Amazing and Provoking Useful Websites that you wish you knew earlier

Internet is a platform for everyone to learn, amuse, share and discuss information in plenty of ways for all effective needs. It is sometimes very tricky and quite not easy to find productive websites that have great content.

A year back I have come up with some of the best useful sites to keep you better. Even  I made out some bunch of interesting subreddits for everyone.  Now, I've just compiled some comprehensive list of over some 70+ of the best websites on the internet that could be really helpful, fun and also helpful.

TeamTreeHouse - For developers and coders who love to develop their skills from beginner level to intermediate level.

Quora - It is a social question and answering tool for everyone and it also has newsfeeds like facebook.

Blinkist - A Fascinating website that works like a pint for book lovers to read books which has more than 4500 collections.

IfIknewThen - This is another interesting and insightful website that has some kind of best things about life, wisdom, and family.

Duolingo - Are you seriously interested in learning up another language from any part of the world then you should probably glance and utilize this. - Public speaking is an art that needs to be developed with the interest and this website will amplify your skills and strengthen it.

Firstsearch - This name should not fool you around and as per the name suggests it is a good website for the people who look for customer relations, product, management.

Degreed  - Got bored with your conventional academic skills, then boost up your skills with this wonderful website to showcase your inbuilt talents like UI/UX designing, web building.

Reviewmeta - Do you really want to check the amazon products positive reviews to buy any product.

Internet Archive - When you want to check out the deleted website which has some saved caches then use the archives to check it out.

IFTTT - it is actually a free website that allows you to automate your life and you can find some interesting categories.

Goodreads - If you are a book lover and would love to read books via. online then Goodreads will be a good choice.

ifixit - This is a very good website that teaches people how to fix anything related to repair or service.

Isitdownrightnow - Do you want to monitor the status of websites and checks whether they are actually down or not.

Solo Learn -  This is an app/web-based online most UI based course for developers and programmers to refer and learn.

Jotti - Are you suspicious about any file or email attachment that you feel as a scam then check this out.

fontstruct - Do you like to build and draw up your own fonts and you can use those in any application.

YouTube Webcam - You can broadcast yourself on YouTube without any complications.

Homestyle Designer - This online interior designer helps you to design from scratch or remodel in 3d.

Remote Desktop - This is nothing but tho access desktop remotely from your computer via. google

HowSecureIsMyPassword- An Interesting website to know how secure your password is and you can check it out in few minutes.

WillRobotsTakeMyJob - This is a weird website where you can check how much automation is been used so far and will it affect your designation role in future

TIIIME - Are you a binge-watcher of tv shows or a couch potato who would love to watch tv series then this might interest you to know how many hours does that series run full time in total.

Web Oasis - The most helpful web browser homepage you'll ever use

Zoom Quilt - If you are looking for surreal artwork then this website will be a pick for artists or curiosity learners.

Go Unlimited - If you have some video and you want to make some money other than using Youtube ( as it needs one year of revival with conditions ) then this is your immediate choice.
Backlink Shitter - This link is exclusively made up for bloggers/website owners to take a look at their back reference links, reference domains, backlink counts.

Share Tech Links - Just another tech share for developers to learn and use the tools.

Keybase - It works like a slack which connects as a chat communication for groups, families, and colleagues in a very organized manner without ads

PhotoPea - An alternative website for photoshop which you can edit and save online instantly.

Draw - From the name indicates that this online tool is an alternative software to the Microsoft Visio where you can create professional diagrams, flowcharts, floor plans, org charts and more.

Unsplash - You can download images absolutely free from that website without having copyright issues.

Calligraphr - You can transform your handwriting into a font.

Kleki - This is an alternative to MS Paint software where you can draw without brushes via. online.

bubbl - If you want to make any brainstorming or mind mapping idea then this tool is really helpful.

Canva - Make Graphical Presentation, Resumes, and many more preset template UI designs and can be used anywhere.

Tinychat - If you would like to set up a new private chat room in few seconds then it's a niche tool

Adobe Spark - Make Amazing Video presentations with voice narration anywhere.

