that our heart beat could be the next identification unlocking factor?. The Pentagon in USA has recently developed a peculiar type of laser emission that actually does the very specific task that can identify the person's heartbeat through distance from upto 200 metres.

Jetson Prototype is the unique technology that is been used there to detect the unique cardiac signature. It generally uses laser vibratory to track the source of the movement , as like our iris our heart has specific heart beats nature quiet varies according to our heart beat variations . Heart beat is unique and it cannot be varied anyway is what they believe so.

Contact Infra red Sensors are used to record the patient's pulse by detecting the changes in blood flow variations and surface movements caused by blood flow. This new technology works with the shirt , jacket but not thicker than winter jacket. It takes approximately 30 seconds to finish up the process to collect all the information from the detection.

These cardiac signatures are been already used for signature identification. Jetson seems to have better accuracy than any other is what the technical people says. It is also to be noted that the condition of the patients who has arrythmias could be tested without even touching the patients through this visionary adoption.