Google Domains - If you want to open up a new website then consider searching the quality of domain names from here for your next data.

GT Metrix - This is a wonderful tool to analyze site performance and page speed performance in a detailed way.

 PDF Drive - This is just a customized search engine for ebooks and documents.

Code Game - Do you like playing with code in a gaming way, then this is for your pals. This is just a fun way of learning and programming codes.

Squoosh - Compress images online and offline easily through this tool.

Gravit - Full-featured free vector design tool for anyone who would love to make it for their web or blog.

Movie Map - If you are a movie buff but wanted to watch similar movies of the particular or different genre then this website will map it according to the genre.

Hacksplanning  - Teach yourself some hacking basics to get away from scum attacks that we face every day.

Instructables - Get DIY videos to learn by yourself to make something interesting every day.

Scratch -  You can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations and showcase your skill online.

Glassdoor - Are you a fresher or wanna change job and look for the company and its reviews then this helps you to check the reviews of employees of the companies.

Desygner - Design online graphic posts, e-flyers, social media posts, ads, presentations, cards and so on. - Build a page most interactive and responsive website that looks amazing on-screen.

Giphy - If you are looking for a gif database then this is very useful.

Google Art Project -  This is particularly for arts and culture students to discover museums, famous paintings, arts and treasures all around the world.

Class Central - A directory that is helpful for any students to discover courses from universities all around the globe.

Pixton - Wanna make any comic strips from your own characters? then this website will help you to create it online and also you can move them via. poses.

Clyp - Best platform to share, embed audios without any registration and its easy to use too.

devdocs - This is an IDE tool for the compilers, developers, and programmers to learn and test their codes.

Pow Toon - Just an engaging powerpoint like presentation videos with own voiceovers.

CV Maker - This is for job seekers to build up a quality, professional resume in a stylish way for free.

Promo - Make Marketing videos for social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Thunkable - Do You like to build your own apps for android and ios without writing the code just by dragging then you should check this out.

Firefox Send - It acts file sharing platform that has some encryption to lock it.

Internet Live Stats -  This is just an interesting site where you can check out the usage of the Internet and Social media statistics 

Open Library - Online archive of the digital collection of books, audiobooks, biographies, and arts 

Account Killer - If you want to ditch the account of any popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Vk, YouTube.

Ninite - Install and Uninstall Multiple apps at once.

Apk Downloader - You can download any third party android app files outside Google Playstore.

FX Password Generator - You can change the password or generate a strong password using this tool.

Virus Total - This is a great tool to analyze the vulnerabilities, suspicious files, and URLs to detect the types of malware.

Future Timeline - This is quite an interesting community-based website that tells you what are the changes that may happen in the future in terms of technology, biology, robotics and so on.

Can You Run It - This website analyzes the computer in just a few seconds for free and also you can know about pc requirements of the gaming before you buy it.

Air Quality Check  - Pollution becomes a major threat all around and you can check the quality index of air in your city using this website.

Ars Technica - If you are geek would love to listen to some interesting tech news, articles and resources then check this out.

Planet Source Code - Ultimate website for programmers to check out some source code examples and reference materials.

Isn't this weird - This website shows you weird, cool and interesting products that are available on the Amazon shopping site.

Madeon - An interesting website where you can create your own electronic beat tracks easily.

Radio Garden - If you would like to listen to radio stations all over the globe via. internet then this is your pick.

Free Computer Books - As the name suggests, it is ultimately for programmers, students and coders to check out some free collection of the books that are useful to them.

Fiverr - Find the Perfect Freelance Services to your business and also for individuals who want at a cheap cost of charge.

Hackaday - An amazing website where you can find fresh hacks every day from around the internet.

Cheatography - This site collects all cheatsheets that have very good information about all kinds of topics and helpful for college students to make study guides.

Alison - This is like Udemy, Coursera where you can find millions of online courses to improve your skills.

Box Office Mojo -  No.1 Online destination for Hollywood movie news, analysis and box office collection reports.

Computerhope - If you want to know more about computer short cut keys, tricks, and forum.

Transferwise - It is the quickest way to send and receive money in different currencies and their fees are lower than the bank comparatively.

Zamzar - Convert one file format into another file format easily using this tool.

Norton Safeweb - Check the safety rating of the website before you surf.

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Fascinating , Smart , Thought-Provoking and Entertaining subreddits to kill your time

Reddit is a super social sharing and informative tool for communicators. It is actually owned by American News Reddit has been a wonderful social tool where you can not only discuss what is going on in the channels but also you could able to learn and erudite your knowledge as well. 

reddit image

Though it works similarly like Facebook, Quora, Twitter. But some of the Reddit channels that you may find it helpful and interesting enough to make your time productive and useful for your personal, commercial, business and also for entertainment purpose 

r/explainlikeimfive  - If you have complex questions, but you don't know where to get the answer then explain like I am five is very useful one

r/NoStupidQuestions - If you have more than a complex question, but if you feel too embarrassed to ask then this will be quite one.

r/TipofmyTongue - If you are like wanting some crowdsourced of books, movies, games and anything else

r/buyItforLife- If you are looking for better durable, practical and quality made products before your next upgrade.

r/YouShouldKnow- From the name suggests that it is nothing but people should know of combined infinite wisdom concerning the different organization categories like technology, finance, education, and travel.

r/TodayILearned - If you wanna learn something new everyday then this subreddit is quite live up to your choice.

r/Futurology -  A subreddit that is fully related to future studies and speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization.
r/respectthreads - This is the thread for the persons who love comics, videogames, anime, and manga. 

r/hardscience -  This thread is for hardcore science papers and related to it which is helpful for science aspirants.

r/snackexchange - It is an interesting subreddit that allows Redditors to connect and exchange snacks

r/fitness -  This community is about products of fitness gear and kinds of stuff, setting up home gyms and how top athletes stay fitter in the physical condition.

r/learnuselesstalents -  Things that they do not teach you in school and you can impress people by learning some useless stuff.

r/UniversityofReddit - From this subreddit you can teach other Redditors to know of something.

r/100YearsAgo  - You can get some interesting information on what happened 100 years ago on that particular date.

r/educativevideos - As we want to learn some educated kinds of stuff, this subreddit will help you out.

r/Outoftheloop -  An interesting subreddit that keeps you up to date. 

r/LifeProTips - This subreddit is a great place to be smarter in life, there are tips shared by professionals to make the most of the things effectively.

r/IwanttoLearn/ -  Are you seriously interested in doing something like playing a guitar or badminton?. This subreddit seriously helps you to learn new stuffs.

r/ExplainLikeI'mCalvin/ -  This is specifically for the parents with the inquisitive kids

r/ShowerThoughts - This subreddit is nothing but hilarious thoughts and some opinions that you use it for time pass

r/FoodforThought -  If you like thought-provoking videos, discussions and articles which keep you think then this subreddit is your choice.

r/Frisson - This subreddit is nothing just another involuntary stuff that gives you lots of awe moments

r/chemicalreactiongifs -  mazing chemical reactions that happened in the lab without any risks of burning churns of smaller atoms.

r/AskReddit - This subreddit is mainly meant for another Redditor to ask other Redditors where the questions cannot be answered much.

r/FanTheories - This subreddit is for the movies, comic books, games, and tv shows lovers wherever the fan has different theories to bring it up to different perspective.

r/AskScience - Any Questions related to science are been asked in this subreddit. The answers will be delivered from authentic and credible sources.

r/Motivation - Who doesn't need motivation ?. Everyone needs attention to get motivated every day to live our life prosperously. 

r/BulletJournal - For interesting artistic skills and creativity through the bullet journal community.

r/Travel - This subreddit is all about for travel lovers who love to explore the world.

r/PersonalFinanceIt is all about budgeting, personal savings, getting out of debts, credits, investing and retirement planning.

r/budgetfood - Tips and techniques to save some money for low-cost meals which are really good to eat all over the world.

r/churning - This subreddit is all about side hustles to profit from the sign up offers using credit cards and its rewarding points. 

r/WritingPrompts - If you are a writer and flex up some muscles then writing prompt will be ahead choice

r/dataisbeautiful - A place for a visual representation of data in varieties of formats including charts, maps, and graphs.

r/tipofmytongue - If you cannot remember the name of the movie or tv series or game or book then this subreddit is for the place to get some help.

r/whatisthisthing - If you have any old antique items or artifacts then this subreddit is for those people to decode those old items to find an answer.

r/houseplants - Anything related to houseplants which we own at home and queries related to it.

r/DIY - A place where people can come and share their experience of do it yourself stuffs which are helpful for everyone like fixing it, repairing, and so on.

r/nonononoyes - This subreddit is for the people who love to share clips or images which went horribly wrong.

r/Gifs - As one of the largest subreddit which has a more active list is fully covered with gif animations that are been shared all over the world.

r/PhotoshopBattles - This subreddit is for photoshop participation of people who loves to share their work like using image manipulation software, play photoshop tennis, create new images from old ones.

r/IamA - This subreddit is famous where the famous people will walk into the session of informal questions and answers and it is also called as celebrity subreddit in recent years.

r/Listentothis - Listen to this is a submission site for streaming music of all kinds. From pop icons to obscure Mongolian throat singers. Audiophiles looking for music off beaten to the path.

r/TheOcho - The Ocho is for the people who love to share gifs and the video clips where the obscure events happen all around the world.

r/battlestations - This subreddit is for Battlestations for desktop computer setups filled with the ideas of how to set up your computer desk in the way where you can gain maximum efficiency and performance.  

r/envirotech - It is all about environmental technology-related articles such as green technology, clean energy, solar cells and so on.

r/comics - This subreddit is all about comic books and characters.

r/AskEngineers - This is for the people who want their home stuff to get repaired. Not only for regular engineers but also for the general public with simple engineering stuff as well.

r/blowit - This subreddit is for the place to be mind blown in one or two sentences.

r/UpliftingNews - This is meant for all positive news to be shared and experienced. 

r/nottheOnion - A collection of news that belongs to the Onion related pieces of stuff which are actually true.

r/noSleep - This subreddit is all about posting the pic of original stories which are creepy and horror ones that we face in real-time experiences. 

r/music - This is the mother community of all music subreddit.

r/GlitchintheMatrix - There are some subreddits where you cannot explain certain pieces of stuff. This is kinda subreddit that usually doesn't appear out anywhere else and those eye-witnessed thinking that cannot be explained with critical thinking.

r/Let'sNotMeet - This is about the strange noises and the strangers you don't want to meet up.

r/movies - For all movie lovers, this subreddit is seriously helpful and it showcases trailers, movie scenes and movie news.

r/Television - It is also the same as movies subreddit but it is mainly meant for tv series, tv scenes, trailers and so on. An ultimate television discussion thread for Redditors to get along.

r/Technology - It is one of the most popular subreddit with all-around of technological discussion winding of amongst the fans. News, discussions and day to day use of technological appliances in one forum.

r/ItookAPicture - From the name itself, you can understand that it is a kind of subreddit where you can share personal clicks or snapshots and other members will rate your picture shot and feedback you either critically or appreciate it.

r/Writing - This is for the people who loves to write a lot like me. You can discuss any pieces of stuff about writing craft techniques, careers, tips and also good critique stuff.

r/screenwriting - This subreddit is all for the people who want to be a budding screenwriter. From beginners to professionals coming together to share any knowledge related to screenwriting kinds of stuff.

r/wordbuilding - Very informative subreddits for geeks, nerds, artists, and fantasy writers focuses on building up the ability to conceptualize, create and visualize fantasy stories and back up stories.

r/selfimprovement - It is like a compendium of content related to the improvement in all aspects of life.

r/DecidingToBeBetter - It is like an improvement pill for the seekers to have the goodness to eliminate evilness.

r/getDisciplined - This is similar to motivating stuff but quite varying like persons whoever has issues like procrastination, motivation, and discipline.

r/Productivity - This is for tips and tricks to become more productive.

r/Frugal - This is for the people who love to live frugal to become more economically and financially stable.

r/Psychology - This subreddit is a collective community for science-based psychological material pieces of stuff.

r/Economics - This is one of the interesting subreddit for economics lovers which is completely self-explanatory. 

r/Literature - A community that gives you deeper interest in discussions on plays, poetry, short stories, and novels.

r/Philosophy - subreddit is all about philosophical related stuff for those who interested in it.

r/TED - If you love ted talks, then this subreddit is for you.

r/Interview - If you are looking for a job change and how to cater interview successfully, then this subreddit will be apt for those who seek it seriously.

r/Documentaries- As the name suggests that this subreddit is mainly for documentary lovers. you can find some interesting and rare documentaries.

r/Art Reddit for Artworks for artists in simple words to discuss articles.

r/ChangeMyView - This is an amazing subreddit where the concept is so simple enough for the viewers to tell an opinion and waiting for others to change the opinion which is already shared.

r/Psychonaut - This Reddit is for the persons who have mastered the mind of psyche with the abilities to immerse oneself in various altered states of consciousness.

r/Existanilism - A crazy weirdo community which is a collaborative place for the links related to the category of philosophy.

r/Permaculturesame as existentialism and philosophy but kinda a combination of a design philosophy that helps to shape the environment.

r/WWOOF - WWOOF is a World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is an international exchange community for the ones to work for the food and lodging.

r/Humanism - From the name implies that Humanism is a stance of the mix that has human interaction and involvement towards society.

r/NeuroPsychology - This subreddit is all about neurological and psychological related stuffs.

r/CogSci - The subreddit is all about the intermediate and interdisciplinary study of mind, intelligence, brain , linguistics, anthropology and language.

r/AntiConsumption - This subreddit is mainly for everyone who likes to consume consciously. It acts as an inter-platform forum with lots of discussion between materialism and consumerism.

r/PoliticalDiscussion - Nothing just about the discussion of politics freely.

r/Wikipedia - Most interesting pages and articles from the Wikipedia source.

r/Cooking - Interesting subreddit helps you to learn cooking through easy methods. 

r/BuildAPC - It is a community-driven subreddit dedicated to custom builders of pc. It is very easy to understand thread and anyone can make their custom pc.

r/Coolguides - This subreddit is meant for picture-based reference guides for anything. 

r/Opendirectories - This is just another subreddit where you can get some films, ebooks, Softwares in index servers.

r/R52book - This is an interesting subreddit for the book readers who love to participate in reading 52 books challenge and to discuss their progress.

r/languagelearning - If you want to learn any foreign language then this subreddit is for the people who love to learn another language.

r/CampingandHiking - For backpackers who hike with campaigning gear in the backpack.

r/CasualConversation - For anyone who wants to share any conversation that comes in mind and it is actually a fun Reddit.

r/toastme - the only genuine conversation between people.

r/MildlyInteresting - Incredibly interesting stuff that is been shared everyday may be not so awesome but still mildly interesting but also entertaining

r/subredditsimulator  - This subreddit is a very interesting one where it been fully automated that generates random submissions and comments using Markov chains.

r/TIFU - This is an interesting and very crazy stupid where we have moments to do sometimes stupid.

r/SkinCareAddiction - For everyone, the skin is very important and it is just an advisory platform for the Redditors to keep our skin healthy. 

r/CozyPlaces  - The location where you can find it cozy, imagery which helps you to escape

r/AmoledBackgrounds - If you are looking for a quality high definition background then this subreddit is your choice.

r/DesignPorn - This subreddit comprises high-quality images of interesting designs, including architectural, graphic, industrial, furniture and product design.

r/Nostalgia - This subreddit is reminiscing good old days and you can share about your nostalgic thoughts.

r/90sCartoons - Who doesn't love cartoons and especially, when it comes to Cartoons, won't we miss our 90's ones. For 90's kids, this is the sharing and discussing platform.

r/MoviesIntheMaking - If you wanna be a film or short film director or a film buff wanted to know how they take shots during filming, then this is the right place to share and discuss

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